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Original estate: ?Chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary
Earliest records: Pre 1470
Date of building: 19th century
Listed? Grade II
Commoner's Rights: Yes (now assigned to 13 High Street) (Frontage about 32ft. 2 horses or 4 cows)

Thumbnail History:

A staymaker's shop in the 18th century, a butcher's shop for over 100 years between 1850 and 1972. Then split into two shops.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. 19th century. Tiled roof, eaves cornice, brick with stucco channelled quoins, dressings and keystones. Three storeys. Four sash windows with marginal glazing. Modern shop fronts. Included for group value.

Photo Gallery:


Hutchins & Co, c1930


12 & 13 High Street, Mar 2010


12 & 13 High Street, Jan 2007

Grade1 Barbershop, Jun 2017
Grade1 Barbershop, Jun 2017

John Lewis and Dabchic, c1978 [LHS-105]

20200811 12 and 13, 14 HS
20200811 12 and 13, 14 HS

12-14 High Street, Aug 2020.

20211209 09.53.49
20211209 09.53.49

The Funghi Club, Dec 2021.

- Hutchins & Co, c.1930 [hsl-33].

- John Lewis and Dabchic, c.1978 [LHS-105].

- Framemakers and Shaw Trust, January 2007 [p1280832].

- Framemakers and Kaleidoscope, March 2010 [img_0472].

- Grade1 Barbershop and Shaw Trust, June 2017 [Grade1 Barbershop, Jun 2017].

- 12, 13 and 14 High Street, August 2020.

- The Funghi Club, December 2021.


Drew family:

<1470 Robert Drew (Appointed 1427 as Keeper of Hungerford Park).

c.1470 John Drew – 1¼ burgages. A house on this site existed in or about 1470. It was a large house, equivalent to 1¼ burgages, owned then by John Drew but originally by Robert Drew. The Drews were a well to do and influential local family, Robert's name appearing on various documents between 1430, when he is witness to a deed, and 1458. Robert held the position of Keeper of Hungerford Park, to which he had been appointed in 1427 at a wage of ..?.. a day. It is probable that he died shortly after 1455 and that John Drew to whom the house descended was his heir.

Harrold family:

1552 Ralph Harrold (along with 4 acres of land in the common fields of Hungerford). Occupied by John Wilson (previously by William Battesford, miller of the King's mill 1510 – 1522). By 1552 the house was owned by Ralph Harrold and 4 acres of land in the common fields of Hungerford went with it. It was occupied then by John Wilson, and had been previously occupied by William Battesford. Battesford had been miller of the King's mill 1510 – 1522.
The Harrold family continued to hold this house for several generations and another Ralph Harrold was in possession in 1609. This latter Harrold (born 1576) was a butcher. Elsewhere he is described as yeoman which indicated what we today would call a "self-employed" status. In 1619/20 he was elected Constable.
1552 The Harrold family continued to hold this house for several generations.
1609 Ralph Harrold, butcher. (Constable in 1619/20)

Godfrey family:

1663 Hearth Tax: Thomas Godfrey. Thomas Godfrey was buried 1673.
1676 Occupied by Widow Godfrey, quit rent l0d In 1676 the house was occupied by Widow Godfrey, quit rent l0d, and in 1753 by the children of another widow, Streat. From Widow Streat the house passed to John Snook and the 1819 Enclosure Award map shows the property as "Snook's" in the shape and position as we know it today, on the south corner of what was then called Little Church Lane.

Streat family:

1743 Probate Dean of Sarum will of William Streat
1753-61 (QR) Widow Streat's children for their house – 10d.

Snook family:

1774-90 (QR) John Snook for house late Streats – 10d.
1795 John Snook for his house late Street's, quit rent l0d.
(1796 (BK) James Snook, staymaker - ?where in Hungerford?)
1805-17 (QR) John Snook (amended to Stephen Snook) for house late Streats – 10d
1818 Stephen Snook, late Street's, q.r. l0d.
1819 Enclosure Award map shows "Snook's" at the position of 10 HS, but he owned both 10 and 12-13 HS.
1832 (QR) Stephen Snook for house late Streats – 10d
1836 (QR) Stephen Snook's widow for house late Streats – 10d
1841 (CS) Mary Snook (70), staymaker.
- ?Yard behind: Thomas Povey (20) labourer, Unoccupied, Jessie Hunt? (30) China Shop

Hutchins family:

1844 (PD) Thomas Hutchins , butcher, HS (no entry for Snook)
1847 (CL) Stephen Snook (owner), Thomas Hutchins & Daniel Allen (occ)
- (Stephen Snook also owner 10 HS)
1850 (SD) Thomas Hutchins, HS, butcher (also Thomas Hutchins, butcher, at Kintbury and Chilton)
1851 (CS) Thomas Hutchins (31), Master butcher.
- Hutchin's Yard: Alfred Reeves (27), Plumber and glazier; Thomas Povey (40), Labourer;
1861 (CS#38) Thomas Hutchins (41), Master butcher, Sarah (42), with Sarah, Jane, Mary, Henrietta, Martha, Georgina. Also two servants, one apprentice.
- Also Hutchin's Yard: Erasmus Beckett (26) Police Sergeant; Louise White (34) Widow; Stephen Smith (33) Cordwainer
1861 (CL) Stephen J.R. Snook (owner), Thomas Hutchins (occ)
1871 (CS) Thomas Hutchins (51), butcher.
- Also Snook's Yard: William Cresswell (28) Journeyman butcher; Alfred Pyle (26) Railway Porter; Unoccupied
1877 (KD) Sarah Hutchins (Mrs), butcher, HS
1881 (CS) Sarah Hutchins (62) butcher, employed 3 men & 1 boy.
- Also Hutchin's Yard: William Clements (38) Shoemaker; Mark Tidbury (43) Insurance Agent; William Cresswell (38) Butcher
1891 (KD) Sarah Hutchins, butcher, HS
1895 (KD) Sarah Hutchins, butcher, HS
1896 (CL) Trustees of Stephen J.R. Snook (owner), Sarah Hutchins (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Devisees of Stephen Snook (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) Sarah Hutchins & Co (occupier)
1903 (KD) Sarah Hutchins, butcher, HS
Undated: (T&M Register) Sarah Hutchins (owner)
1903 New shop frontage installed.
1906 (CD) Hutchins & Co, butchers, HS
1907 (T&M Register) Horace Coker (owner & occupier)
1911 (KD) Hutchins & Co, butchers, HS
1916 (CD) Hutchins & Co, butchers, HS
1914 (T&M Register) William Barnard (occupier)
1916 (T&M Register) Hutchins & Co (occupier)
c1917 Hutchins & Co closed during the First World War.
1920 (KD) [No Hutchins, No Pratt]

