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The Stories behind the names:

There are 76 names on the Bridge Street War Memorial recording local men who died during the First World War. The original research into the stories behind the names was carried out by Mr Martin "Mac" McIntyre.

(There is a separate section covering the 2nd World War Memorials, originally researched by Richard Amphlett.)

Much additional information has been provided by contributors from around the world.

Information on these is available from the lists of names below:

- by alphabetical order of surnames,

- by chronological order of death,

- by servicemen's military units, and

- by Burial Sites.

First World War Memorials - sorted alphabeticaly:

- Pte A H Archard

- Capt E D D Astley

- Pte G Bailey

- Pte H R Barnes (Barns)

- Pte R Batchelor

- Pte W B Bowsher

- Pte G Brazener

- Pte H Brewer

- Stoker E A Bull

- Sgt W T Bushnell

- Capt C K Butler

- Lt E Butler

- Pte S G Channon

- Pte W E A Clements

- Sgt A Cook

- Pte H J Cook

- Lt J H Cortis

- Lt R Cowell-Townshend

- Pte R G Dixon

- Cpl W H Earl

- Pte A H Fairchild

- Pte F Field

- Gnr W N Fishlock

- Pte S Goodall

- Gnr A J Goodman

- Stoker W Grove

- Cpl A H Hawkes

- Pte A E Hill

- Capt M H Hissey

- Cpl F L Hollister

- Pte E A Holmes

- Sgt W J H Horne

- Pte J S Hunt

- Pte W Jenkins

- Pte F T Knight

- Pte W C Knight

- AB E H Lambourne

- Pte L E Lambourne

- Pte H Marchant

- Tpr C W Matthews

- Pte C McCarthy

- Sgt C W Mepsted

- Pte E F Mills

- Spr P Molland

- Pte J E Neale

- Pte J New

- Tpr F J North

- Pte E Palmer

- Pte H Parker

- Pte J Plummer

- Rfn J Preston

- Lt L Raine

- Tpr F H Ray

- Pte F C Rayment

- Sig (RN) P Richens

- Lt R I Richens

- Sgt F Rolfe

- Gnr C J Rosier

- Pte E A Rosier

- Gnr P G Rosier

- Pte A N J Salt

- Pte A R Smith

- Rfn W P J Spiro

- Gnr A Spooner

- Pte E J Stacey

- Pte S Tubb

- Pte A E Vockins

- Pte E W Vockins

- Pte F C Vockins

- Cpl S Vockins

- Sgt R V Weaving

- Cpl A Webb

- Pte F W Whiting

- Pte F Williams

- Pte A T Wilson

- Pte H Wilson

First World War Memorials - sorted chronologically by date of death:

First World War Memorials on the War Memorial, Bridge Street, in order of date of death:

Oct-Dec 1914:

1.11.1914 Cpl L F Hollister

1.11.1914 Pte E J Stacey

Jan-Mar 1915:

6.1.1915 Pte A E Vockins

Apr-Jun 1915:

7.4.1915 Pte A R Smith

27.4.1915 Pte F T Knight

6.5.1915 Pte E W Vockins

9.5.1915 Pte J Hunt

10.5.1915 Pte E A Rosier

15.6.1915 Lt J H Cortis

Jul-Sep 1915:

3.8.1915 Pte F C Vockins

9.8.1915 AB E H Lambourne

21.8.1915 Sgt W J H Horne

21.8.1915 Tpr C W Matthews

28.9.1915 Pte F Field

Oct-Dec 1915:

13.10.1915 Cpl W H Earl

9.11.1915 Cpl H Webb

11.12.1915 Tpr F J North

28.12.1915 Pte S Tubb

Apr-Jun 1916:

29.4.1916 Pte J E Neale

8.5.1916 Pte A E Hill

27.5.1916 Pte A H Fairchild

Jul-Sep 1916:

1.7.1916 Capt C K Butler

1.7.1916 Pte H J Cook

1.7.1916 Pte E A Holmes

1.7.1916 Sgt F Rolfe

1.7.1916 Pte F Williams

8.8.1916 Pte A H Archard

15.8.1916 Lt L Raine

18.8.1916 Rfn W P J Spiro

24.8.1916 Lt E Butler

27.8.1916 Sgt R V Weaving

29.8.1916 Pte A T Wilson

15.9.1916 Rfn J Preston

Oct-Dec 1916:

26.10.1916 Capt M H Hissey

15.11.1916 Gnr W N Fishlock

Apr-Jun 1917:

