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HADCAF 29th June - 22nd July: The was the first year that I was asked by the organisers to supply images of festival events for their web-site and was given access to enter reports directly. I concentrated this year on exterior events where the photography is easier.

5 Jul 2012: Nature Walk - A Visit to the Ancient Unimproved Eddington Marsh and Harvey's Meadow, led by Robert James.

8 Jul 2012: Little Hidden Farm - Open Day.

8 Jul 2012: Open Garden at 2 Canal Walk - courtesy of Drs Hugh and Lois Pihlens.

14 Jul 2012: Hungerford Carnival - organised by Hungerford Round Table.

14 Jul 2012: Art, Craft and Photography Exhibition.

15 Jul 2012: Open Garden at St Cassians - Young People's Residential Retreat & Day Conference Centre.

16 Jul 2012: Guided Historical Walk - around Hungerford led by Drs Hugh and Lois Pihlens.

20 Jul 2012: Diana Barraclough Ceramics

21 Jul 2012: Vegetable Garden Mystery Cycle Tour

21 Jul 2012: Town Hall Displays

22 Jul 2012: Leverton Framers - Open Studio Artists' "Sampler" Exhibition.