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Listed below are the dates of various roads in the town. Those between 1956 and 1979 were the dates of adoption (as advised by Berkshire County Council in 1982). In several cases, the dates of construction are earlier. The list is in chronological order:

- Fairview Road, the old back lane on the east of the medieval town. See "Bright new future for Fairfields", 21 Jan 2016.

- Cow Lane became Park Street sometime between 1847 and 1854.

- Dedeman's Lane (first 1382)

Tarrant's Hill - date unknown (see correspondence between John Allen and Peter Durrant)

1921 Atherton Crescent

1937 Dog Lane (Church Way)

>1945 Honeyfields

1956 Priory Avenue (north end)

1967 Homefield Way (First section)

1969 Macklin Close

1969 Priory Avenue (south end)

1970 Park Way

1970 Coldharbour Road

1972 Homefield Way (2nd section)

1973 Canal Walk

1973 Orchard Park Close

1973 Hillside Road

1974 Lancaster Square

1975 Clarks Gardens (extended 1972)

1977 Bourne Vale

1977 Homefield Way (3rd section)

1979 Lancaster Close

1979 York Road

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