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Earliest information: 1462
Original estate: Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 37ft + 32ft = 69ft; 4 horses or 8 cows)
Date of current building: Late 18th century (?1778)
Listed: Grade II

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and office. Late 18th century. Tiled roof with three hipped dormers. Brick with plinth and dentil course to eaves and rubbed brick flat arches over windows. Tile hung south gable. Two storeys and attic. Central glazing bar sashes flanked by tripartite sashes on first floor. Six-panel door, semi-circular fanlight with curvilinear glazing bars, three stone steps, doorcase of engaged Tuscan columns with fluted necks and square bases and open pediment, flanked by Venetian windows with intersecting glazing bars to central sashes.

Photo Gallery:

uhs-084 ws parry
uhs-084 ws parry

34 High Street, c1877 (WS Parry CDV)


34 High Street, Feb 2007


The Furnishing Place, Mar 2012

20151004 img_0320
20151004 img_0320

Kimmer Antiques & Collectables, Oct 2015


The old launderette, Aug 2012

20180630 34 High Street
20180630 34 High Street

Dyson Antiques, 34a High Street, Jun 2018.

20210228 09.20.17
20210228 09.20.17

34 High Street, 28 Feb 2021.

20210622 34 High Street
20210622 34 High Street

The dated brick "TA 1778" at the rear of 34 High Street, June 2021.

- 34 High Street, c.1902.

- 34 High Street, February 2007.

- The Furnishing Place, 34a High Street, March 2012.

- The old launderette, 34a High Street, August 2012.

- Kimmer Antiques and Collectables, 34a High Street, October 2015.

- Dyson Antiques, 34a High Street, June 2018.

- 34 High Street, 28 February 2021.

- The dated brick "TA 1778" at the rear of 34 High Street, 22nd June 2021.


1462 (NH) William Horsell or Horshill (own) mentioned in rental document of circa 1470 as previous owner, and before that belonged to a previous owner unknown. WH active in town affairs from 1420 - died 1461 or 1462. Feoffee of Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary in Hungerford when Thomas Clydesdale was Chaplain.

1470 (NH) Rental Document: Hugh Peresone - building on site described as half burgage. Hugh Peresone was prepositus of Hungerford in 1476/7 (ie head man, reeve, or possibly constable). In 1480 he was Collector of Rents for the Duchy of Lancaster.

1552 (NH) John Clydesdale owner of building and five and a half acres, "lately in tenure of John Adams, now of William Osmount".

1573 (NH) George Hidden (alias Clydesdale) leased to Clement Boye (alias Crapon). The property consisted of dwelling house, garden, and backside and 5.5 acres (5 acres Bilfield, half in Pidden). George Hidden was portreeve in 1567/8, tenented Little Hidden farm (his brother Anthony Hidden owned the Manor of Hidden which included Little Hidden Farm). In 1558 George Hidden was chosen MP for Great Bedwyn, but the parliament probably never met.

1591 (NH) By this date George Hidden had sold to Richard Palinton (Pollenton or Polhampton) of Chilton Foliat.

1600 (NH) About this date but by 1606 Richard Palinton sold to John Waterman. Later inherited by William Waterman.

1609 (NH) Town Survey: William Waterman leased to Arthur Besley, including 5.5 acres arable land in Common Fields.

1632 (NH) WW sold to John Dicks snr.

1665 (NH) John Dicks snr died, inherited by son also John Dicks. JD jnr born 1633, tailor, 1656 admitted freesuitor, 1673 Portreeve, 1676 Constable.

1683 (NH) John Dicks jnr died. His will mentions that he possesses the freehold of "one messuage in Hungerford in which I now dwell and of 5 acres and a half acre of arable land to the said messuage belonging, all of which came to me by inheritance". He left this property, with certain others, to his wife Elizabeth to enjoy during her lifetime, thereafter (apparently having no children of his own) to "my loving kinsman Nicholas Dicks of Charlton, Hants".

1686 (NH) Widow Dicks died. ?Nicholas Dicks sold the property.

1735 (NH) PCC Will of Anthony Woodroffe, dated 1733, probate 1735. Maltster, "to wife Christian all the house I now live in with all free land and appurtenances and all my leasehold estate I hold for lives under Mrs Simkins." No children. Buried 2 Nov 1735. Bridget Simkins widow buried 1770. Her husband was James Simkins, eldest son of Jeffery Simkins buried 1719 (see the latter's PCC will dated 1717) and to James his father's estate descended, incl "my mansion house". Probate only obtained 1736. Jeffery Simkins was Steward of the Manor of Hungerford 1682-89, 1695-97, and 1716-1719. Admitted Hocktide Court 1689. Freesuitor 1695.

