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Significant Anniversaries in 2016:

1516 - 500 yrs since Henry VIII created the Royal Mail

1566 - 450 yrs since the Great Fire of Hungerford

1566 - 450 yrs since the Case of the Missing Charters

1666 - 350 yrs since the Great Fire of London - see Fire Marks

1816 - 200 yrs since the new St Lawrence Parish Church was built

1866 - 150 yrs since Hungerford's Grammar School had a really bad report

1866 - 150 yrs since local Turnpike Trusts ended

1866 - 150 yrs since Savernake Hospital opened. See Local Hospitals

1916 - 100 yrs since so many soldiers' deaths in 1st World War

1941 -  75 yrs since Hungerford raised £90,000 to help fund HMS Freesia

1941 -  75 yrs since cattle grids were first installed at the Common gates

1941 -  75 yrs since so many military deaths in 2nd World War

1941 -  75 yrs since Chilton Factory switched to making parts for the war effort

1966 -  50 yrs since Hungerford Laundry closed

1966 -  50 yrs since Railway bridge over High Street replaced

1991 -  25 yrs since major upgrade at the Primary School

1991 -  25 yrs since the recording of many audio archives

1991 -  25 yrs since Video of "Hungerford - a Town for Industry" was made

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Significant Anniversaries in earlier years (2012-2015):