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Close to the car park wall of the John of Gaunt Inn in Bridge Street, is the footpath or passageway leading around the back of the Bridge Street properties to the "swing bridge" over the canal, to Station Road and Everlands Road.

This footpath is known as 'Borden Carriage'. The house at the eastern end of the first leg of the footpath is now called "Boarden Carriage Cottage".

In fact "Board and Carriage", the correct way of explaining the passageway, refers to the construction of the wooden trough which takes water the mill stream above Mill Cottage, under Mill Cottage itself, under Bridge Street, and then on underground into the River Dun. The present-day roadway called "The Forge" crossed this waterway by means of a brick bridge.

On top of the main part of the waterway is built the footpath.

Robert James considers the name can thus be explained as "Board" - referring to the wooden trough carrying the water, and "Carriage" referring to the footpath.

Photo Gallery:

bridge_st_borden carriage 1980
bridge_st_borden carriage 1980

- Boarden Carriage - the footpath from Bridge Street to Station Road

- "Bourdon Carriage", c1920

- Entrance to The Forge and Boarden Carriage, 1980

- Boarden Carriage Cottage


1871 (CS) Called "Board and Carriage":
- Henry Burfield, labourer
- William Sopp (69), shepherd
- James Talmage (30), sawyer

1901 (CS sent by Barry McGowan, Nov 2014):
- Census shows 3 properties under Boarden Carriage , of which one was unoccupied.

The two households are:
- Stephen Stacey (43) Brewery Labourer, born Baydon , Lambourn
- Rachel Stacey (37) born Inkpen
- Agnes Stacey (16) born Inkpen
- Ernest Alfred Stacey (13) House and Garden Boy, born Hungerford
- Walter Stephen Stacey (11) born Hungerford
- James Stacey (8) born Hungerford
- Edwin Job Stacey (6) born Hungerford
- Beatrice Stacey (3) born Hungerford
- Albert Fred Stacey (2) born Hungerford

- Alfred Fields (49) Mill Carter, born Hungerford
- Mary Ann Fields (nee Withers) (40) born Aldbourne
- William Withers (11) born Aldbourne
- Charles Fields (15) Under Carter on Farm born Hungerford
- Alfred Percy Fields (7) born Hungerford
- Francis Fields (6) born Hungerford
- Edwin Fields (3) born Hungerford
- Arthur Sidney Fields (8 months) born Hungerford

1911 (CS kindly sent by Barry McGowan, Sep 2014):
- Stephen Stacey (56) labourer , born Lambourn [Married age 28 years, 11 Children, 10 still living]
- Rachel Stacey, nee Baker (47) wife , born Inkpen
- James Stacey, (19) son labourer, born Hungerford
- Beatrice Stacey, (14) daughter, born Hungerford
- Albert Stacey (11) son, born Reading
- Edwin Stacey (16) son, born Hungerford
- Elsie Stacey (70 daughter, born Hungerford
- Daisy Stacey (4) daughter, born Hungerford
- Willie Hayes (2)

Willie (William Thomas Charles Hayes) was born on 12 July 1908, the son of Agnes (Stephen's daughter) and Thomas Hayes who unfortunately died in 1909. Agnes re-married in 1910 (Thomas James Taylor) and we can only guess why young Willie was living with his grandparents.

<1965-c1980 (Mr & Mrs Crook) Mr & Mrs Black lived there.

1982 Mrs Pamela Howell.

2008 Nicholas and Victoria Woodrow and 2 children

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