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The land on which Atherton Crescent now lies (bounded by Salisbury Road, Church Way and Atherton Hill) is shown on the Enclosure Award Map of 1819 as being owned by Matthew Loder Smith, "late Thomas Robinson's Allotment.

The field belonged to Lady Atherton in the late 19th century.

The field was renowned for its crop of barley - the adjacent photograph shows the Macklin family and helpers harvesting the record crop of barley in 1909. The six acres of barley produced 88 sacks.

Lady Atherton is said to have offered the field to the town as a cemetery. That plan was not followed through, however, and Atherton Crescent, the fine curved line of houses set well back from the main Salisbury Road, was built in 1921.

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- Macklin family gathering 88 sacks of barley in Atherton Field, 1909

- Photograph said to be of Lady Atherton

- "The Crescent, Hungerford" c1923 [?Collier, "Hungerford 28", MERL] (DM)

- Atherton Crescent, c1925