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I bowed to the inevitable and traded in the Lumix for a Nikon digital SLR during the year - back where I was with my Canon SLR before going digital. I seemed to be getting more interested in community events with a more flexible means of photography.

January 2010: Big Freeze - The year started very cold with sections of the canal freezing over and a good covering of snow.

13 Apr 2010: Tutti Day - The usual scene ouside the Town Hall at 9.00am - I was beginning to become conscious of the competitive nature of photography, without the imperative of the professionals to get the picture and make life difficult for everyone else!

April 2010: New Canal Bridge - Various stages in the project to replace the canal bridge by St Lawrences - the last image was one of the first with the new Nikon.

15 May 2010: On the Marsh - Taken during a stroll around the Marsh, taking in the scenery and the new bird life while getting used to the handling characteristics of the Nikon.

27 Jun 2010: Farmers' Market - To an incomer, the usual Wednesday market in the High St seemed to be a rather small scale affair but the occasional weekend markets were more what was to be expected of a market town.

4 Jul 2010: Big Wheel cycle event - As a keen cyclist having already covered thousands of miles in retirement, I was interested to learn of the Big Wheel charity cycle event. Some of the riders are seen passing pyramid orchids growing in the roadside rough near Coldharbour.

17 Jul 2010: Hungerford Carnival - Some images from the carnival parade - the approach more one of getting 'flashy' images for potential use at the Camera Club than giving balanced coverage of the whole event.

10 Dec 2010: Victorian Extravaganza - Another go at capturing difficult images in the dark. The Nikon has produced much lower noise and smoother results, although the limitations of the camera's own flash light were evident.

December 2010: December Freeze - The year ended as it began with low temperatures bringing frosted scenes and sending the winter-visiting redwings looking urgently for sustenance.

December 2010: Glossy Ibis - A rare glossy ibis stayed on the Dun for several days in December feeding on the rich rewards and brought many visitors from far and wide to view the unusual sight. On one of my visits I also saw a very secretive water rail.

Trains: The Nikon soon proved its worth for railway phorography,viable where my previous digital cameras were not, particularly with a visit of a favourite Western diesel and with an action shot of (4)6201 Princess Elizabeth from my Triang train set in the 1950s.

Local Views: Shots taken at random in the area - I usually take a camera 'just in case'. Two of the May Day views were used in a Newbury Building Society calendar next year.