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The village of Combe lies about 6 miles (10km) south of Hungerford, beyond the high ridge of Walbury Hill, site of Walbury Iron-Age hill fort and the nearby Combe Gibbet. 

This section of the Virtual Museum gathers together a number of well-researched articles by Dr Donald Peck, and kindly presented to the Virtual Museum in 2022.

- Manors and Combe - A short background to manorial agriculture in southern England and why manorial farming characterized the whole period from before 1000 to after 1350 and continued to influence life and farming in the following centuries.

- Combe and the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin - Combe (c 2,200 acres including woodland) as it appears from the account rolls of the owner of the manor, the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin, in the Middle Ages:

Combe as a manor of Bec in the Middle Ages - from the custumal records of Bec-Hellouin.

- Maps of Combe - a pdf (9Mb) by Lucy Peck (August 2022) on some of the maps and other documents relating to Combe dating from the 18th century onwards. 

Combe and its landless cottagers - the Wadsmere Common dispute of 1840-43 and beyond

- Combe gibbet - myth and background.

- Combe Church.