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Significant Anniversaries in 2018:

1118 - 1000 yrs since the earliest written record of Hungerford by name.

1568 - 650 yrs since the town's dispute with Brian Gunter (who allegedly stole the John of Gaunt Charter).

1668 - 350 yrs Samuel Pepys visited Hungerford, and dined at The Bear.

1718 - 300 yrs since lime trees were planted around the Town Pond.

1718 - 300 yrs since a Fire Eater was paid 10/- for a public performance in the Elizabethan Town Hall

1768 - 250 yrs since the curious report in Hungerford of the application of toads as a treatment of cancer.

1818 - 200 yrs since the Kennet & Avon Canal was enjoying prosperous times - over 200 boats in regular use.

1818 - 200 yrs since a bag of letters was lost at Hungerford. The General Post-Office offered a five guinea reward.

1868 - 150 yrs since St Saviour's Church was built in Eddington.

1868 - 150 yrs since the Methodist Chapel in Bridge Street was built.

1893 - 125 yrs since the Manor Brewery was sold by John Platt to South Berks Brewery.

1893 - 125 yrs since Charles Portal was born in Hungerford. Later he became Marshal of the Royal Air Force, and British Chief of Air Staff during the Second World War.

1893 - 125 yrs since the new fire station was built in Charnham Street to house the Merryweather "Greenwich" steam powered fire engine.

1893 - 125 yrs since the Walmesley family bought the large Inglewood Estate.

1918 - 100 yrs since 19 local men were killed in the First World War.

1918 - 100 yrs since the end of the First World War.

1918 - 100 yrs since the Bowls Club was formed.

1943 - 75 yrs since the Vickers Armstrong Factory in Eddington was closed.

1943 - 75 yrs since women were allowed to join the Home Guard.

1943 - 75 yrs since £175,994 was collected in Hungerford for "Wings for Victory Week" National Savings campaign.

1968 - 50 yrs since the long footbridge over the river north of the church was renewed by the County Council. This is on the ancient right of way along Stocken Street.

1968 - 50 yrs since the Fire Station opened in Church Street.

1993 - 25 yrs since many of the oral history recordings with local residents were made.

1993 - 25 yrs since Paul Lewington took over from his uncle "Bob" as Orangeman on Tutti-Day.

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