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Earliest information: 1609
Original estate: ?Hungerford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 43ft + 11ft = 54ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: Mid-late 18th century
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

Mackerell (fellmongers) from 1609-1789, then Simmonds, Child.
In 1873 bought by Adnams (Corn & Seed merchants), then CLM Solicitors (1958-2015).
28 High Street was known as "The Pillars".
29 High Street is "The Granary" at the rear of 28 High Street.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now offices. Mid-late 18th century. Tiled roof, chimney to left, two square dormers. Grey brick with red dressings. Two storeys and attic. Five glazing bar sashes with exposed frames and cambered heads. Ground floor has stone 19th century bay window to left with sashes, central door under porch with two columns, plain entablature and pilasters.

Photo Gallery:

high street - 25 - 20010819a
high street - 25 - 20010819a

CLM, 28 High Street, Aug 2001


Adnam's, 28 High Street, Oct 1912


Adnam's, 28 High Street, Oct 1912

20210118 09.56.45b
20210118 09.56.45b

28 High Street, Jan 2021.

20210118 09.57.25
20210118 09.57.25

28 High Street, showing the timber frame and brick refronting, Jan 2021.

20210118 09.58.03
20210118 09.58.03
20210228 09.17.41b
20210228 09.17.41b

28 High Street, 28 Feb 2021.

19900000ca Protest outside Charles, Lucas and Marshall
19900000ca Protest outside Charles, Lucas and Marshall

Protest outside Charles, Lucas and Marshall, c1990.

- CLM, 28 High Street, August 2001.

- Adnam's, 28 High Street, October 1912.

- Protest outside Charles, Lucas and Marshall, c1990.

- 28 High Street, January 2021.

- 28 High Street, north gable, showing the timber frame and brick refronting, January 2021.

- 28 High Street, south gable, showing the brick refronting, January 2021.

- 28 High Street, 28 February 2021.


Uncertain relevance:

1573 (NH) 3 tenements. John Wren leased from John Horrell, 20 acres = 2½ Everlong, 5 Pidden, 2 Westborook, 5 Home Field, 1 acre and a yard in Middle Field, 4 in Billfield.

1591 (NH) Robert Field had 3 messuages, q.r. 8d (garden, orchard and 6 acres, possibly 28 High Street); 2d (garden, orchard and 1 acre); 4d (garden, orchard and 1 close of pasture of ½ acre)

Mackerell family (<1609-c1778):

1609 (NH) (QR) Ralph Mackerell, q.r 8d. [In 1609 there were 3 tenements (+20 acres arable) in possession of Ralph Mackerell, John Passion and John Cotton. For his own q.r. 8d. (=28 HS), for Passion 2d. (=30 HS), and for Cotton's 4d. (=31 HS)]
1663 (NH) Hearth Tax: John Mackerell – 3 hearths.
1676 (NH) (QR) Mackerell q.r. 8d
1704 (NH) DCW Will of Ralph Mackerell (dated 21 Aug 1704), and a memo dated 5 Jan 1705.

Will of Ralph Mackerel, 1704 (WILL Pec. D C. Windsor 1704):

Ralph Mackerel of Hungerford, county of Berkshire, yeoman. [Follow this link for a possible layout of the property at the time of Ralph Mackerel's Willl, 1704]

For Payment of debts, executors to sell fee simple estate of any part of the 7 acres and 1 rood of land i.e. 2 acres purchased of Robert Curtis in Sanden Fee, in Pidden Field, (land of Stephen Bacon on the East); 1 acre in Postern Field, (land of Francis Goddard esq. on West); 1 acre and 1 rood, in Middle Field, shooting East - West, (land of Thomas Curr lying between it); 3 acres in Home Field shooting against the common highway called Salisbury Road (land of William Pyke on North).

To loving wife Mary: fee simple, messuages, lands, common of pasture in Hungerford and Sanden Fee and remainder of 7 acres 1 rood not sold to pay debts, for her natural life. After her death:-

Remainder of 7 acres etc. to son, Joseph Mackerel

The messuage in Hungerford late in possession of Anthony Trahearne and now Daniel Hazell, the upper Barne and carthouse and other buildings standing in the backside belonging to my now dwelling house, also 3 score foot of ground in breadth throughout the whole length between the barn and the common field there, and 3 score foot in breadth throughout the length between the said Barn and my said dwelling house (the same 3 score foot to be measured all along south side of my said backside); also the way at the south end of my dwelling house; also the gate and posts and the ground on which they stand, next to the common Street, there (except liberty of ingress etc. as after mentioned); and also all common of pasture for sheep, all to said Joseph Mackerel and his heirs.

