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Earliest information: 1470
Original estate:
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 21ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: 17th century (18th century re-fronting)
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

Robert Lye's draper's shop from mid 1820s, John Walker (draper) from c.1861. In 1896 it changed use to Killick & Church, grocers, until c.1947 when Ernest James had a seed and cereal shop. Since c.1968 it has been a restaurant and/or take-away – firstly Thompson's Eating House, then Chaser's Restaurant, then August Moon, Hoo-Wah and latterly Hungerford Gourmet Oriental Chinese Food Takeaway.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and restaurant. 17th century, with late 18th century re-fronting and raising of roof. Slate roof, wide overhanging eaves, painted rendered walls, timber framed to rear. L-shaped plan, two timber framed bays across street frontage and two bays at right angles to rear. Three storeys. Two glazing bar sashes, early 20th century shop front standing proud of façade with recessed central door, house door to left with six raised and fielded panels.

Photo Gallery:


17 High Street, Jan 2007


Killick & Church, c1905


Thompson's Eating House, c1974-75.


Thompson's Eating House closed, 1976.

- Killick & Church, c.1905 [hsl-04].

- Thompson's Eating House, c1974-75 [LHS-101].

- Thompson's Eating House closed, 1976 [LHS-102].

- Hungerford Gourmet Oriental Chinese Food Takeaway, January 2007 [p1280837].


Note: The entries 1470-1781 were annotated by Norman Hidden as G.W.R. (b), but clearly relate to 17HS:

<1470 (NH) Robert Drew

c.1470 (NH) Dom. Thomas Haselden chaplain – ¼ burgage, late Robert Drew formerly (unknown), q.r 2d.

1552 (NH) Heirs of Thomas Truslowe, 1 tenement late in tenure of the said William, now in tenure of John Michell, q.r.2d. The "Said William" is presumably the William Rutter als Standish of the preceeding entry – G.W.H. (a)).

1573 (NH) Richard Browne. 1 tenement, garden, backside, tenant by indenture for term of life to John Truslove in right of the latter's freehold, q.r.2d. [A John Truslove was defendant in D.L. suit DL1/66/E3 dated 1566 brought by Henry Edes concerning a BVM chantry lease of its property in Newbury, son of one Joan Truslove widow 1555]

1579 (NH) Richard Browne "the butcher" buried in Hungerford 20 Oct 1579. A Dean of Sarum inventory and bond exists (taken upon his death by his neighbours and at least one other butcher), which reveals that the house contained a hall, chamber, buttery, well house, and shop. The inventory lists "2 hand cleavers, a cutting knife, two hooks, one "ter" of mutton and a target (?=chopping board)". The reference to a well-house is unusual. He left a widow Margaret, to whom the business no doubt descended.

1591 (NH) John Truslowe – 1 tenement, garden, backside (+2½ acres arable erased) now in tenure of Richard Robinson q.r. 2d. [This Richard Robinson is probably "Richard Robinson als Hunt butcher whose wife was buried in 1597 and who (as Richard Hunte) lost a servant and a kinsman in the same year – possibly of plague?]

1600 (NH) (HCB) J. Truslove

1609 (NH) Richard Robinson, tenement and backside from Richard Tuslove, whose freehold it was, q.r. 2d. [Richard Truslove, heir of John Truslove, was admitted freeholder at the Hocktide Court of 1600. In 1621 Richard Truslove was in turn succeeded by his heir John Truslow. In 1630 John Truslowe's tenements were purchased by John Goldsmith (Hocktide Court). An inquisition post mortem on John Goldsmith 25 Aug 1640 states that he held 1 messuage + 1 acre of land and pasture in Hungerford on the west side of the High Street, lately purchased of John Truslow gent. His son Thomas aged 26 was his heir. In 1648 the Hocktide Court book accords that Henry Robinson als Hunt paid his fee for admission as freeholder in respect of lands which had been Goldsmith's and which he has by purchase from Joseph Sare. Henry is listed as a freesuitor in 1652. He was probably succeeded by Thomas Robinson who was admitted 1655, and is still listed in 1672, In 1673 John Bacon replaced him by purchase, but see also 1674. At this stage tracks become confused, because nothing in the H.C.B. shows a successor to Thomas Robinson; indeed the 1680 list of commoners contains two Thomas Robinsons, viz. senior and junior. Beyond this therefore it would at this stage be unsafe to conjecture further]