1741 (NH) Prior to this date Thomas Woodroffe snr of Ramsbury owned several High Street properties in Hungerford. He died 1745.

1741 (DD) Thomas Woodruffe the elder, a previous owner, Richard Blissett (cooper), sold leasehold 5s first year to John New (maltster). A malthouse on site 34HS. Property on south side in tenure of William King, house described as part of Chantry lands. Property on north side owned by William Ryman.

1767 (*1) John New died.

1771 (*2) John Simmons died.

1773 (DD) Mortgage to secure £50 from Thomas New (maltster, owner, and John New's brother), to Samuel Tredger. South side (35 HS): Haine; north side (33 HS): John Curr.

1776 (*1) Thomas New died.

1778 (DD) Release: Thomas Sealy, Katharine New, Samuel Tredger, to Sarah & John Simmons, in trust for Sarah.

1778 Dated brick on west wall, "TA 1778". (See Photo Gallery). [1792 UBD & 1796 Berks Dir have no entry for gent or tradesman "TA"] Was this the date of the rebuilding?

1778 (DD) Lease for 1 year to Mrs. Sarah Simmons, of East Garston, from Mr Thomas Sealy, of West Woodhay (servantman), grandson and heir of Thomas New, and Mrs Katharine New, widow of Thomas New. House described as "messuage with malthouse, outhouses, barn, stable, backside garden, and Close thereunto adjoining & belonging formerly to Richard Blissett. South side (35 HS): late in occupation of Ann Haine. North side (33 HS): John Curr. [Ann Haine, spinster buried 1752]

1781 (CL) Miss Whitelocks (widow Symmons deleted)

1785 (DD) Mrs Sarah Simmons, widow, to Mr John Simmons (maltster), release £300, messuage lately rebuilt with outhouses . . - now in the occupation of Mrs Whitelock". South side not mentioned; North side: formerly William Ryman, now of John Curr, (inserted "now of James Gibbs").

1786 (DD) Conveyance Richard Townsend of Newbury to John Simmons (maltster) for £84. South side (35 HS): Richard Townsend, formerly of Joseph Povey. North side (33 HS): once Anthony Woodruffe, since Christian Woodruffe, now of Judith Whitelock. [See will of Anthony Woodroffe, PCC 1735]

1786 (CL) James Gibbs et al deleted, John Simmons superscribed, followed by Miss Whitelockes and John Curr.

1793 (DD) Sale by John Simmons (maltster) £100 to Jethro Ryman Curr, gentleman. South side (35 HS): Richard Townsend, owner, Richard Povey previous tenant, John Chiswick, present tenant. North side (33 HS): Anthony Woodruffe, then Christian Woodruffe - left to CW by Bridget Simpkins for 99 years, now Judith Whitelocke (sic), spinster. Sale documents include "with a way or passage on the south side of said messuage for carts and other carriages from the said street (ie High Street) to the said backside into the Common Field upon which way or passage stood heretofor part of the said messuage. All which said premises contain by estimation 1 rood, 8 perches and half of one perch. (1467 sq yds) in tenure and occupation of Christian Woodruffe.

1795-1804 (QR) Jethro Curr for house late New's, q.r. 8d.

1798 (*1) Susannah Ryman Curr (wife of JRC) died.

1813 (DD) Jethro Ryman Curr dies. Property passes to John Dyer, nephew.

1819 (EA) No name on plot, but shows passage from HS on south side of 34 HS, as it is today.

1825 (DD) John Dyer of Suffolk, sold to Rev Richard Frost of Hungerford, Minister of the Gospel, and John Halcomb the younger, of Hungerford. South side: cottage and garden, property of Harding, occ by John Smith, shoemaker. North side (33 HS): William Coxhead owner, ?.. Lidderdale occ. West side: garden belonging to Charles Salisbury and by "the road or way leading from the said garden to the late Common Fields of Hungerford". "All these premises were previously occupied by Mrs Whitelock, Christian Woodroffe, since the said Lidderdale and now Rev. Frost".

1832 (NH) Elizabeth Coxhead married Herbert Hogsflesh and thus the name of Hogsflesh appears in the 1832 QR in respect of the property.

1836 (QR) Rev. Richard Frost for house late Curr's formerly New's, q.r. 8d.

1838 (DD) Lease & release to Rev. James Hall. South side (35 HS): cottage and garden, Harding owner, John Smith, shoemaker, occ. North side (33 HS): James Lidderdale, occ. West side: Charles Salisbury owner, tenanted by Harper and Ball.

1840 U.R.Church built.

1841 (CS) Richard Frost (50) Dissenting preacher.

1843 (CL) Rev Richard Frost own/occ.

