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- Remains of painted advertisement on the rear wall of 20 Church Street

- Mr Pratt's funeral, 9th June 1910, showing Stradling's Cycle shop on extreme right.

- Charlie May's Cycle Shop, Charnham Street, c1935

- H.W. Chivers, 4 Bridge Street, c1950

William Joyce, 20 Church Street:

The earliest cycle shop was William Joyce of Church Street (now No. 20). In the 1877 Kelly's Directory he is listed as a smith, but by 1891 he is "smith and machinist; sole agent for Rover cycles and others; to let or hire; official repairer to the CTC, Church Street".

By 1899 he is listed in Kelly's Directory as "smith and machinist" in Bridge Street. It seems likely that he was at 4 Bridge Street, which was, by the 1903 Kelly's Directory, where A. New & Co. were "cycle makers" (see below).

Stradling's, 14 Charnham Street:

James Stradling started his cycle business in Newbury in 1877. Around 1900 he opened a branch at 14 Charnham Street, Hungerford.

The shop can be seen at the extreme right of the photograph taken on 9th June 1910 at the funeral of Mr F R Pratt, Landlord of The Bear Hotel, who was killed in a road traffic accident. Mr Pratt was a member of the fire brigade, and his colleagues pulled the funeral carriage from The Bear to St Saviour's, Eddington.

William Charles Dunn, Charnham Street:

Ken Giggs contacted the HHA in Jan 2004 to say that he was born 1932 in Charnham Street where his parents had rooms in a house owned by Mr & Mrs Gibbons - probably 9 Charnham Street. His grandfather was William Charles Dunn, and Ken thinks he owned a cycle repair shop in Charnham Street before and/or during the war. Ken thought it was on the north side of the road, a short distance east of the Bear Corner.  This would fit with William Dunn owning 14 Charnham Street between Stradlings and Charlie May.

In the 1911 Census of Charnham Street, #108 lists William Charles Dunn (29), formerly gardener domestic and chimney sweep but at present doing nothing as unable, wife Kate (30), 2 sons, 2 daughters,, 6 rooms. [I believe this is Kennet Cottages, near the river on the south side of the road - HLP]

We do not yet have further supporting evidence for exactly where William Dunn's cycle shop was. 

Charlie May, 14 Charnham Street:

By the 1930s Stradling's premises at 14 Charnham Street had been taken over by Charlie and Eddie May, shown in the adjacent photograph outside their shop (now Sapphire Furnishings).

A. New & Co, 4 Bridge Street:

The 1903 Kelly Directory shows New's cycle makers at 4 Bridge Street.

Ernest Charles Brown:

By the 1920s the business at 4 Bridge Street was run by Ernest Brown.

H.W. Chivers:

H W Chivers was Ernest Brown's nephew, who was recorded as "cycle agent".

Arthur Chivers: Took over the business from his father, and continues to run the business until 1956.

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