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The Hungerford Women's Institute was formed in April 1931. There was a brief spell of about a year in 1961 when, owing to the inability to find officers, its activities were temporarily suspended. All W.I.meetings were held in the Church House (now called Croft Hall).

The group made a set of large velvet curtains specially made for use at Church House before the stage was installed. These curtains were a source of income for the WI, being hired out to other groups using the hall.

The various fund-raising efforts of the WI meant that they could fund the installation of a sink unit at Church House hall, to the great benefit of all users.

To commemorate the "Golden Jubilee" they commissioned the local blacksmith A.J. Barrett to design and make a wrought iron lectern for use at the newly opened John of Gaunt School. The W.I. Members celebrated the Golden Jubilee by dining our en masse at the TRhree Swans Hotel on 10 January 1966. dinner was followed by a short entertainment.

A scrapbook was compiled by Malvena Holmes mostly covering events and life in Hungerford in 1965-66. [Now in the HHA Archives, in the Jack Wiliams collection].

In 2021 the WI Facebook entry advertises that it "meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in The Croft Hall.

There is an annual subscription which entitles you to our monthly meetings plus the chance to join the walking/pub lunch group and the games afternoon group.

You will also have the chance to meet once a month for a coffee morning or afternoon tea with other members.

The National Federation magazine “WI Life” is posted monthly to members and is included in the subscription. The local Berkshire Federation magazine is also available for each member.

Our meetings enable you to make new friends, have fun and enjoy a varied programme with interesting speakers and demonstrations as well as occasional surprise evenings where the programme is devised by members e.g a quiz evening."