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Many people visit the Hungerford Virtual Museum as part of their research into their family history. Family names will be mentioned on pages all over the web site, and it is often useful to use the Search facility to bring all occurrences of a name on to one page.

The Hungerford Historical Association Archive does contain some further information on local families, not all of which is yet available through the Virtual Museum.

The Virtual Museum is not normally able to help with detailed family history research but the Administrator is happy to answer initial e-mail enquiries, which will often point be of help to those seeking genealogical assistance.

Local Family History information on-line:

The following information on local family history is available on-line:

- Adnams family

- Alexander family

- Andrews family

- Beard family

- Butler family

- Clarke and Passion families

- Cox family

- Cundell family

- Dance family

- Dixon family

- Duke family

- Faulknor family

- Frampton & Moulding families

- Franklin family

- Froom family

- Gunter family

- Hawkins family

- Hedges & Gibbs families

- Hemstead and Townsend family

- Hidden alias Clydesdale

- Hives and Washbourne families

- Hogsflesh family

- Holliday family

- Hungerford family

- Jessett family

- Lambourne family

- Langford family

- Lidderdale Family

- Lucas family

- Macklin family

- Major family

- McKerlie, Wakeford and Andrews families

- Miller family

- Neale family

- Nicol family

- Nobbs Family

- Norris Family

- Passion family

- Platt family

- Pocock family

- Price family

- Raine family

- Richens, Curnick, Slade families

- Rosier family

- Sare family

- Smallbones family

- Taylor family

- Vockins family

- Wells family

- Wilmott family

- Woodham family

- Wooldridge family

Other useful web sites for family history research include:



- Family Records Search Resources in Europe: - an excellent guide guide to help people who getting started in tracing their European roots, with resources for each country to help with the search. 

See also:

The HHA Archive holds the following additional information:
- Family Documents - E.W. Munford; Rev G.A.F. Pearson [FH1]
- Family Histories in Hungerford [FH1]: Annett, Bance, Barnes (inc Norris & Munday), Batt, Blake, Clements, Crame, Dunn, Gibbons, Giles, Goddard, Harforde, Hedges, Higgs, Hissey, Hobbs, Jago, Jessett, Joyce, Lane (Durrant), Mildenhall, Miller, Neale, Picket-Talmage, Pocock, Randall, Richens, Sopp, Tubb, Wall, Watts/Shaw, Westall, Woodham, Wooldridge, York
- Family History (Journal of Heraldic & Geneological Studies)
     Jan 1994 [S53]
     Oct 1995 [N57]
- Finding your Family - Berkshire Record Office [S1]