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The Common has been the venue for many special events - including the Hungerford Rural Sports, which took place on Easter Monday (a Bank Holiday), 11th April 1887.

Stewards: Messrs J Platt, jun, J Adnams, G Andrews, H Astley, J Booth. J W Beard, G Cottrell, J Cundell, E Dawkins, Dr Major, V Parsloe, F E Platt.

Judge: Col Willes

Judges for Jumping and Driving Prizes: Col Willes, Victor W B Van de Weyer Esq, and E W Dunn, Esq.

The following prizes will be competed for on the Downs, by Permission of the High Constable, J Platt Jun Esq.


HUNGERFORD GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE - No Entrance Fee. From above the Newbury Road, across the Meadows, Kennet and Dunn Rivers, and Canal, to the Winning Post on the Downs, over the Course flagged out. Winner, £3; Second £1 10s; Third 15s; Fourth 10s; Fifth 5s; Sixth 2s 6d.

This will be the last race of the day. For other events see Card.

FLAT RACE - Open. 120 yards. Entry 1s each. Winner £1; Second 5s.

FLAT RACE - Open. 1 mile. Entry 1s each. Winner £2; Second 10s.

HURDLE RACE - Over 8 Flights of Hurdles. Winner £1 10s; Second 7s 6d.

CRAVEN STAKES - Value £20. Second horse to save Stake. Open. Over 8 flights of Hurdles. About 2 miles. Weight 12 stone. Thoroughbreads 14lbs extra. Any Horse under 15 hands allowed 14lbs. Entry £1 10s each. Five starters or no race.

JOHN O'GAUNT STAKES - For Ponies. About ¾ mile. Not over 13 hands. Weight 8 stone. Entry 7s 6d each. Winner £6; Second £1.

KENNET STAKES - For Ponies. About ¾ mile. Not over 14 hands. Weight 9 stone. Entry 10s each. Winner £8; Second £1.

HUNGERFORD PARK STAKES - For Galloways. About 1½ miles. Not over 14-3 hands. Weight 10 stone. Thoroughbreds 14lbs extra. Over 6 flights of Hurdles. Entry 15s each. Winner £10; Second £1 10s.

JUMPING PRIZE FOR HORSES - Jumping the only point of merit. Weight 12 stone. Horses 15 hands or under 11 stone. Entry 15s each. Winner £10; Second £2.

DRIVING PRIZE - For Horses to be driven in the Ring. Entry 5s each. Winner £5 5s.

DRIVING PRIZE - For Ponies not over 14-2 hands, to be driven in the Ring. Entry 5s each. Winner £3 3s.


1. In all Races or Competitions Four to Start or no race, at the discretion of the Stewards.

2. The Stewards reserve to themselves the right of refusing any Entry; and all disputes to be settled by them.

3. All previous winners in the foot races sat these Sports may be handicapped at the discretion of the Stewards.

4. All Runners in the foot races to be in the Dressing Tent quarter-of-an-hour before each race.

5. All Ponies and Galloways to be measured at the Three Swans Hotel between 10 and 12.30 o'clock on the day, or they will not be allowed to run.

6. All previous winners of Pony and Horse Races at this or past meetings to carry 7lbs extra.

7. All Ponies, Galloways, and Horses to be in the saddling paddock half-an-hour before each Race.

8. The owner of each Horse or Pony to pay 1s for Weighting.

9. In the Pony and Galloway Races the usual 7lb per inch will be allowed.

10. Any Jockey riding in colours other than declared will be fined 2s 6d. This rule will be strictly enforced.

11. All Entries to close on Saturday April 9th 1887 before 10pm at the Three Swans Hotel, at which time all Entries to be paid, and colours declared.

Honorary Secretary

Hungerford, February 28th 1887

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