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A light year for me photographing locally when family commitments occupied my time, and I was not yet on the radar for being able to cover community events on request.

4 Jan 2008: Library Opening - I was on hand to capture the opening of the new library building for public access - my own initiative.

6 Apr 2008: Snow in April - An unusually late light covering of snow in April produced a couple of sunny snow scenes.

10 Jul 2008: Sedge Warbler - The footpath by the Kennet toward Eddington mill provides a pleasant stroll and a view of this Sedge Warbler protecting his section of the reed beds there.

14 Sep 2008: Horse Barge - The horse-drawn barge from Kintbury makes occasional trips up the canal to Hungerford - here on its way back through Dun Mill lock and potentially scything through fishermen on the job.

12 Dec 2008: Victorian Extravaganza - I was clearly lacking inspiration at the Victorian Extravaganza this year taking only three images - not the same as when you know that people are depending on you covering the event fully!

16 Dec 2008: Christmas Lights - The Lumix bridge camera was not ideal for low-light photography with its tiny image sensor, but has done reasonably well with long exposures, the road traffic adding to the spectacle.

Trains - I'm covering steam trains in Hungerford (including the Common and Marsh areas) in this archive, although there will have been more steam trains on this line which I photographed away from town for more variety in my coverage elsewhere.

Local Views - Random walkabout photos including 6 egrets in the trees on the marsh.