1621 (NH) (HCB) R. Truslove

1630 (NH) (HCB) John Goldsmith

From Norman Hidden's papers (this appeared under G.W.R (b), but does appear to HP to belong to 17HS):

John Goldsmith, gentleman.
Inquisition taken at Marlborough, 25th Aug., 16 Charles I [1640] before John Sevyor, gent., escheator, after the death of John Goldsmith, gent., by the oath of William Blissett, gent., 'John Fowler, senior, gent., John Clementes, gent., Aldam Winckworth, Edward West, William Faring/on, John Medcalfe, Thomas Glasse, John Fowler, junior, Thomas Keynion, Thomas Trebretit Thomas Whiteade, and William Parrett, who say that John Goldsmith was seised of one capital messuage and farm situate in Avebury, called the Chauntrey Farme of Bromham alias Rowses Farme, and the lands, meadows, .etc., etc., to the said messuage belonging, lately purchased of John Shuter, esq., one messuage in Penne within the parish of Hillmarton, and divers lands, etc., in Penne and Hillmarton to the said messuage belonging, lately purchased of William Davys, yeoman ; one messuage in the tithing of Westbroke within the parish of Avebury called Warwickes and i6£ acres of land thereto belonging, lately purchased of Arnold Childe, esq. ; one messuage, one garden, one orchard, one barn, and one close of pasture situate in Backhampton within the parish of Avebury, in the tenure of Richard Felpes alias Bromham ; divers other lands in Backhampton, to wit, one acre of land abutting upon Sparkes close, 2 acres of land there abutting upon the Farme there, 2 acres' of land lying between the land of Christopher Spencer and that late of William Griffin, deceased, 1 acre of land in Drove Furlonge, 1 acre of land in Boulsters Furlonge, 1 ½ acres of land in Shorte Courles, 1 acre 3 roods of land in Longe Courles, one acre of land called Gorbidge Acre, 2 acres 1 rood of land in Longe Landes, 2 half-acres of land abutting on the French way and Robero Furlonge, 1 acre 1 rood of land in Robero Furlonge, 5 acres of land in Rannan, 3 other acres and one rood of land in Longe Landes, ½ acre of land abutting on Weste hill, 2 other half-acres of land there, ½ acre of land abutting on the Create Linch, and 2 half-acres of land in Whitelands, lately purchased of John Truslow, gent., and which before that were the lands of William Button, esq., one other messuage, and one acre of land and pasture in Hungerford in co. Berkes on the west part of the "Heigh Streete" there, lately purchased of the said John Truslow, gent.

The capital messuage and farm called the Chantry Farm of Bromham are held of the King as of his manor of East Greenwich in co. Kent, by fealty, in free and common socage and by a yearly rent, and not in chief or by knight's service, and are worth per annum, clear, 40s. The premises in Penne and Hilmarton are held of the King as of his manor of Hampsteed Marshall, sometime parcel of the possessions of the Earl Marshal of England, by knight's service, and are worth per annum, clear, 10s. The premises in the tithing of Westbrooke are held of the King in fee farm as of his manor of Easte Greenwich in co. Kent, by fealty in free and common socage, by the yearly rent of 10s 9d., and are worth per annum, clear, 5s. The premises in Avebury and Backhampton are held of William Earl of Hertford, as of his hundred of Selkeley, in socage by fealty, and are worth per annum, clear, 10s. The premises in Hungerford are held of the lords of the borough or manor of Hungerford, by fealty and the rent of 2d., and are worth per annum, clear, 5s.

John Goldsmith died 12th April last past; Thomas Goldsmith, gent., is his son and next heir, and was then aged 26 years and more.
Inq. p.m., 16 Charles I, pt. 29, No. 39.

Sylvia McClintock contacted the Virtual Museum (Sep 2017) to add: "John Goldsmith who lived at 17 High Street, Hungerford was my 9th great grandfather. His daughter Mary married Oliver Pleydell of Midgehall, Lydiard Tregoze and their son Edmund was MP for Wotton Bassett. Descendants of this family still include Pleydell in their surname – it is pronounced to rhyme with gravel."

