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Original estate: ?Hungerford
Earliest records: 1774
Date of building:
Listed? No
Commoner's Rights: Yes (now assigned to 9 High Street) (Frontage 25ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)

Thumbnail History:

This property (now two commercial premises) has been a staymaker, cooper's, fishmonger, then butcher and greengrocer. Various retail shops.

Photo Gallery:


9 & 9a High Street, Jan 2007


9 & 9a High Street, Jun 2013


9 & 9a High Street, Mar 2010

20160429 img_1782
20160429 img_1782

Eden Baking and Coffee Shop, Apr 2016.

20180219 Clouds Vape shop
20180219 Clouds Vape shop

Clouds Vape Shop, 19 Feb 2018


Benbows & Baxters, c1978.


Benbows, Dewhurst, Seconds and Martin, ?Jan 1987.

20200811 9 and 9a HS
20200811 9 and 9a HS

9 & 9a High Street, Aug 2020.

20200811 9 and 9a HS
20200811 9 and 9a HS
20220522 16.57.46 9 and 9a HS
20220522 16.57.46 9 and 9a HS

I.T. Repair Gurus and Christian Alba's, 22nd May 2022

- Benbows & Baxters, c.1978.

- Benbows, Dewhurst, Seconds and Martin, ?January 1987.

- 9 & 9a High Street, June 2013.

- 9 & 9a High Street, January 2007.

- 9 & 9a High Street, March 2010.

- Eden Baking and Coffee Shop, April 2016.

- Clouds Vape Shop, 19th February 2018.

- 9 & 9a High Street, August 2020.

- I.T. Repair Gurus and Christian Alba's, 22nd May 2022.


1753-61 (QR) ?No entry

Pre 1774 Lucas.

Smith family, staymakers, c1774-c1820:

1774-90 (QR) John Smith, for house late Lucas, q.r. 4d.
1781 (CL) John Smith, staymaker.
1795-1804 (QR) ..?.. Smith, for house late Lucas, q.r. 4d.

1805-17 (QR) James Smith, for house late Lucas, q.r. 4d.
1807 (CL) James Smith

Henry Ball, c1820-1832:

1818-23 (QR) James Smith, for house late Lucas, amended to Henry Ball, q.r. 4d.

Bance family, coopers, 1832-c1875:

1832 (QR) Joseph Bance, for house late Henry Ball, q.r. 4d.
1836 (QR) Joseph Bance, for house late Henry Ball's, q.r. 4d.
1841 (CS) Joseph Bance (40) Cooper
1847 (CL) Joseph Bance (owner and occupier)
1851 (CS) Joseph Bance (57) master cooper
1861 (CL) George Bance
1861 (CS) George Bance (36), cooper.
1871 (CS) Joseph Bance (77) cooper

Barnard family, fishmongers, c1875-c1918:

1881 (CS) Richard Barnard (46) fishmonger.
1896 (CL) Ernest Barnard , butcher; Richard Barnard (occ)
1902 (T&M Register) Ernest Barnard (owner);
1903 (T&M Register) Walter Barnard (occupier)
1914 (CL) Ernest Barnard; Walter Templar Barnard (occ)

Mills family, butchers, c1918-c1947:

1920s Alfred Mills (jnr), butchers. Wife was district nurse, and she started Silver Threads.
1923 (T&M Register) Stanley Raymond Hunt (occupier)
1924 (T&M Register) Archibald F Wilkins (occupier)
1925 (T&M Register) Frank Arthur Baden (occupier)
1928 (T&M Register) Alfred Edward Mills jnr (owner & occupier)
1932 (QR) Mr E. Barnard, House J. Bance formerly Lucas, afterwards Ball's, q.r 4d.
1939 (Blacket's) A.E. Mills, butcher
1947 (CL) Alfred Edward Mills
1952 (CL) Charles Geater
1956 (CL) Charles Geater
1963 (CL) Alexander Charles Callaway

Baxters Butchers, c1968-1976:

1968 (T&M Register) Baxters (butchers) Ltd (owner); Peter Windsor, manager (occupier until 1976)
1968 (CL) Peter Winsor (butcher)
1970 (CL) Peter Winsor
Baxters divided the building into two shops – previously Mills had it as a single property.
1976 (CL) Peter Winsor (deleted Void) (Benbows/Baxters)

North end (9 HS):

1978 Baxter's – butchers
1978 (T&M Register) Alex Johnson, manager (occupier until 1978

1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Void

24.10.1992 Dewhursts butchers closed.

Nov 1992 Halletts opened, butcher, wet fish, game dealer and delicatessen.

1996 "Hungerford's" butchers.

1998 "Kilvingtons" butchers

Nov 2000 "G&G Butchers" Peter Green
2000 (CL) Void

2004 Hungerford Butchers - Phil Roberts,
2005 (CL) Void
2011 (CL) Void
Aug 2011 "Simply Seasonal" fruit and veg shop (Wendy, from 9a High Street) joined Hungerford Butchers.
Mar 2018 Hungerford Butchers closed for refurbishment.

South end (9a HS):

c.1970 Benbows greengrocers ?rented from Baxters.
1978 Benbow's - greengrocers

?1980s Benbows sold/changed to Aldridges greengrocers (who had been ?in Inklings property)

1998 "Hungerford Fruit and Veg"
Aug 2006 "Hungerford Fruit and Veg" opened second premises at 18 High Street.
Sep 2006 "Hungerford Fruit and Veg" closed at 9HS.

Oct 2006 "Ruby" Ladies Clothes Shop
Apr 2007 "Ruby" closed – vacant.

Jul 2007 "Sugar Mouse" Sweet Shop opened, owner Ben Blake
Mar 2008 "Sugar Mouse" Sweet Shop moved to 10 HS. This property now "Sugar Mouse" cards and stationery, until lease expires in ?Sep 2008.
Sep 2008 Sugar Mouse consolidates in 10 HS. Property vacant.

Feb 2010 "Simply Seasonal" Fruit & Veg shop (Wendy)
Aug 2011 Simply Seasonal moved to adjacent 9HS Hungerford Butchers. Property vacant.

Nov 2011 "Sugar Mouse" sweet shop (Ben Blake) moved back from 10 High Street.

Dec 2011: "Blue Bee Florists" moved from 18 High Street, to share property with Sugar Mouse.

May 2012: Sugar Mouse closed (see NWN 24 May 2012). Blue Bee continued.
Feb 2013: Blue Bee closed (moved to Ramsbury). Currently vacant.

Jun 2013: T Keeble, Antique Silver & Jewellery bought and sold.
Dec 2014: T Keeble closed.

Apr 2016: Eden Baking and Coffee Shop.
Dec 2017: Eden Baking and Coffee Shop closed.

Mar 2018: Clouds Vape Shop opened, specialists in electronic cigarettes, vaping accessories and e-liquids.
Sep 2020: Clouds Vape Shop closed during the Covid pandemic, transferring its business to phone orders.

Sep 2020: Premises vacant.

May 2022: I.T. Repair Gurus, computer repairs and sales. (Moved from 8 High Street)

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