14.4.1917 Lt R I Richens

24.4.1917 Pte H Parker

3.5.1917 Pte H R Barnes (Barns)

29.5.1917 Sgt A Cook

14.6.1917 Pte S Goodall

16.6.1917 Pte S G Channon

Jul-Sep 1917:

31.7.1917 Pte L E Lambourne

16.8.1917 Pte W Jenkins

Oct-Dec 1917:

4.10.1917 Cpl A H Hawkes

13.10.1917 Pte R Batchelor

4.11.1917 Sgt C W Mepsted

2.12.1917 Gnr A J Goodman

10.12.1917 Pte G Bailey

28.12.1917 Pte F C Rayment

Jan-Mar 1918:

23.3.1918 Cpl S Vockins

Apr-Jun 1918:

18.4.1918 Pte J Plummer

20.4.1918 Tpr F H Ray

25.4.1918 Pte A N J Salt

4.5.1918 Pte H Wilson

29.5.1918 Lt R Cowell-Townshend

1.6.1918 Capt E D D Astley

17.6.1918 Pte H Marchant

23.6.1918 Pte H Brewer

Jul-Sep 1918:

20.7.1918 Sig (RN) P Richens

11.8.1918 Sgt W T Bushnell

11.8.1918 Pte R G Dixon

11.8.1918 Gnr C J Rosier

21.8.1918 Pte W E A Clements

26.8.1918 Pte J New

1.9.1918 Pte F W Whiting

16.9.1918 Stoker W Grove

Oct-Nov 1918:

5.11.1918 Pte W B Bowsher

11.11.1918 Spr P Molland

Post War:

28.2.1919 Pte G Brazener

2.4.1919 Pte C McCarthy

21.4.1919 Pte E F Mills

17.1.1920 Stoker E A Bull

7.4.1920 Gnr P G Rosier


Unknown Pte H J Cook

Unknown Pte E Palmer

Unknown Gnr A Spooner

First World War Memorials - sorted by servicemen's military units:

Units of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force represented by the Servicemen on the Town’s War Memorial. This includes place and date of death. [Kindly sent by a member of the RBL, Hungerford, Dec 2017]

Royal Navy:

- A Spooner (Marine) – Royal Marines (No further information)

- Edgar Vockins (Marine) - Royal Marine Light Infantry d. Gallipoli 6/5/1915

- Ernest Bull (Stoker) – HMS Nelson d. UK 17/1/1920

- Ernest Lambourn (Seaman) – HMS Lynx d. North Sea 9/8/1915

- Percy Richens ( Signaller) – HM Submarine E34 d. North Sea 20/7/1918

- William Grove (Stoker) – HMS Glatton d.UK 16/9/1918



- Francis Ray (Trooper) – 1st Life Guards d. France 20/4/1918

- Frederick Hollister (Lance Corporal) – 10th Royal Hussars d .France 1/11/1914

- Christopher Matthews (Trooper) - Berkshire Yeomanry d. Gallipoli 21/8/1915

- Fredrick North (Trooper) – Berkshire Yeomanry d. Egypt 11/12/1915

- William Horne (Sergeant) – Berkshire Yeomanry d. Gallipoli 21/8/1915

Royal Artillery:

- William Fishlock (Gunner) – Royal Horse Artillery d. France 15/11/1916

- C Mepsted (Sergeant) – Royal Field Artillery d France 4/11/1917

- Percy Rosier (Gunner) – Royal Garrison Artillery d. France 7/4/1920

- Alfred Goodman (Gunner) – Royal Field Artillery d. 2/12/1917


Grenadier Guards:

- Henry Marchant (2nd Bn) d. UK 17/6/1918 (Guardsman)

- Lionel Lambourne (3rd Bn) d.Belgium 31/7/1917 (Guardsman)

Wiltshire Regiment:

- Eric Butler – (1st Bn) d. France 24/8/1916 (Lieutenant)

- Albert Hill – (2nd Bn) d.UK 8/5/1916 (Private)

- Harry Webb – (2nd Bn) d. France 9/11/1915 (Private)

- John Cortis – (2nd Bn) d. France 15/6/1915 (Lieutenant)

Royal Berkshire Regiment:

- Frank Field (1st Bn) – d. France 28/9/1915 (Private)

- Edward Astley (1st Bn ) d France 1/6/1918 (Captain)

