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Salisbury Row is a line of cottages on the east side of Salisbury Road, just south of 66 High Street (previously The Salisbury Arms). 

20230219 Salisbury RowSalisbury Row, February 2023

It is not yet known when the cottages were built, but they were definitely not on the 1814 Enclosure Award map, but do appear on the 1886 OS Map.

1886 OS Salisbbury Row

1911 Census:

The cottages were recorded in the 1911 census as having "2 rooms". The occupants were:

No. 2:   John Pike (62, Out of work); Emma (60); Albert (24, Farm Labourer).

Un-numbered: Matthew Ludlow (43, Thatcher); Kate Ludlow (44, School Cleaner); Roland Ludlow (17, Grocer's Apprentice).

No.5: Annie Huntley (74, Widow); Cecil Godwin (18, Newsagent's Porter).

Un-numbered: William May (23, Carter on farm); Charlotte May (23); William May (1).

No. 7: Mary Ponting (38, Laundress [Domestic]); Victoria (10); Margrett (8); John (2); Martha Ashton (78, Mother, Widow).

Other points of interest:

The Wilson family lived in number 5 Salisbury Row in the early 1900s, and two of the sons, Henry Wilson and Alfred Thomas Wilson were amongst the soldiers who were killed in the First World War.