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A fascinating insight into Hunting with beagles in Hungerford in the year 1702 is given by a document entitled "Sporting in the Time of Queen Anne" (Berks RO: D/EB 835 Z1).

This is an agreement between Francis Goddard (of Standen Hussey), John Smith (of Oxenwood), John Sherwood (Batchelor of Physicke of Hungerford), Richard Smith (of Chievely) and Alexander Thistlethwayte (of Hungerford), with Edward Hall (Yeoman of Hungerford). They agreed to pay various sums (between 30 shillings and £9) to Edward Hall requiring him to keep nine couples of beagles in a kennel at Hungerford. He was also required to hunt with any beagle that "shall be the size of a beagle now in the possession of Edward Hedges, commonly called Jumper", every Monday and Friday morning between the Feasts of St Michael the Archangel (29 Sep) and the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (25 Mar). If none of the others went hunting, Edward Hall was still required to go out himself, but to be sure to kill only one hare, having to forfeit five shillings for every hare killed above one. He was also required to "keep and ride a horse that will leape".

Follow this link to read the full text of "Sporting in the Time of Queen Anne".

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