- Edward Stacey (1st Bn) d. Belgium 1/11/1914 (Private}

- Walter Jenkins (1st Bn ) d .Belgium 16/8/1917 (Lance Corporal)

- Albert Cook (2nd Bn ) d. UK 29/5/1917 (Sergeant)

- Albert Vockins (2nd Bn) d. France 6/1/1915 (Private)

- Archibald Salt (2nd Bn) d. France 25/4/1918 (Private)

- Arthur Smith (2nd Bn ) d .France 7/4/1915( Private)

- Ernest Holmes (2nd Bn ) d. France 1/7/1916(Private)

- Frank Knight (2nd Bn ) d. France 27/4/1916 (Private)

- Frederick Rolfe (2nd Bn ) d. France 1/7/1916 Sergeant)

- Joseph Hunt (2nd Bn) d. France 9/5/1915 (Private)

- Maurice Hissey (2nd Bn) d. France 26/10/17 (Captain)

- Robert Weaving (4th Bn) d. France 27/8/1916 (Sergeant)

- John New (4th Bn) d. Italy 26/8/2018 (Private)

- R Dixon (4th Bn) d. France 11/8/1918 (Private)

- Arthur Archard (5th Bn) d. France 8/8/1916 (Private)

- Francis Williams (6th Bn) d. France 1/7/1916 (Private)

- George Bailey (6th Bn) d. Belgium 12/10/1917 (L/Corporal)

- Henry Parker (7th Bn) d. Greece 24/4/1917 (Private)

- Arthur Fairchild (8th Bn) d. France 27/5/1916 (Private)

- Alfred Wilson (8th Bn) d. France 29/8/1916 (Private)

- Frank Whiting (8th Bn) d. France 1/9/1918 (Private)

- William Earl (8th Bn) d. France 13/10/1915 (Corporal)

London Regiment:

- John Preston (8th Bn) d. France 15/9/1916 (Private)

- Sidney Vockins (8th Bn) d. France 23/3/1918 (Corporal)

- Richard Richens (18th Bn) d. France 3/3/1916 (2nd Lieutenant)

Rifle Brigade:

- Walter Spiro (7th Bn) d. France 18/8/1916 (Rifleman)

Sherwood Foresters:

- James Plummer (5th Bn) d. France 18/4/1918 (Private)

Yorks and Lancasters:

- Leonard Raine (6th Bn) d. Belgium 15/8/1916 (Lieutenant)


- Charles Rosier (1st Bn) d. France 11/8/1918 (Private)

- Stephen Goodall (5th Bn) d. Belgium 14/6/1917 (Private)

- Walter Bushnell (1st Bn) d. France 11/8/1918 (Corporal)


- William Clements (1st Bn) d. France 21/8/1918 (Private)

- George Brazener (3rd Bn) d. France 28/2/1918 (Private)

Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry:

- Charles Butler (2nd Bn ) d. France 1/7/1916 (Captain)

Middlesex Regiment:

- E Rosier (7th Bn) d. Greece 21/4/1919 (Private)

Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry:

- Fredrick Rayment (10th Bn) d. France 28/12/1917 (Private)

Royal Fusiliers:

- Henry Cook (8th Bn) d. France 1/7/1916 (Private)

Royal Welsh Fusiliers:

- R Batchelor (1st Bn) d. France 13/10/1917 (Private)

- Sidney Channon (10th Bn) d. France 16/6/1017 (Private)

Norfolk Regiment:

- Joseph Neale (2nd Bn) d. Iraq 29/4/1916 (Private)

Machine Gun Corps:

- W Bowsher (34th Bn) d. Belgium 5/11/1918 (Private)


- Henry Wilson (1st Bn) d. France 4/5/1918 (Private)

Kings Royal Rifle Corps:

- Henry Barnes (1st Bn) d. France 3/5/1917 (Private)

Royal Engineers:

- Percy Molland d. France 11/11/1918 (Sapper)

- Herbert Brewer d. France 23/6/1918 (Sapper)

Royal Army Medical Corps:

- Charles McCarthy d. UK 2/4/1919 (Private)

Royal Army Vetenary Corps:

- E Mills d. Greece 21/4/1919 (Private)

Overseas Soldier Deaths:

Royal Canadian Dragoons:

- Fredrick Vockins d. UK 3/8/1915 (Private)

Wellington Regiment (NZ-ANZAC):

- Alfred Hawkes (3rd Bn) d Belgium 4/10/1917 (Private)

No information on these soldiers:

- W C Knight (Private)

- Eric Palmer (Private) d. France 1918?

