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The following is a very incomplete list of the Stewards of the Manor of Hungerford:

It would seem that Hungerford was considered of some importance to the Duchy from the fact that when the Manor came back into the possession of the Crown a special appointment of a Steward was made for the Manor, the previous arrangement being that a Steward acted for the Counties of Berkshire and Hampshire.

A board listing most of the Stewards from 1621 is displayed in the Town Hall.

1560 Sir James Stumpe

1564 Henry Lord Harbert (Herbert today) who became Earl of Pembroke in 1570, and was also Keeper of Hungerford Park.

1621-1645 John Bennett

1646-1650 Jonathan Mundy

1651-1658 Edward Mills

1659 Robert Garrard

1660-1663 Edward Mills

1664-1680 William Tarrant

1681 John Stephen

1682-1689 Geoffrey Sympkins

1690-1694 Edmund Serle

1695-1697 Geoffrey Sympkins

1698-1712 Alexander Thistlethwayte

1713-15 No entry

1716-18 Geoffrey Simpkins

1719-21 No entry

1722 Thomas Mundy

1723-1726 John Beale

1727-1728 No entry

1729-1735 George Garrard

1736 Joseph Jennings (deputy for Garrard)

1737-1759 George Garrard

1760-1784 Thomas Mundy

1785-1795 Seymour Mundy

1796-1802 James Hall

1803-1830 George Riley

1831-1846 John Matthews

1847-1885 Henry Edward Astley

1886-1888 George Taylor

1889-1935 H. D'o. W. Astley

1936-1967 Angus Marshall

1968-1984 John Marshall

1985-2001 Susan Burnell

2002-2016 Robert James

2016-present Greg Furr

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