My dwelling house, containing 3 rooms, one over another at the North end, and 3 other rooms backward, now in my possession; and all that stable belonging to my said dwelling house; and all that part of my backside between my dwelling house and stable containing 20 foot in breadth and measured in a direct line; and also free ingress etc. to and from these last mentioned premisses, all this to Joseph for 2 years after death of wife Mary and then to eldest son John Mackerel, and his heirs, as an addition to the estate already settled on him.

And also to John: ½ acre meadow shooting from Mill Mead towards the Everlong gate in Hungerford, subject to proviso afterwards made.

As for reversion of 1 other messuage etc. in Hungerford now in tenure of my son-in-law, Roger Pyke, blacksmith, I give the same to him and Mary his wife for life, and afterwards to their son John Pyke.

As for 1 acre in Pidden, shooting North - South, (land of John Cannon on East: to son Joseph, charged with payment of £5 to my son Thomas Mackerel within 6 months of death of wife, if he comes to claim it.

Of the residue of lands, after wife's death, John shall pay to my son Benjamin Mackerel £20, if he comes in person to claim it; similarly £20 to my son James Mackerel, and to daughter Katherine Mackerel £30; for which sums I expect my son John's compliance not only because I am empowered to charge the same lands therewith, but because all my inheritable estate including what I settled on him (the 2 acres I purchased of Curtis excepted) not exceeding £15 p.a. were charged by my father's will with £180 which I paid accordingly; and afterward expended above £160 in rebuilding what happened there of to be demolished by fire.

If John do not pay Benjamin £20, then Benjamin to have 2 acres in Posterne, shooting North - South, land late of John Norris on West, And if John do not pay James £20, then James to have piece of land in the Everlong, shooting from the Downe to the river. And if John do not pay Katherine £30, then Katherine to have 2 acres ground in Pidden, shooting from Bacon's hedge to Salisbury Way.

To John: my furnace
To Joseph: my brewing vessells
To Benjamin: least feather bed
To Katherine: 1 feather bed etc.
To all grandchildren, 12d each
Executors: Mary and son Joseph
21 August 1704.
Witnesses: J. Sympkins, James Sympkins, Letitia Sympkins.

Memorandum: 15 January 1705 upon execution of a commission issued out of High Court of Chancery for examination of witnesses in a cause between Mary Mackerel, Joseph Mackerel (complainants) and John Mackerel, defendant, this parchment was showed to Jeffrey Sympkins, gent, James Sympkins, gent, and Letitia Sympkins, spinster at time of their respective examinations to the 3rd Interrogatory.
Signed Thomas Mundy, John Hudden

1705 - 5 Jan: Chancery cause Mary Mackerell and Joseph Mackerell (P.R.O C9/179/54).
Inventory which details rooms: Kitchen, Hall, buttery, cellar chamber over Hall, ditto over kitchen, an inner chamber, and a closet adjoining the last chamber.
..various sums to their children to be paid by John "for which sums I expect my son John's compliance not only because I am empowered to charge the same lands therewith, but because all my inheritable estate including what I settled on him (the 2 acres I purchased of Curtis excepted) not exceeding £15 p.a. were charged by my father's will with £180 which I paid accordingly; and afterwards expended above £160 in rebuilding what happened thereof to be demolished by fire".
To John he left his furnace and to Joseph his brewing vessels.

