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This year I've moved on to a Lumix 'bridge' camera to get better quality pics and more control for action photos, although I still have the compact to slip into the cycle vest. Also joined the Camera Club to improve my technique, and to meet people.

5 Feb 2007: Railway Ground Frame - This equipment is the only remains of the the once extensive provision for handling good traffic at the Hungerford station. There is still a single siding accessed from the ground frame where engineers wagons can be held for work on the track.

8 Feb 2007: Snow Scenes - Heavy overnight snowfall has produced some wintry scenes on the Common.

5 May 2007: Sunny Walk - In contrast by summer time the trees are flourishing in the High Street and the vegetation by the side of the canal is abundant. On my walk I passed the site of the new library building - must be the weekend.

22 May 2007: Hats - I find that the Camera Club has regular competitions to keep its members 'on their toes'. This one is on the theme of "Hats", and the hat shop in Bridge Street was very helpful in allowing me to take photos of their extravagant styles.

22 May 2007: Overviews - I stopped off near New Hayward Farm on a cycle ride coming back into Hungerford. The late evening sun was lighting up the buildings in the town, giving an interesting challenge to identify familiar buildings from an unfamiliar angle and distance.

2 Jun 2007: Town Criers Event - My notes say that there was a Town criers' event on in the Corn Exchange, with Hungerford hosting. I sneaked inside to see the set up for the luncheon.

14 Jul 2007: HADCAF Flower Festival - A Flower Show in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church as part of Hadcaf. I knew very little of the festival at that time and just turned up as a paying customer!

14 Dec 2007: Victorian Extravaganza - After a year or more in the Town I'm beginning to get more attuned the programme of community events with the help of the publicity. Obviously the Victorian Extravaganza is a big deal!

22 Dec 2007: Christmas Time - A few days before Christmas, the spirit is in the air. The Town Band is playing carols, the Rose is running one of its Santa Claus trips and next day the Thames Valley Farmers market is doing good business with those last minute purchases.

Trains - A few train photos (of many), with two similar shots of a FGW unit taken from the middle of the down main track (briefly on the crossing), allowing a comparison between the Pentax and Lumix cameras. The difference in the light favours the latter.

Local Views - A random selection of views with an increasing awareness of HADCAF (the bunting), Remembrance and switching on the Christmas lights, of which much more in later years!