1847 (CL) Rev Richard Frost own/occ

1850 (*2) Rev Frost died intestate (of "exhaustion"!) at Bethlem Hospital, Southwark. Widow was Jane Moore Frost.

Lidderdale family, 1851-1906:

1851 (DD) Sale to Charles Henry Lidderdale (Sun Life Office, City of London), by Henry & Sarah Shrimpton of Wallingford, (Sarah being only dtr of Rev Frost), and by Rev James Hall. South side (35 HS): cottage and garden, Harding owner, John Smith shoemaker occ. North Side (33 HS): John Lidderdale occ. West side: garden, Charles Salisbury owner, Harper and Ball occ.

1851 (CS) ?No entry.

1861 (CL) Charles Lidderdale (own); Misses Lidderdale (occ).

1861 (CS) Elizabeth Lidderdale (55) Fundholder.

1864 (DD) Charles Lidderdale died, property to be left to John (sailor) & William (surgeon) Lidderdale (brothers who both lived at Osmington House, Kintbury), rest to two sisters, Misses Lidderdale.

1871 (CS) Elizabeth Lidderdale (independent)
1881 (CS) Elizabeth Lidderdale (independent)
1892 (DD) Elizabeth Lidderdale died aged 86yrs.
1893 (DD) Eleonora Lidderdale died, property left to nephew, James Lidderdale.

1894 (DD) Lease for 14 years between James Lidderdale, surgeon, to William Henry Davidson and John McKerlie, veterinary surgeons; "messuage, dwelling house with garden, conservatory, with outhouse and buildings..." past occ by Misses Lidderdale.

1896 (CL) James Lidderdale (own), John McKerlie (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) James Lidderdale (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) John McKerlie (occupier)

1906 (DD) Sale by James Lidderdale (£760) to John McKerlie. (South side (35 HS): William Harris owner, William John Harris occ. North side (33 HS): Ann Alexander (own/occ). West Side: cottage Mrs Elizabeth ?Hercomb and part of Prospect Road.)
1905-10 (*5) Described this as "Buckeridge – veterinary surgeon"

McKerlie, 1906-c.1965:

1914 (CL) John McKerlie
1932 (QR) Mr J. McKerlie "House formerly New's then Wm Coxheads then Revd Richard Frost".
1939 (Blacket's) J. McKerlie, MRCVS, veterinary surgeon
1947 (CL) John McKerlie
1952 (CL) John McKerlie
1956 (CL) John McKerlie
1963 (CL) Void

Curtis, 1968-1973:

1968 (CL) Hugh Curtis (Veterinary Surgeon)
1968 (T&M Register) Hugh Curtis (owner and occupier until 1976)
1970 (CL) Hugh Curtis (Vets)
1972 "Curtis and Carter"
1972 (*3) Hugh Curtis moved into the house he had built in the garden. Mrs Curtis died 1973.
1976 (CL) Hugh Curtis (deleted) Void ("Vets")

Mayhew, 1976-present:

1976 (*3) Bruce Mayhew bought property ("stood empty for 4 years"), dental surgery in south front room until 1982.
1977 (T&M Register) John Bruce Mayhew (owner)
1978 (T&M Register) John Bruce Mayhew (occupier)
1978 Bruce Mayhew – dentist
- Carter & Pocock – vets (in house behind, formerly Curtis'). (Charles Carter, 58, and his wife Ruth, 57, were killed in November 1978 in a head-on road accident at Stockcross).

1979 (*3) Mayhew demolished old smithy on south wall (behind present day launderette), and built garage.
1983 (CL) John Bruce Mayhew

?1980s Pip Pocock moved Veterinary surgery to the Bath Road site. Building occupied by Style Marketing (Martin Crocker)
1984 (CL) John Bruce Mayhew
1985 (CL) John Bruce Mayhew
2000 (CL) John Bruce Mayhew
2005 (CL) Bruce Mayhew
2011 (CL) Bruce Mayhew
2016 (CL) Bruce Mayhew

Key to reference sources:

*1 = Burial Registers
*2 = Death Certificates
*3 = Mr. Bruce Mayhew
DD = Deeds and Documents of 34 High Street

34a High Street:

1970s Launderama

2012 Mar The Furnishing Place (Interior furnishings - creations sourced from Rajasthan in northern India by Juliett Howard). See "New store prepares for opening" - NWN 8 Mar 2012.

Sep 2015: Kimmer Antiques & Collectables opened (David Dobson).

Feb 2018: David Dobson died suddenly. See "Sudden death of antiques dealer" - NWN 20 Feb 2018.

Jun 2018: Dyson Antiques opened. Closed November 2023.

Nov 2023: Hungerford Coin and Stamp Centre / "Philatelic Heritage" expanded from the adjacent 35a High Street.

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