C9/179/54 Mackerell versus Mackerell 29 October 1705:

Bill: To Rt. Hon. William Cowper Esq. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. Yr. Oratrix Mary Mackerell of Hungerford, county of Berkshire, widow, relict of Ralph Mackerell late of Hungerford, yeoman, deceased, and your orator Joseph Mackerell, 1 of sons of Ralph, both being executors of will of Ralph: Ralph Mackerell, being in his lifetime and at time of death seised (fee simple) of certain messuages, lands, tenements etc. in Hungerford and Sanden Fee, on or about 21 August 1704 made Will (gives text of Will) [executors to sell estate of any part or parts of 7 acres and 1 rood of land afterwards mentioned - (with descriptions as in will]. Until such sale be made, profits to be assets in hands of executors. His messuages etc. to his wife Mary for her natural life and also any thing remaining from sale of land when his debts have been paid. After her death, any lands left after debts paid, to son Joseph. As for messuage in Hungerford late in possession of Anthony Tra-herne, now of David Hazell (and description of outhouses etc as in will) to Joseph Mackerell forever. As for his dwelling house (described as in will) to Joseph for 2 years after death of Mary and then to eldest son John forever as an addition to estate already settled on him; and ½ acre meadow. Subject to proviso later expressed.

As for reversion of 1 other messuage in tenure of son-in-law Roger Pyke, to Roger Pyke and wife and Mfcary for their lives and afterwards, to John Pyke their son forever.

As for 1 acre in Pidden (described) to Joseph forever, charged with payment of £5 to son Thomas Mackerell within 6 months of death of wife, if he shall come in person and demand it.

As for residue of lands and hereditaments of which I am seised and not here before devised, John, within 6 months after death of wife, out of the lands will pay to son Benjamin (son of Ralph) £20, if he comes in person etc., £20 to son James Mackerell and to daughter Katherine Mackerell, £30. If John doesn't pay etc. within the time, then:-
- 2 acres to go to Benjamin in Posterne
- piece of land in Everlong to James
- 2 acres land in Pidden to Katherine.

If James and Katherine die before legacies paid, then money to be shared equally among all remaining children. If Thomas leaves a wife or children, then John to pay £4 to each within 6 months of death of Mary.

If John doesn't obey these bequests as stipulated, all devises made here to John to be void and to go to Joseph [End of Will]

And later/ in August 1705 Ralph died and orators ought to have enjoyment of estates but John, intending to hinder performance of will doth give out in speeches that the said Ralph made noe such will and that he was non compos mentis at the time and threatens to contest the will when the witnesses to it are dead.
(signed at bottom:Thomas Sturmy)

Answer of John Mackerell:
It may be that Ralph Mackerel was seised of the lands etc. at time of death and that he being so seised, might (for ought this defendant knows) make his last will in such words as set out in Bill, but whether he was of sound mind, he doesn't know and leaves it to the complainants to prove this. He denies that he's ever said what they report in the Bill.

[Capta fuit hac responsio super sacrem sup'r anoiat - John Mackerell

11 December 4 Anne, at Hungerford in front of Jeffrey and James Sympkins,

Commission (in Latin) to John Sherwood med. baccal., Galfrido Sympkins, Thome Mundy and Jacobus Simpkyns, gent, in case between Mary Mackerell versus John Mackerell, should diligently examine and seek out witnesses etc.

Inventory of Ralph Mackerel, 1705:

Inventory: of goods of Ralph Mackerel, yeoman of Hungerford, 6 August 1705
Taken by John Bacon and John Gibbs.
Wearing apparel and money (£6/4s - 6d

Items in kitchen, in hall, in Buttery, in cellar, in chamber over Hall, in chamber over the kitchen, in inner chamber, in closet adjoining last chamber (Bible, other books, some glasses) Harness, 2 carts; plough, 3 harrows, 5 pairs staddle stones 3 geldings etc.

Total: £99/6/8

1722 (NH) See Will Ralph Mackerell 1722 Will of John Mackrell the elder, fellmonger
- Wife Anne ..?.., and 3 sons and 3 daughters: Thomas, Joseph, John, Anne (wife of Matthew Batting), Sarah, Mary.

1722 See Inventory of John Mackrell the Elder

1753-61 (QR) John Mackerell for his house 8d.
1774-80 (QR) John Mackrell for his house, amended to ?….. 8d.

Thomas Robinson, c.1778-1789:

Simmonds family, 1789-:

1789 (DD) Abstract of Title dated 1873 refers John Simmons bought property (prob 30 HS) from Thomas Robinson, mercer, in October 1789.

1795-04 (QR) Mary Simmons for house late Mackerell's, 8d

1805 (QR) Mary Simmons for house late Mackrell's, amended to Elizabeth Simmonds, amended to Charles Childs 8d.

