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Earliest information: 1573
Original estate: Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary
Common Rights? Yes (35 & 35a High Street)
Date of current building: Early 19th century
Listed: Yes (35a and 35), both Grade II

Thumbnail History:

BVM -> Curr -> Townsend ->1877 Harris (bakers)

Description of property:

(Note rearrangement of the internal layout):

35a: From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. Early 19th century. Slate roof and painted render. Two storeys, two glazing bar sashes with exposed moulded box frames and cambered heads. Ground floor has 19th century canted shop window to right.

35: From Listed Building records: House. Early 19th century. Slate roof and painted render. Two storeys. One glazing bar sashes with exposed moulded box frame and cambered head. Ground floor has similar sash and 20th century door to right.

Photo Gallery:

35hs auction aug 1877
35hs auction aug 1877

Auction of lots including 35 High Street, Aug 1877

20180630 35a High Street
20180630 35a High Street

The Tinners Rabbits, 35a High Street, Jun 2018.


Upper High Street, c1905


35 High Street, Feb 2007

20190904 35a High Street
20190904 35a High Street

Coin & Stamp Centre, 35a High Street, 4 Sep 2019.

20230210 35a High Street
20230210 35a High Street

Hungerford Coin & Stamp Centre, February 2023.

- 35 High Street, February 2007.

- Auction of lots including 35 High Street, August 1877.

- Upper High Street, c.1905.

- The Tinners Rabbits, 35a High Street, June 2018.

- Coin & Stamp Centre, 4th September 2019.

- Hungerford Coin & Stamp Centre, February 2023.


+1573 (NH) Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary: 1 tenement, garden, backside, q.r. 4d.

1609 (NH) (QR) T. Curr + 1 acre., q.r. 6d.
1676 (NH) (QR) Curr's children, q.r. 6d.

1741 (Deeds of 34 HS): "a house described as part of the Chantry lands", occupied by William King (burial 1763).

1753 (NH) (QR) Giles Fortune, q.r. 6d.
1773 (NH) Occupied by Hain [probably "late"]
1774 (NH) (QR) Giles Fortune, q.r. 6d.

1778 (NH) late in occupation of Ann Hain (Ann Haine spinster buried 1752)

1781 (CL) ??35: James Gibbs

1786 (Deeds of 34 HS) Richard Townsend, formerly Joseph Povey

1793 (Deeds of 34 HS) Richard Townsend owner; Richard Povey previous tenant (a Richard Povey was buried 1773), John Chiswick present tenant

"There is a way or passage on the north side of the messuage for carts and other carriages from the High Street to the backside into the common field, upon which way or passage stood heretofore part of the [present] messuage. All which said premises contain by estimate 1 rood, 8½ perches (1467 sq. yards] … in tenure and occupation of Christian Woodroffe ."

1795 (NH) (QR) John Harding late Fortune, q.r. 6d.

1805 (NH) (QR) John Harding for house and land (added Geo. Cundell), q.r. 6d.
1807 (QR) ?
1811 (NH) (EA) Enclosure claim by R. Townsend Esq. in respect of 1 messuage, now 2 tenements, on west side, with backside, garden, and close, now or late in occupation of G. Harding, with (?) 1 acre land in Honey Furlong, Breach and Shortcut.
May 1817 (DD) Death of Richard Townsend (attorney at law) - passed to Rev John C Townsend
1818 (NH) (QR) Geo. Bath Cundell, q.r. 6d.

1825 (NH) (Deeds of 34 HS) Cottage and garden, property of Harding, occupied by John Smith, shoemaker.

15.8.1828 (Deeds of 35 HS) The long "Abstract of Title" includes reference to "A Manor or Lordship … and divers messuages… and lands in the parish of Hungerford … on the West side of the High Street "and two other messuages theretofore in the occupation of Giles Fortune and then of Charles Harding. The three surviving children of Richard Townsend (died 1817) were Cara Winterbottom (widow of John Winterbottom, Doctor of Physic), nee Townsend, Richard Townsend, and Rev John C Townsend (and wife Sarah).

1832 (NH) (QR) Geo. Bathe Cundell, q.r. 6d.

1836 (QR) Rev. John Charles Townsend for house and land, q.r. 6d.
1838 (NH) Rev. John Charles Townsend for house and land, q.r. 6d.
1847 (CL) Rev John C. Townsend (own); Thomas Angell and widow Hinton (occ)
- 35 (S): No entry!
16.12.1848 (Deeds of 35 HS) Rev J.C. Townsend's Will bequeaths most of his large estate to his daughter Anne, now married to Stephen Hemsted (Edward Hemsted of Newbury, Capt in 109th Regiment, serving in Delhi).

13.12.1850 (Deeds of 35 HS) Rev J.C. Townsend died. Passed to Anne Hemsted
1851 (NH) -ditto-
1851 (CS) Jane Hinton (63), laundress.
1861 (CL) Rev. John C. Townsend (own); Thomas Ball and another (occ)
- 35 (S): No entry!

6.5.1870 (Deeds of 35 HS) Will of Anne Hemsted – bequeathed to her son Stephen Hemsted of Donnington Square, Newbury, in trust for her seven children. Includes two freehold cottages in Church Lane, Hungerford (occ by Thomas Smith and Mrs Louisa Pounds), and three freehold cottages on the west side of High Street, occupied by William Harris, James Talmage and Frederick Rosier.

1871 (CS [57]) William Harris (24), Shopkeeper; Sophie Harris (27), wife; George Harris (9), son; Kate Harris (6), daughter; Ann Harris (4), daughter; Ellen Harris (7m), daughter; Charlotte Wooldridge (21) Wife's sister.

