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The River Kennet makes a natural barrier between the Domesday manor and present-day village of Eddington to the north, and the town of Hungerford to the south.

The Kennet crossing at this point would have been a ford originally, but by as early as 1275 there was a bridge over the Kennet - the 'pons de Hungreford' - for the benefit of travellers on the "Kings Way" running west through Savernake Forest.

Norman Hidden (in a personal correspondence) says that Eddington bridge "was maintained by the lord of the manor of Hidden and eddington (until 1524 the Prior of St Frideswide). There is reference to such a bridge in a charter dated between 1210 and 1228. In 1241 King Henry III, en route to Marlborough, complained about the state of the bridge, and fined the townsmen of Hungerford five marks because of the defectiveness of their bridge over the Kennet".

In 1635 William Hobbes of North Hidden left 20s each to the two sons of his neighbour John Wollridge to repair Eddington Bridge.

The present bridge ("Bridge 81 Berks CC" is on an iron plaque on the south east parapet) is said by Pevsner to date from 1827 - five arches, aschlar, Bath Stone. The 1844 Pigot Directory speaks of it as "a handsome bridge of five arches".

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- "Eddington, Hungerford" shows an idyllic scene from c1912. A fisherman is standing in the River Kennet, watched by an onlooker on the bridge. Note the gas lamp. Hillesdon & Co, Motor Engineers have taken over Cottrell's Ironworks m(so post 1911?). ["S1546"]

- A similar view, c1910, with a small cart in the river. [Collier "C511"]

- Eddington Bridge, 1913

- The Kennet Bridge, Eddington. Note the gas lamp, and the telegraph poles (15 double bars on the south side, two doubles on the north).

- Eddington Bridge, west side, c1920.

- River Kennet, c1930? Note the "Fill up here" advert in the distance.

- Looking south-west towards Charnham Street, with the Wesleyan Chapel in the distance. [Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. "24"]

- "Eddington Bridge, River Kennet, Hungerford"

- Eddington Bridge [From Chester Vaughan Series]

- Eddington Bridge [Chester Vaughan Series]

- "The Kennet, Hungerford" [from Barnards, colour] (DM)

- Eddington Bridge, with a water cart in the river

- Clearing scrub, south-west of Eddington bridge

- Clearing scrub, south-west of Eddington bridge

- On south-west end of Eddington Bridge

- "Kennet Bridge, Hungerford"

- "Eddington Bridge from the River Kennet" ["17575"]

- "River Kennet & Eddington Bridge" [A. Parsons]

- "The Kennet from Eddington Bridge" [A. Parsons]

- River Kennet

- River Kennet at Lower Meadow

- The river Kennet and Eddington Bridge, Carte de visite by W S Parry c1873.