1816 (DD) Lease & release 9th and 11th November referred to in Abstract of Title dated 1873. Includes reference to Elizabeth Webb (of Hungerford, spinster), who is grand-daughter of John Simmons (of Hungerford, maltster) and Elizabeth Simmons (widow); James Harbert (of Poughley, esquire); William Webb (of Newbury, grocer). "formerly of John Mackrill the elder, ..and on the south side of a messuage formerly in the occupation of Francis Mills…then late of Mrs Watts and then of Edward Woodham .. then belonged to John Simmons deceased in occupation of Mrs Bear, was purchased by John Simmons deceased from Ann Mackrill and others … 8/9 October 1787 granted unto the said John Simmons, and also that messuage on the west side of the High Street between a dwelling house formerly of Ann Pike, widow and then of Hannah Knackstone on the south, and the dwelling house formerly of John Mackrill, since that of Henry Clarke, then late of the said John Simmons, and then of the said Elizabeth Webb, in the occupation of Mrs Bear. On the north hereof, and also all that upper barn with the carthouse and other buildings then standing on the backside …and also three score feet throughout the whole length – between the barn and common field, and also three score field in breadth through the whole length between the said barn and the said messuage, the same three score feet measured along the said back side. The last described were purchased by the said John Simmons deceased from Thomas Robinson, mercer, October 1789.

Child family, c.1818-1873:

1818-1823 (QR) Charles Child for home late Mackrell's, q.r. 8d.

1836 (QR) Elizabeth Child for house late Charles Child's, formerly Mackrells, q.r. 8d.
1847 (CL) Widow Child (owner); Henry Clements & Ed Buxcey (occ)
1861 (CL) Widow Child (owner); John Oram & Frederick Tubb (occ)
1861 (CS) Frederick Tubb (55) Carpenter.

1864 (BD) Frederick Tubb, Carpenter, wheelwright & shopkeeper, H/S

1871 (CS) Frederick Tubb, Carpenter and wheelwright (no age)
        (CS) Thomas White, butcher
        (CS) Charles Bishop, harness maker

1872 (DD) Elizabeth Child died 28.7.1872.

Adnams family, 1873-1962:

1873 (DD) Particulars of sale of this and other properties at The Three Swans, 4th February 1873.

1873 (DD) John Adnams, corn dealer (see letter dated 1874 below) (Note in 1869 (PO) Adnams, William & John, Corn seed merchants, Park Street.)

1873 (DD) Conveyance 10.5.1873 between Charles Child (of Vernham in the county of Southampton, Gentleman), James Charles Brown (of Shepton Mallett, Somerset, ironmonger) of the first part, Joseph Child (of Henley-on-Thams, Oxford, gentleman), Emma Child (of same place, spinster), of the second part, with John Adnams (of Hungerford, corn dealer) third part for £600. Four-page document, refers to 1816 document (see above), and includes details of pre-marriage will of Charles Child and Elizabeth Webb, shortly afterwards solemnised. Then lists later trustees: in 1823 Edward Law and George Hawkes (previous trustees had died), Samuel Hawkes second part, and William Quelch third part (to replace Edward Law). Charles Child had died 16.8.1831 (buried Streatley). In 1853, trustees were Elizabeth Child, James George Hawkes, Lucy Ann Hawkes, Joseph and Emma Webb. Charles Child and Elizabeth had two children – Charles and Mary. Mary married James Watts Brown. Mary died, leaving one child – James Charles Brown. Messuage or dwelling house and shop with the yards workshops outbuildings and garden .. adjoining ..on the north side …belonging to the trustees of Mrs Richard Hemstead Barker in the occupation of Thomas Alexander grocer, …previously occupied by Miss Duke. On the south partly by a dwelling house and premises in the occupation of Henry Bell and recently sold by Charles Child and James Charles Brown to James Woodham the younger and partly by a yard barn and premises in the occupation of Henry Bell and recently sold by Charles Child and James Charles Brown to Richard Nicholls Hoskings, on the east by the High Street of Hungerford, on the west by a lane or road called the Back Lane… The premises… marked in light blue.. are now and for some years past have been in the occupation of Frederick Tubb carpenter and wheelwright as tenant and formerly belonged to John Simmonds (sic!)

