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Earliest information: 1548
Original estate: Chantry of Holy Trinity
Common Rights? Yes (about 12 ft; 1 horse or 2 cows)
Date of current building: Late 18th century
Listed? Grade II

Thumbnail History:

This property shared its history with 3&4 High Street as a single unit, paying a quit rent of 6d until c.1836. Between 1836 and 1841 the property was split into two properties (2 High Street, and 3&4 High Street), each paying a quit rent of 3d. The early history is therefore under 3&4 High Street.

In 1841 it was owned by Daniel Walter, a shoemaker, then in 1851 Joseph Alexander, coal merchant. Freddy Gardner the shoemaker worked there from c.1919, and Frank Kerley the dentist from c.1947 until the early 1970s.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now shop. Late 18th century. Tiled roof, chimney to right, painted brick with dentil course to eaves.

Two storeys. One glazing bar sash in exposed frame, door to left with 20th century flat hood on cut brackets, reeded pilasters and panelled reveals, beside glazing bar bow window with plain fascia and simple moulder cornice. One build with Nos. 3 and 4 High Street (q.v.).

Photo Gallery:


2 High Street, Jan 2007


Woodlands Lifestyle, 2 High Street, Apr 2011


2 High Street, c1912

20140820 img_2373
20140820 img_2373

"New Beginnings" - Vintage Chic, 2 High Street, Aug 2014


Roderick Anthony and 1 High Street, c1982.

20220313 09.28.32
20220313 09.28.32

Oasis Hair Boutique, 13 March 2022

20231114 09.33.51 Heart Song
20231114 09.33.51 Heart Song

"Heart Song" (Crystals, gemstones, trinkets and treasures), Nov 2023.

- 2 High Street, c.1912.

- Roderick Anthony and 1 High Street, c.1982.

- 2 High Street, January 2007.

- Woodlands Lifestyle, 2 High Street, April 2011.

- "New Beginnings" - Vintage Chic, 2 High Street, August 2014.

- Oasis Hair Boutique, 13th March 2022.

- Heart Song, 14th November 2023.


<1470 (NH) Belonging to the Chantry of Holy Trinity.

1547/8 (NH) A draft lease of the Holy Trinity chantry properties on dissolution in 1547 or 1548 records a tenement let to Thomas Longe at 8 shillings p.a.

1552 (NH) Corresponding similar entry in the 1552 town survey.

8.11.1560 (NH) "A tenement of the Holy Trinity chantry"- in the occupation of Thomas Longe.

1573 (NH) Thomas Goddard, gent, q.r.6d; one tenement, garden and orchard held by James Gardiner for term of life.
1591 (NH) Thomas Goddard (owner), William Pittfoule (occupant) q.r. 6d.
1609 (NH) Thomas Goddard (owner), leased to Henry Winsor who sub-let it to Ingram Winkworth . q.r. 6d.

1676 (NH) (QR) John Jenkins, q.r. 6d. The 1654 will of Edward Jenkins, tailor, dated 1652 leaves a messuage to wife and sons John and Edward occupied by A. Hafford and L. Beneditch and also "the house I now live in" to my wife and son John half each to pay rent", overseers John Butler and Jonathan Read.

1716 (NH) In 1733 Edward Mullington purchased 1 house from Joseph Shipton (H.C.B.) and it may have been the tenement held by "the heir of Edward Mullington" (H.C.B. 1739) and later occupied 1753 by Ann Mullingan, widow.

1753 (NH) Ann Mullington (owner), q.r. 6d.

1768 (NH) (Berks Poll Book) Benjamin Bronsdon of Inglewood, freeholder in Hungerford, of messuage and lands occupied by Joseph Patey.

1774-80 (NH) Mrs. Brunsdon, "late Forty's", q.r. 6d.
1781 (CL) Widow Brunsdon

1805 (Mary Brunsdon deleted / Pettit deleted) George Pettit "for house late Forty's".
1807 (CL) Mary Pettit

1818 (QR) (George Pettit deleted) Edward Woodham late Forty's 6d.(S=3-4HS) and James Woodham late Butler's q.r. 6d. (N=1HS)

1819 (EA) Burgage plot un-named

1832 (QR) Edward Woodham late Forty's 6d (S=3-4HS) & James Woodham late Butler's (N-1HS).

1841 (CS) Daniel Walter (55), shoemaker
1847 (CL) Daniel Walter (owner and occupier)

1851 (CS) Joseph Alexander (45), Coal merchant.
1861 (CL) Joseph Alexander

? (Margaret Nicol) Edward Bushnell lived there??

1871 (CS) Entry missing?

1881 (CS) "The Bridge": George Buckeridge, tailor.
1896 (CL) Trustees of George Buckeridge; Louis Henry Beard (occ)

1902 (T&M Register) Heir of George Buckeridge (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) Louis Henry Beard (occupier until 1918)

1905-10 (Sonner North) Freddy Gardner, shoemaker. Mr Goodman assistant

1914 (CS) Trustees of George Buckeridge. Louis Henry Beard (occ)

1919 (Margaret Nicol) Mr Freddy Gardner, cobbler.
Sidney Bushnell

1919 (T&M Register) Henry Frederick de' Pavillet (occupier until 1921)

1922 (T&M Register) Frank Owen Bates (occupier until 1923)

1924 (T&M Register) James Smith Haines (occupier until 1925)

1926 (T&M Register) Edward Coward (occupier until 1937 - vacant 1938)

1939 (T&M Register) William Henry Carter (occupier)

1940 (T&M Register) Alexander Valentine Nick Muirhead (occupier until 1943)

1944 (T&M Register) Frank Kerley (occupier until 1970)
1947 (CL) Frank Kerley, dentist.
1952 (CL) Frank Kerley
1956 (CL) Frank Kerley
1963 (CL) Frank Kerley
1968 (CL) Frank Kerley
1970 (CL) Frank Kerley

1971 (T&M Register) Joan Florence Norman (Occupier until 1973; void 1974-75)

1976 -1984 Roderick Anthony, hairdressers, (tenants).
1976 (CL) Jayne Taylor (deleted Void).
1976 (T&M Register) Jayne Taylor (owner & occupier; void 1977)
1978 Roderick Anthony - hairdressers
1983 (CL) Void (Roderick Anthony Hairdressers)
1984 (CL) Void
1985 (CL) Void

?1985 YMCA Charity Shop
2000 (CL) Void
2005 (CL) Void
2010 Sep: YMCA Charity Shop closed.

2011 Apr: Woodlands Lifestyle opened. (Antiques, Ladies' Fashion, Shoes, Interiors)
2011 (CL) Anthony Jones
2013 Jul: Woodlands Lifestyle closed.

2014 Aug: "New Beginnings - Vintage Chic" opened.
2017 May: "New Beginnings" closed.

2018 Aug: "Oasis Hair Boutique" opened.
2023 Summer: "Oasis Hair Boutique" closed.

2023 Nov: "Heart Song" (Crystals, gemstones, trinkets and treasures) opened.