1648 (HCB) Goldsmith Robinson als Hunt

1676 (QR) John Bradford

1753-61 (QR) Charles Thomas, feltmaker, for his house – 2d

1768 (Berks Poll Book) Thomas Hawkesworth junior freehold of 1 messuage in Hungerford, occupied by self
1774-90 (QR) Thomas Hawkesworth for his house late Thomas's – 2d
1781 (CL) Thomas Hawkesworth
1795-1804 (QR) Thomas Hawkesworth for his house late Thomas's – 2d
1781 (CL) Thomas Hawkesworth
1805-17 (QR) Thomas Hawkesworth for his house late Thomas's – 2d
1807 (CL) C. J. Hawkesworth ( John ?Coxhead)

1818-23 (QR) Thomas Hawkesworth (amended to Robert Lye) for his house late Thomas's – 2d
1832 (QR) Robert Lye for house late Thomas Hawkesworth – 2d
1836 (QR) Robert Lye for house late Thomas Hawkesworth – 2d
1841 (CS) Robert Lye (60), draper .
1847 (CL) Rober Lye (owner) – himself (occupant)

1851 (CS) William Steward (44) linen draper

1861 (CS) John Walker (34), woollen draper
1861 (CL) Frederick Kendall (owner) – John Walker (occupant)
1871 (CS) "Waterloo House " John Walker (49), linen and woollen draper
1881 (CS) John Walker (61), draper – 3 assistants

1896 (CL) Devisees of John Walker (owner) – Killick & Church (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Devisees of John Walker (owners)
1903 (T&M Register) Killick & Church (occupiers until 1912)
1906 (CD) Killick & Church, grocers – High Street
1913 (T&M Register) Arthur John Killick (occupier)
1914 (CL) Frederick Barnard (owner) – Arthur John Killick (occ)
1920 HLP Pictorial History of Hungerford. Photo 59 shows "A.J. Killick"
1920 (KD) Arthur John Killick, grocer – High Street

1932 (QR) Mr. Killick crossed out – replaced by F. Barnard. Scribe writes "House formerly Thomas's, then Hawkesworth, afterwards Robert Lye", q.r. 2d.
Undated: (T&M Register) Frederick Barnard (owner)
1939 (Blacket's) A.J. Killick, grocer

1941 (T&M Register) C E G Averill (occupier)
1947 (CL) Charles Edward Gastrell Averill
Undated (T&M Register) Ernest Frank James (owner)
c. 1952 (Leo Cowell-Townshend) Dudley James ran a seed and cereal shop – managed by Mr Averill. Mrs Averill gave private tuition to six children – until c1962.
1952 (CL) Charles Edward Gastrell Averill

1956 (CL) Donovan Cyril Whiscombe

1963 (CL) Dennis R. Foyle

Thompson's Eating House, c1968-c1978:

1968 (T&M Register) Norman Ernest james & Dudley James Walker James (owners until 1971)
c1968 Thompson's Eating House - Nigel and Nikki Thompson. Chef Trevor Pharoah.
1968 (T&M Register) Barry Keith Thompson (occupier until 1969)
1970 (CL) void

1972 (T&M Register) Nigel Thompson & Nicola Thompson (owners)
1972 Thompson's Eating House - John and Di Allen (lived in Cow Lane Cottage, Park Street)
1972 (T&M Registter) Nicola J Thompson (occupier)
1973 (T&M Register) John Peter Ffrench Allen & Diana Christian Allen (owners until 1979); John Peter Ffrench Allen (occupier until 1974)
1975 (T&M Register) Trevor Pharoah, Manager – Thompson's Eating House (occupier until 1976)

1977 Thompson's Eating House - Phil & Kate Sharp. Closed ?1978
1977 (T&M Register) Philip Raymond Sharp (occupier until 1979)

1980 (T&M Register) Ian Edward Woodhead (owner & occupier)

1980s Chaser's Restaurant

1983 (CL) Catherine Jane Harman (later August Moon)

Chinese tahe-away, 1983-present:

1983 "August Moon" Chinese take-away, run by Mr San Yan Wong, who lived at The Hollies, Newbury. Failed inspection, and was closed in Sep 1992.
1984 (CL) Koon Hung Mo
1985 (CL) Koon Hung Mo
1990 (CL) Jeffrey Ting

1993 "Hoo-Wah" Chinese take-away (?date of name change)
2000 (CL) Jeffrey Ting
2005 (CL) Void

2005 "Hungerford Gourmet Oriental Chinese Food Takeaway"
2011 (CL) Void