1873 (DD) Indenture 3.7.1873 re purchase of land and barn at rear of 28 High Street from Richard Nicholls Hoskings (of Hungerford, builder) for £55. Boundaries described as: "to the north by the said premises recently purchased by John Adnams from Charles Child and James Charles Brown. On the south by the aforesaid propertry belonging to the Trustes of the Independent Chapel; on the east partly by property in the occupation of Henry Bell recently purchased by James Woodham the younger and partly by property belonging to the Trustees of the Hungerford Savings Bank; on the west by the remainder of the said piece of land and herediments so conveyed to Richard Nicholls Hoskins together with all buildings…..". Also mentions this property being "recently in the occupation of Henry Arthur Cundell or his undertenants" – possibly Frederick Tubb the carpenter??

1874 (DD) Letter from solicitor Mr H. Astley to Mr Pennyfeather, Manager of London and County Bank, Hungerford, confirming purchase of property in 1873 at a price of £650 by Mr John Adnams. More work done to improve property, so it offers good security for £300 loan.

1877 (KD) Adnams, John, Corn & seed merchants, H/S.
1878? Dated brick on "The Old Granary" building. "J.A. 1878". Presumably John Adnams.
1881 (CS) John Adnams, corn dealer (no age)
1891 (KD) Adnams, John, Corn, seed and oil cake merchants and seed grower, H/S.
1895 (KD) Adnams, John & Son, Seed merchants etc., H/S.
1896 (CL) John Adnams (own and occ)

- Advert for John Adnam and Sons, Corn, Seed and Oilcake Merchants, Marlborough Times, 11th June 1898

1902 (T&M Register) John Corduroy Adnams (owner and occupier until 1933)
1903 (KD) Adnams, John, H/S (Private Resident)
- Adnams, John C., Park Street (Private Resident)
- Adnams, John & Son, Corn, hay, straw & seed merchants, H/S.

1903 (DD) Particulars and Valuation of property, 17th August 1903 (?after death of John Adnams) £1,800.

1906 (CD) Adnams, J.C., Corn & Seed Merchant, H/S
1911 (DD) Right to dig a sewer along private roadway between 28 and 30 High Street to
ear of 30 High Street, in the ownership of Mr William Mapson.
1914 (CL) John Corderoy Adnams
1916 (CD) Adnams, J.C., Corn & Seed Merchant, H/S
1920 (KD) Adnams, John Corderoy, H/S
- Adnams, John & Son, Corn Merchants, H/S.
1923 (CL) Note for 28 High Street at the time: "J. Adnams deceased – Executors of" "House formerly Mackerells afterwards C. Childs then Mrs E. Childs".
- Also either side (i.e with Common Rights) to N [now Hungerford Arcade] T.W. Alexander "House formerly Hansons afterwards Rev. Edward Duke's" and to S [now Barclays Bank] Mr Parsons "House formerly Robinsons afterwards Charles Childs then Elizabeth Childs" [these notes confirm that Childs owned the two adjacent properties, 28 and 30 High Street]
1932 (QR) J. Adnams (later added "Dec'd, Exors of") "House formerly Mackerells afterward C. Childs then Mrs E. Childs".
1933 (DD) John Corderoy Adnams died 22.6.1933 in Savernake Hospital. Executors Edwin Charles Midwinter and Mercy Constance Bale. Property passed to his three daughters Mercy Constance Bale, Olive Dorothy Adnams and Bertha Joan Osmond in equal shares.
1934 (DD) Conveyance dated 3.2.1934 from Edwin Midwinter (of Newbury, friend of J.C. Adnams) and Mercie (sic!) Adnams (spinster) to John Adnams & Son Limited, for £500 (copy plan and detail of first page on file)
1934 (T&M Register) Mrs Susan Jane Adnams (owner & occupier until 1967)
1939 (Blacket's) 28: Mrs S.J. Adnams and Miss O. Adnams, handicrafts.
- 29 High Street: Adnams & Sons Ltd., (G. Murray), feeding stuffs, etc.
1939 (KD) Mrs. Adnams (private resident)
- Adnams, John & Son Ltd., Corn Merchants, H/S, T.N. 2

