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This was the first year that people started coming to me to get photo coverage of events they were organising, mainly the Town Council and HADCAF, and my images were getting wider circulation particularly with NWN engaging my services.

Feb 2012: Freezing February - Without the heavy snow of recent years but cold enough overnight in early February to freeze the canal. The temperature was -7 degrees as I walked out across the Common for an excursion train headed by a freight loco with no carriage heating.

Mar 2012: Installing the new Canal Bridge - The new footbridge adjacent to the A338 bridge over the canal was installed overnight 2/3rd March. The heavy lifting crane was assembled and the main elements of the structure were installed with the road closed. Fitting out completed in later days.

17 Apr 2012: Tutti Day - Tyrrell Bossom as stand-in Bellman and the presence of a TV team recording 'Ade in Britain' with celebrity Adrian Edmondson getting in on the action.

21 Apr 2012: Past Mayors of Hungerford - Mayor Martin Crane organised a photo shoot of all surviving past Mayors of Hungerford. Newbury Weekly News were there but I was asked to cover the session for the Town Council.

22 Apr 2012: Constable Sunday - By the Sunday after Tutti Day Julian Tubb had been installed as the new Bellman. I photographed the parade at various points, getting vigorous exercise leap-frogging the leaders to the next point.

Apr 2012: Replacing the Croft Railway Bridge - Another major bridge project, replacing the life-expired railway underbridge at the Croft, 3 days and 2 nights, plus the time to reinstate the rail tracks. Two steam trains passed over on the first morning the route was back in use.

Apr 2012: Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race - Running concurrently with the Croft bridge replacement project, I was backwards and forwards between the two locations to get some action from the Devizes Westminster canal race.

21 May 2012: The new Pedestrian Canal Bridge - I was asked by the people responsible for the new canal bridge, through the TC, to supply some record shots of the completed project for publicity, showing its design features and its setting in the location.

23 May 2012: Olympic Flame - This is the year of the London Olympics - referenced in Hungerford by slogans on billboards at the station. As the Olympic flame was to be paraded at Marlborough, the nearest location, I decided to cycle there to capture the excitement of the time.

2 Jun 2012: Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday - The Town decorated up for HM Queen's Diamond Jubilee with celebratory fete on the Croft Field.

2 Jun 2012: Freedom of Town Awards - Also on its namesake day, the Diamond Jubilee Footbridge was officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire, who also presented this year's Freedom awards to recipients.

4 Jun 2012: The Jubilee Beacons - The Jubilee Beacons photographed from the Common at past 10pm - to the north by Folly Hill and to the south atop Walbury hill.

9 Jun 2012: Church Fête - St Lawrence's Church fete held on the Croft Field - opened by local MP Richard Benyon and sponsored by the Newbury Building Society.

21 Jun 2012: Celebrating 150 years of the Extension Railway - Celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Extension of the Hungerford branch onward to Devizes. WB DC David Holtby had arranged for a Steam Dreams excursion train to stop on the day to pick up passengers for a trip to Minehead.

25 Jun 2012: Below Stairs Yard - Antiques treasure trove in the yard at Below Stairs - for visual interest.

1 Jul 2012: Hungerford Hares' Public 8km Race - The Hungerford Hares' 8k race - as requested by organisers, I covered the start and finish and organised some podium shots for the mens and womens races. Pics also supplied to NWN as a surrogate staff photographer (and many times since).

HADCAF 29 Jun - 22 Jul: The was the first year that I was asked by the organisers to supply images of festival events for their web-site and was given access to enter reports directly. I concentrated this year on exterior events where the photography is easier.

30 Sep 2012: Steam Train Excursion - Another Steam Dreams excursion, this time to Kingswear in S Devon, stopped to pick up - evidently fewer passengers later in the year and in the shorter days. New-build loco Tornado was in charge and I was able to get it on the High Street bridge departing.

11 Nov 2012: Remembrance Parade - Only token coverage - photography was difficult with deep shadows and back lighting.

1 Dec 2012: Christmas Fair - The Camera Club was invited to take part in the Christmas Fair in the Corn Exchange. I was given space to publicise the series of articles on steam trains I had recently started in the CHAIN Mail community magazine.

2 Dec 2012: Christmas Lights switch on - Extremely challenging conditions again for the switching on of the Christmas lights. Sir John Madejski was honoured guest on this occasion.

10 Dec 2012: Christmas Lights - Gradually improving the technique to get clear and properly focused pictures of the Christmas lights - best on a cold and still night, with no movement to blur the long exposures necessary.

14 Dec 2012: Victorian Extravaganza - Action shots are difficult in the low (and ghastly coloured) lighting in the High St, so posed shots are more successful with flash light support where possible.

Trains: As well as the featured steam trains, we had a good selection of other specials with heritage steam and diesel traction and other interesting loco-hauled trains as a relief from the continuous diet of HST and DMU passenger services.

Local Views: Random images taken locally which should stand on their own merit, not related to any particular event.