Pratt, butchers:

1921 Probable date Mr Pratt started (newspaper article April 1945 – "started 24 years" previously. His parents farmed at Timsbury, near Romsey. All his brothers were farmers or butchers. Aged 45 in 1945. Served in Royal Tank Corps during First World War. Three dtrs, one son. Member of Hungerford Club, was Worshipful Master of Hungeford Lodge of Freemason in 1939-40).
1922 (T&M Register) Edward Pratt (owner & occupuier)
1932 (QR) Mr Edward Pratt (owner & occupier) "House formerly Streats, then widow Snook's, then Stephen Snook's", q.r. 10d.
1939 (KD) Edward Pratt, butcher, HS. TN 51. Note: The meat rail on south wall of archway to yard behind still exists (2007)
1939 (Blacket's)
- 11 (?cottage behind archway?) Mrs G. Jessett
- 12 (?cottage behind archway?): W.M. Dennis
- 13: E. Pratt, butcher
1947 (CL) Edward Pratt
1952 (CL) Edward George Skinner

1954 400 petition against proposed Hungerford slaughterhouse:

On 6 May 1954, the NWN included the following article: "Four hundred signatures to a petition of protest persuaded Hungerford Rural District Council to turn down a committee recommendation that a licence for a private slaughterhouse be granted for a 12 months trial period in respect of premises at the rear of 13 High Street, Hungerford.
Before the Council was a petition, submitted by Mrs I V Harris, which ran: "We feel that as these premises are in the centre of the town and adjacent to dwelling houses, food shops and a public highway, the proposed slaughtering of animals would be prejudicial to the public health and welfare of the community as a whole."
The committee, after fully considering the questions involved, had recommended that a licence should be issued to Mr E Pratt in respect of his premises in Hungerford High Street in the first instance for a period of twelve months. Such a licence would have been subject to the following conditions: that slaughtering be restricted to the needs of Mr Pratt and Messrs A Mills and Sons; and that all hides and skins be removed from the premises on the day of slaughtering."

1956 (CL) Edward George Skinner
1963 (CL) Edward Pratt (butcher)
1964 NWN 8 Oct 1964 reported "Mr Teddy Pratt is retiring next month after being in business in the town for 43 years - probably the longest single time for any butcher in the Newbury area. Mr Pratt came to Hungerford in 1921, and took over the premises which had formerly been Hutchins' butcheers shop, which closed during he war years."

1968 (T&M Register) William Thomas Clothier (owner until 1973)
1968 (CL) Cyril Clayton Webb
1968 (T&M Register) Cyril Clayton Webb (occupier)
1969 (T&M Register) Frederick Hayward (occupier until 1970)
1970 (CL) Frederick Hayward
1972 Edward Pratt died. Wife Gladys moved to 8 Canal Walk (from 5 Church Way). ?Bought by Bill Clothier, who sold later to John Newton.

1974 (T&M Register) Grainmere Properties Ltd (owners)

1975 (T&M Register) John Leonard Newton and Brenda Mary Newton (owners)

Ground floor split into two premises:

North end (12 High Street):

1976? "Dabchic", ladies clothes boutique
1978 Dabchic – ladies clothes

1997 (T&M Register) Shaw Trust, Margaret Elizabeth Ann Chance (occupier)
1998 Shaw Trust charity shop
2005 (CL) Susan Alton
2007 Shaw Trust
Sep 2008 Shaw Trust closed to business.

Jul 2009 Kaleidoscope – cards, stationary, gifts. Closed Mar 2018.

South end (13 High Street):

1976? "John Lewis" kitchens
1983 "John Lewis" kitchens
1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Void
1993 John Lewis Kitchens closed this shop, keeping their existing showroom in Park Street.

1997 Mike and Edna Macklin, Framemakers (moved from 2BS)
2000 (CL) Void
2007 "Framemakers"
2011 (CL) Robert Leslie Evans [13HS]
2016 (CL) Robert Leslie Evans [13HS]
2.7.2016 Framemakers closed. (Branches continue in Newbury and Marlborough).

Jun 2017 Grade1 Barbershop opened.
Dec 2018 Grade 1 Barbershop closed (moved to Tidworth).

Renovation and upgrade:

2020 A major upgrade of the premises was undertaken.

Both premises combined again:

Dec 2021: The Funghi Club opened - fabulous French food! Website:

See also: "Bistro opens on the High Street" - NWN, 18th August 2022.