1940 (*1) Henry d'Oyley Wolvey Astley died in August (Aged 75yrs). Charles Lucas & Marshall continued the practice, later moving to 28 High Street, which was previously Adnams corn & seeds. (Adnams related to Hopes: HdOWA m. Catherine Richens. Her sister Susan Jane m. John Adnams. HdOWA's son was Edward Dugdale Astley, b.1897, ed. at Charterhouse, entered for Oriel College Oxford to read law, but WWI interupted studies - joined 1st Royal Berks Regiment, became Captain, killed in France June 1918, aged 21yrs. HdOWA's daughter, Barbara Astley, married W.K.T. Hope, born and brought up in Wellingborough (father a dental surgeon, died 1910 in his 50's, his 2 sons not yet qualified to take over, studied at Middlesex Hospital. During WWI served RAMC chiefly in Egypt and Palestine. His younger brother was killed in RF Corps. 1919 his uncle, a dental surgeon in Wimpole St., recommended him to a practice in Newbury - WHT Hope bought a share of the practice in St. Johns Rd Newbury from Dr. Rooke, who practiced there for a few years before WWI. His children are Dr. Humphrey Hope, and Lady (Cordelia) Troup. See also 130/131 HS)

1947 (CL) Susan Jane Adnams (Mrs)
1952 (CL) Susan Jane Adnams (Mrs)
1954 (DD) Death Certificate (8.6.1954) of Susan James Adnams (aged 87 yrs of The Pillars, Hungerford), widow of John Corderoy Adnams, Seed and corn Merchant (retail and wholesale)

1954 (DD) Converted into two flats (See proposed plans, 27 Oct 1954)

1955 (DD) Mrs Dorothy Rose Kittle (widow, of 12 Bridge Street) rented ground floor flat from Miss Olive Dorothy Adnams.

1956 (CL) Olive Dorothy Adnams (Miss)

Charles, Lucas and Marshall, Solicitors, 1958-2015:

1958 Charles Lucas and Marshall, solicitors, moved here from Bridge Villa, leased from Miss Adnams before purchasing.

1960 (DD) Lease of ground floor of property by Miss O.D. Adnams (spinster) to Angus Marshall, Frederick Norman Ball and John Marshall (as "Charles Lucas and Marshall") at a yearly rent of £140.
This is the date of Charles Lucas & Marshall from 130/131 HS to 28 HS. Planning Permission for change of use granted 5.4.1960.

1960 (Letter from CLM) Confirmed 1960 as the date that Mr Astley's practice was taken over and moved to 28 HS.

1962 (DD) Olive Dorothy Adnams died 6.12.1962, spinster of "The Pillars", 28 High Street.

1963 (DD) Will of Olive Dorothy Adnams mentions her sisters, Mercy Constance Bale (of Swanage), and Joan Bertha Osmond (of Surrey). On 7.8.1963 the tenants (CLM) bought the property from the two sisters for £6,000.

1963-1970 (CL) VOID (Charles Lucas & Marshall)
1968 (T&M Register) Frederick Norman Ball and John Marshall (owners until 1969)

1970 (T&M Register) Joh n Marshall & Christopher John Ball (owners)

1970 Mrs Jenny Kennedy (widow, mother of Dr Robert Kennedy) rented upper flat until her death (?in 1977)

1976 (CL) VOID (Charles Lucas & Marshall)
1977 (DD) Change of use of first floor rooms from private to offices.
1978 Charles Lucas and Marshall - solicitors
1978 (T&M Register) Susan Margaret Burnell (occupier)
1983 (CL) Susan Margaret Burnell (Charles Lucas & Marshall)
1984 (CL) Susan Margaret Burnell
1985 (CL) Susan Margaret Burnell
1985 (DD) Listed Grade II as Special Architectural or Historic Interest 24.7.1985.
2000 (CL) Susan Margaret Burnell
2005 (CL) Susan Margaret Burnell
2010 Still CLM Solicitors
2011 (CL) Void
Mar 2015 Charles Lucas and Marshall closed this Hungerford Office. See "Solicitors to close office", NWN 5 Mar 2015

Residential use, 2015-present:

2015 Countess of Bradford.
2017 Philip & Jo Porter

See also:

- Will of John Mackerell the elder, fellmonger, 1722

- Inventory of John Mackerell, 1722

Adnams Family

- Advert for John Adnam and Sons, Corn, Seed and Oilcake Merchants, Marlborough Times, 11 June 1898

- "Solicitors to close office", NWN 5 Mar 2015