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There have been several historic coffee houses in Hungerford, including

- Coffee House at 7 & 8 High Street (see below), and

- "Red Rose" Coffee House c.1899-1903, site unknown.

Photo Gallery:


7 & 8 High Street, the Coffee House from 1881, Jan 2007

- 7 & 8 High Street, the Coffee House from 1881

The new Coffee House:

A Company was formed "for the establishment of a Coffee House in Hungerford" in March 1881. "Places of Refreshment of this kind have been so useful and prosperous in other places, that there can be no doubt that it will supply a want which has been much felt among ourselves.

The premises lately occupied by Mr Killick, in High Street, have been secured, and will be opened as soon as the necessary alterations have been made. Mr Fidler, who has been so successful in the management of the Newbury Coffee Tavern, has kindly placed his services at the disposal of the Directors. It is calculated that one quarter of the business done at Newbury would yield a satisfactory dividend on the capital required for our smaller undertaking. The Shares are fixed at one pound, so as to be within the reach of people of all classes."

The new Coffee House opened on 28th May 1881. "There is a large Refreshment Bar facing the street, of very bright and attractive appearance, and at the back of this a very roomy dining-room in which hot dinners are served daily at ninepence and a shilling. Upstairs there is a Ladies Coffee Room nicely furnished, and two good bedrooms. In the rear of the premises there are five bedrooms for single men, the charge for which is eightpence a night. All sorts of American drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa, lemonade, soda water, &c are sold at the bar: a list of prices being exhibited in the window. Under the superintendance of the Managing Director Mr T Fidler of Newbury, there is no doubt that the management will be all that can be desired, and it is hoped that the establishment of the Coffee House will be a great boon to the town and neighbourhood."

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