Royal Air Force

- Roy Cowell-Townshend (81 Squadron) d. UK 29/5/1918 (Lieutenant)

Burial Places of Hungerford Soldiers in France and Belgium 1914-1918

Menin Gate (Ypres)

- Frederick Hollister d 1/11/1914  10th Royal Hussars

- Lionel Lambourne d 31/7/1917  Grenadier Guards

- Edward Stacey d 1/11/1914     Royal Berkshire Regiment

- Stephen Goodall d 14/7/1917   Dorset Regiment

Tyne Cot (Ypres)

- Walter Jenkins d 160/8/1917  Royal Berkshire Regiment

- George Bailey d 12/10/1917  Royal Berkshire Regiment

- Alfred Hawkes d 04/10/1917  Wellington Regiment (New Zealand)

Thiepval Memorial

- Eric Butler d 24/8/1916       Wiltshire Regiment (13A)

- Ernest Holmes d1/07/1916  Royal Berkshire Regiment

- Fredrick Rolfe d 1/07/1916  Royal Berkshire Regiment (11D)

- Maurice Hissey d 26/10/1916 Royal Berkshire Regiment

- Arthur Archard d 8/08/1916   Royal Berkshire Regiment

- Francis Williams d 1/07/1916  Royal Berkshire Regiment (11D)

- John Preston d 15/09/1916     London Regiment (9C)

- Walter Spiro d 18/08/1916      Rifle Brigade

Etaples Military Cemetery (France)

- Francis Ray d 20/4/1918     1st Life Guards

- Henry Wilson d 4/05/1918 Royal Hampshire Regiment

Guards Cemetery, Lesboeufs, Somme

- William Fishlock d 15/11/1916 Royal Horse Artillery

Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Pas de Calais

- Harry Webb d 9/11/1915 Wiltshire Regiment

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery

- C Mepsted d 4/11/1917 Royal Field Artillery

Orville Wood Cemetery, Flesquieres, France

- Alfred Goodman d 2/12/1917 Royal Field Artillery

Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais

- John Cortis Wiltshire Regiment

Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais

- Frank Field d 28/9/1915 Royal Berkshire Regiment

- Arthur Fairchild d 27/5/1916 Royal Berkshire Regiment

- William Earl d 13/10/1915 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Warlincourt Cemetery, Pas de Calais

- Edward Astley d 1/6/1918 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Fauquissant Cemetery, Laventie, Pas de Calais

- Albert Vockins d 6/1/1915 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Crouy Cemetery, Crouy-sur-Somme

- Archibald Salt d 25/4/1918 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Pozieres Memorial

- Frank Knight d 27/4/1916 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Ploegsteert Memorial

- Joseph Hunt d 9/5/1915 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval

- Robert Weaving d 27/8/1916 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Merville Communal Cemetery, France

- R Dixon d 11/8/1918 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Chapelle British Cemetery, Aisne

- Alfred Wilson d 29/8/1916 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Boisquillaume Cemetery, Seine-Maritime

- Frank Whiting d 1/9/2018 Royal Berkshire Regiment

Sailly – Sailleisel Cemetery, Somme

- Sidney Vockins MM d 23/3/1918 London Regiment

London Cemetery (Memorial), Neuville-Vitasse, Pas de Calais

- Richard Richens d 14/4/1917 London Regiment

Agny Cemetery, Pas de Calais

- Leonard Raine d 15/8/1916 Yorks and Lancaster

Bouchoir Cemetery, Somme

- Charles Rosier d 11/8/1918 Dorset Regiment

- Walter Bushnell d 11/8/1918 Dorset Regiment

Gommecort Wood, Pas de Calais

- William Clements d21/8/1918 Devons

Ruyaulcourt Cemetery, Pas de Calais

- Fredrick Rayment d 28/12/1917 Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry

Dantzig Alley Cemetery, Mametz Wood

- Henry Cook d 1/7/1916 Royal Fusiliers

Godewnersvelde Cemetery, France

- R Batchelor d 13/10/1917 Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Kevelberg Cemetery, Welvelglen, Belgium

- W Bowsher d 5/11/1918 Machine Gun Corps

Filleuveres Cemetery, Arras

- Percy Molland d 11/11/1918 Royal Engineers

Warley Baillon Cemetery, Somme

- Herbert Brewer d 23/6/1918 Royal engineers

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