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Earliest information: 1796
Original estate: ? [Not Hungerford – not in Quit Rent rolls]
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 24ft + 11ft = 35ft; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: Early 19th century
Listed: Grade II

Thumbnail History:

Talmage (cooper) -> Buckeridge (blacksmith) -> Buckeridge (Vets) -> Neate (auctioneers, and estate agents) -> Wine Merchant (2009).

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and offices. Early 19th century. Tiled roof, moulded timber eaves cornice, brick walls, side wall pebbledashed. Two storeys. Two glazing bar sashes with cambered heads and Sun Insurance plaque between them, ground floor has 20th century segmental bay window to left and narrow sash and entrance door under flat hood to right. Included for group value.

Photo Gallery:

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- Caviste, 108 High Street, Jan 2010

- Dated brick on boundary wall with 107 High Street - "H.K 1888"

- Dreweatt Neate, 108 High Street, Feb 2007

- Dreweatt Neate advert, 1997

- Carter Jonas takes over Dreweatt Neate, May 2009

- NWN 19.11.2009

- Promotional leaflet for Caviste, 2009


1753-61 (QR)

1774-1790 (QR)

1781 (CL)

1792 (UD) No Talmage

Talmage, Cooper, c1796-c1830:

1796 (BK) William Talmage - cooper

1807 (CL) William Talmage

1818-23 (QR)

1819 (EA) Un-named

Buckeridge Blacksmiths, c1830-c1861:

1830 (PD) Thomas Buckeridge H/S Blacksmith

1832 (QR)

1836 (QR)

1841 (CS) Joseph Buckeridge (40) blacksmith
1843 (CL) Joseph Buckeridge
1844 (PD) Buckeridge (two entries in H/S: Jacob and Joseph)
1847 (CL) Joseph Buckeridge - own & occ of 108; also owner of 97 & 98 H/S; Edward Buckeridge occ of 106 H/S
1847 (KD) Joseph Buckeridge - blacksmith
1851 (CS) Joseph Buckeridge - farrier. empl 2 men
1861 (CS) Joseph Buckeridge - farrier
1861 (CL) Joseph Buckeridge - own & occ

Buckeridge Veterinary surgeons c1864-1896:

1864 (BD) Joseph Buckeridge - veterinary surgeon HS

1869 (PO) 3 Buckeridges in HS: Edward (blacksmith); George (tailor); and Joseph (veterinary surgeon). [NO ENTRY for Neate]

1871 (CS) William Buckeridge (41) - veterinary surgeon [NO NEATE in HS]

1877 (KD) 4 Buckeridge in HS(!): Alfred (blacksmith); Charles (baker); George (tailor); & William (vet). Arthur Webb Neate - land agent, auctioneer, & farmer, at Anvilles farm.

1881 (CS) William Buckeridge (51) vet (NO Neate in HS)

1888 Dated brick on boundary wall with 107 HS to south. Unclear at present who is "H.K."!

1891 (KD) Alfred Buckeridge - vet. (A.W. Neate - land agent, auctioneer, & surveyor - 15HS and at Newbury).

1895 (KD) Alfred Buckeridge "RCVS Lond" vet. surgeon, and shoeing forge, HS. (A.W. Neate HS, but where?)

Neate's Auctioneers and Estate Agents, 1896-2008:

1896 (CL) Arthur Webb Neate (own); Cornelius Trotman (occ). Rebecca Buckeridge (own NOT occ) of 97/98 HS, Matilda Julia Buckeridge (occ) of 103 HS - owned by devisees of Alfred Buckeridge
Note: "A.W. Neate" is scratched on window pane of 33 H/S - did Mr. Neate live there?

1902 (T&M register) Arthur Webb Neate (owner)
1903 (T&M Register) Wallace King (occupier)
1903 (KD) A.W.Neate. [NO ENTRY for any Buckeridge]

1914 (CL) Arthur Webb Neate (own); Wallace King (occ)

1920 (KD) A.W. Neate

Undated (T&M Register) A W Neate & Sons (owner)
1932 (QR #26) A.W. Neate & Sons, for "House late Talmage's then Buckeridge ", q.r. 6d.

1939 (BL) A.W. Neate & Sons, auctioneers, etc. - W. King

1939 (KD) A.W. Neate TN8

1947 (CL) Wallace King - auctioneer

1952 (CL) Mrs Mary Henderson King

1956-1963 (CL) John Edgar Pallett

1968 (T&M Register) Stephen Richmond Neate (owner)
1968-1983 (CL) John Edgar Pallett – Neates Estate Agents
1968 (T&M Register) John Edgar Pallett (occupier)

1969 (T&M Register) Personal representatives of Francis Webb & Stephen Richmond Neate (owners until 1972)

1972 (T&M Register) John Edgar Pallett & others (owners)

1976 was Neates "Centenary Year"

1983 (CL) John Edgar Pallett

1984 (CL) John Edgar Pallett

1985 (CL) John Edgar Pallett

1985 (Thomson Directory) Advert of Neates "Chartered Surveyors & Estate Agents, est. 1849 (sic!) Newbury, Thatcham, 108 H/S Hfd., Winchester, Marlborough & Swindon."

2000 (CL) John Edgar Pallett

2005 (CL) John Edgar Pallett

Sep 2008 This branch of Dreweatt Neate closed after 112 years on this site (during global financial crisis and property crash).

Caviste Wine Merchants 2009-2015:

28.11.2009 Caviste Independent Wine Merchant opened.

2011 (CL) Void

The Naked Grape, Wine Merchants, 2015-present:

2015 "The Naked Grape", wine merchants opened May 2015.
2016 (CL) Barnaby Smith

See also:

- Advert for Dreweatt Neate Free Domestic Valuation 1997