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Original estate: ?Hungerford
Earliest records: 1781
Date of building:
Listed? No
Commoner's Rights: Yes (Frontage 17ft + 10ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)

Thumbnail History:

Butcher, shoemaker, baker, wool shop, stationer's, sweet shop, toy shop, barber's.

Note the cottages to rear, along Church Lane. They appear on the 1819 EA, but were rebuilt and extended by John Newton in c.1980.

Photo Gallery:


Toys at No 10, Nov 2011


Johnny Hawkins, c1920


Rainbow's End, Jan 2007


Sugar Mouse, May 2011


The Wool Shop, R F Norris, c1978 [LHS-105]

20200811 10 HS
20200811 10 HS

10 High Street, Aug 2020.

- Johnny Hawkins, cakes, sweets and tea shop, c1920 [hsl-29]

- The Wool Shop, R F Norris, c1978 [LHS-105]

- Rainbow's End, Jan 2007 [p1280831]

- Sugar Mouse, May 2011 [img_2465]

- Toys at No 10, Nov 2011 [img_3353]

- Gentleman's Barbers, Aug 2020.


1781 (CL) John Snook?

1807 (CL) Stephen Snook
1819 (EA) Burgage plot marked as "Snook"


1841 (CS) Charles Osmond (20), butcher
1847 (CL) Stephen Snook; Charles Osmond (occ)

Boot & shoemaker:

1851 (CS) John Smith (58) boot and shoemaker.
1861 (CL) Stephen Snook; John Smith (occ)
1861 (CS) John Smith (76), cordwainer.

1871 (CS) Stephen Smith (40) bootmaker
1881 (CS) Stephen Smith (54) shoemaker

Confectioner, sweets and teashop:

1896 (CL) Trustees of Stephen J.R. Snook; John Hawkins (occ). John Hawkins was "Confectioner and Registrar of Marriages".
1902 (T&M Register) Devisees of Stephen Snook.
1903 (T&M Register) John Hawkins (occupier)
23 Dec 1904 (DD of 10-11 HS in HHA Archive) Mrs Kate Barnard (formerly of Kintbury, now Stockbridge) sold to Mr John Hawkins, confectioner.
1914 (CL) John Hawkins
1920s Johnny Hawkins, cake, sweets and tea shop. Johnny Hawkins was Althea Barr's uncle.


21 Aug 1926: (DD of 10 HS in HHA Archive) Conveyance of shop, dwelling house, cottages and premises by John Hawkins (confectioner) to William John Harris (baker and confectioner). [includes the right to use the pump].
1927 (T&M Register) William Bert Withall (occupier)
1930s-40s Robert and Vera Harris, baker.
26 Jun 1936 William John Harris took a mortgage from Ramsbury Building Society (£700 for 21 years)
1939 (T&M Register) John William Harris (owner) Robert William Harris (occupier)
1939 (Blacket's) W.J. Harris, confectioner (R. Harris)
(Undated) (T&M Register) Minnie Clara Harris (owner)
1947 (CL) Robert Harris
1952 (CL) Robert Harris
1956 (CL) Robert Harris

c.1957 Bert Wyatt, baker.
1963 (CL) Albert George Wyatt
1968 (T&M Register) Brenda Mary Newton (owner, & occupier until 1970)
1968 (CL) Brenda Newton
1970 (CL) Brenda Newton


1970s-80s Mrs Kathleen Norris' wool shop (lived then in 2 Charnham Street) - Knight Frank & Rutley office on first floor (10a) , moved in 1996 to 22 High Street.
1976 (CL) Void
1978 Norris – woolshop

1981 Newton Mews developed behind 10 HS.

1983 (CL) Void (KFR, Woolshop)
1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Void

Card shop:

June 1989 "Rainbows End" card shop, run by Helen Barnard (daughter of John Newton)
1990 (CL) Helen Patricia Barnard
1995 (T&M Register) Helen Patricia Newton (occupier
2000 (CL) Helen Patricia Barnard
2005 (CL) Helen Patricia Barnard
June 2007 Rainbows End closed. (Helen and Darrell Barnard moved to Blandford Forum)

Sweet shop:

Mar 2008 "Sugar Mouse" Sweet Shop moved from 9a High Street. Co-owner Ben Blake.
200 jars of loose sweets etc.
2011 (CL) Ben Blake
Nov 2011 Sugar Mouse moved back to 9a High Street.


Nov 2011 "Toys at No 10" opened.
Apr 2013 "Toys at No 10" closed.


2013: Gentleman's Barber Shop (moved from The Gentleman's Shop, 29-30 Charnham Street).

2015: Business bought by previous manager Kristen (Billy) Franklin.