28.7.1876 (Deeds of 35 HS) Date of death of Anne Hemsted. At that time the two houses were in the occupation of William Harris, and one by Frederick Tubb.

Harris, 1877-c.1960:

8.8.1877 (DD) All properties of the late Mrs Anne Hemsted sold by her Trustees in 11 lots at Three Swans Hotel. 35 & 35a sold to William Harris for £660. Described in the Sale Particulars as "Lot 2: Two Freehold Brick and Tiled Dwelling Houses, under one roof, situate of the West side of High Street Hungerford; one containing Front Shop, 4 Bedrooms, Sitting-room, Back Hall, Kitchen, Cellar, and Bake-house; the other contains 2 Bedrooms, Parlour, Kitchen, and Pantry, Two Wood-houses, yard, Boarded and Thatched Stable, Well of Water, and large Gardens, with Entrance from Back lane, and no in the occupation of Mr Harris, as a yearly tenant, at a Rental of £24, with the Common Rights for Pasturage of 4 Cows. The following erections, which must be taken by the purchaser at a valuation in the usual way, belong to the tenant, namely:- Cart-house, Granary, & Stable with felt roof. Quit rent 4d."

1902 (T&M Register) William Harris (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) William Harris (occupier until 1910)
1906 William Harris owner, William John Harris occupier
- W. Harris, later W.J. Harris.
1911 (T&M Register) Elizabeth Bell (occupier)
1912 (T&M Register) John Gibbs (occupier until ?1916)
1917 (T&M Register) John Thomas Gibbs until ?1919)
1896 (CL) William Harris
- William Harris (own); Frederick Rosier (occ)
1914 (CL) William John Harris (owner); John Gibbs (occ)
1920 (T&M Register) John William Harris (occupier until ?1940)
1932 (QR) Mr Harris "House and land formerly G.B. Cundell's then the Revd J.C. Townsend".
1939 (Blacket's) W.J. Harris, baker & confectioner
31 Oct 1940 (DD HHA Archive) William John Harris died.
- William John Wells, and wife Ruth (nee Harris). Owned the shop, later rented it.

1941 (T&M Register) Mrs Minnie Clara Harris (occupier until ?1967)
1943 Minnie Clara Harris assented to the vesting in herself of a dwellinghouse and shop, and three cottages all on west side of High Street.
15 Sep 1956 Minnie Harris died.
21 May 1957 Property passed to Robert William Harris.

John Wells, c.1960-2004:

1963-1985 (CL) William John Wells
1968 (T&M Register) John William Wells (owner & occupier)
2000 (CL) John William Wells. [John Wells has the old deeds- notes made Oct 2007]
2004 John Wells moved to newly built house at end of burgage plot – 27 Prospect Road.

Lumley, 2005-present:

2005 (CL) Simon Nicholas Robert "Nick" Lumley
Feb 2010: 35 High Street now named "Ham House"
2011 (CL) Simon Nicholas Robert Lumley
2016 (CL) Simon Nicholas Robert Lumley

35a High Street:

1902 (T&M Register) William Harris (owner)
Undated ?1903 (T&M Register) John William Harris (owner)

1903 (T&M Register) John William Harris (occupier) Property converted into one hereditament with 35 High Street. 35a became the lock-up shop.
1914 (CL) William John Harris (owner); John William Harris (occ)

1940 William John Wells, and wife Ruth (nee Harris). Owned the shop, later rented it.
Mar 1941 (DD) Death of W J Harris - wife inherits.
c.1941-56 (*1) Ruth Wells brother continued the business. Closed 1956.
- Baker
- Mr. Watson, electrical (who lived in Church Street)
- Inn Gear, boutique. Belle Fashion

Undated ?1941 (T&M Register) Minnie Clara Harris (owner)
1941 (T&M Register) Mrs Minnie Clara Harris (occupier)
1947-1956 (CL) Minnie Clara Harris (two entries)
1956 Harris' Bakery closed

1985 Kris Fashion (closed 1986)

1986 Hasties Antiques (Robert & Georgina Hastie), decorative antiques, clocks, textiles.
1988 Robert & Georgina Hastie "Decorative antiques, clocks and textiles".

1999 Principia (antiques – navigational instruments, maps etc) (moved to 115D High Street in Aug 2004).

2000 (CL) Void

2004 Nick & Caroline Lumley bought 35 and 35a HS.

2004 35a: La Bella Figura, ladies fashions. See Advertising flyer, 2005
Aug 2007 35a: La Bella Figura closed

2005 (CL) 35a: Dianne Billing

1.11.2007 35a:"Perfectly Posh" Krysia Eddery (Hairdresser) opened.
See "Various newspaper articles and adverts", 2007.
2011 (CL) Void

2012 "Salon reaches finals of major competition" - NWN 1 Mar 2012

Dec 2012: Legends BarberShop opening shortly.

Jun 2018: The Tinners Rabbits (Antiques, Interiors and Collectables) opened.

?Jun 2019: Hungerford Coin and Stamp Centre / "Philatelic Heritage" (Nigel Montgomery).

November 2023: The Hungerford Coin and Stamp Centre expanded into the adjacent 34a High Street.

31st Dec 2023: The 35a High Street shop suffered a "ram raid" in the night resulting in serious damage. Trading at 34a was able to resume on 15th January 2024. See "Safe stolen from store in High Street ram raid" - NWN 4 Jan 2024.

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