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Prior to 1963, the Primary School had been the All-Age Council School from 1910-1963.

In January 1963 the long awaited new John O' Gaunt Secondary Modern School in Priory Road opened, allowing 290 senior children to be transferred from the Hungerford All-Age School. From then on, it functioned only as the Hungerford Primary School for Juniors & Infants.

There were 310 children (5-11yr) on the register, with a headmaster (Mr John Davies) and ten staff.

The Primary School now entered upon a favourable time in its history, even though the buildings were not ideal, especially for infants.

With the formation of a Parent-Teacher Association and a devoted staff, a new phase in the life of the school developed.

Annual School Journeys for the 11 year olds were undertaken, and much was gained by visits to France, Belgium, Holland as well as to Yorkshire Dales, Devon, Scotland and to Wales.

Several structural improvements were made during 1963-68 including inside toilets in the Infant and Junior buildings for the first time.

In 1964, Mrs Meg E Anthony was appointed Teacher-in-charge of Infants soon after the retirement of Mrs Kittel. She held this post until her retirement in 1983.

In 1974 the selection at 11 ended. From 1963-74, 110 children entered St. Bartholomew's Grammar School and the County Girls' Grammar School in Newbury to pursue their studies. Later many entered colleges and universities and eventually joined the professions and the business world. Meanwhile the majority of children leaving at 11 years entered John o' Gaunt Comprehensive School, as it was now called, and were able to enjoy the specialist facilities offered there.

Through the tremendous money-raising efforts of the PTA, a Learner Swimming Pool was opened in July 1976. All the labour in building the pool was voluntary. The pool became a great asset, as it enabled all children from the age of 5 years to receive instruction in swimming (John Davies, 1987). A cover for the pool was erected in 1980 at a cost of £9,500, paid for by Hungerford Round Table and the school PTA (see "PTA made great contribution to cover for pool" - NWN May 1980)

Between 1963 and 1979 the numbers on the roll gradually increased from 310 children and 10 staff to 434 children and 15 staff.

In 1979 Mr John Davies retired after 40 years of service, 24 as Headmaster of Hungerford Primary School. See "Hungerford headmaster retiring" - NWN 6 April 1979.

Mrs. Shirley Huxtable was appointed Headmistress.

In 1983 Miss Jenny Clack was appointed as Teacher-in-charge for Infants

In 1990 the First National Curriculum Reading Tests for 7 year olds show that 28% are below standard; 51% at expected standard; 21% at 9 year old standard.

There were splendid changes in September 1990-August 1991 with a £1 million modernisation and new wing was added to the school. The official opening was on 11th April 1991.

In March 1992 the bell tower and weathervane were reinstalled after restoration. See "Towering achievement", NWN 24 Mar 1992.

Ms Karen Sawyer was Head teacher from September 2000 until Summer 2010, when Mrs Dee Anderson, then Anne Bunce, became Acting Heads. See "School says farewell to popular head", NWN 27 Jul 2000.

The school celebrated its centenary in September 2010 - one hundred years after the opening of the All-Age Council School. A weekend of exhibitions and activities was arranged, and was very well attended by present and past staff and pupils.

In September 2011 Mrs Angela Griffiths took over as head teacher. She had previously worked at schools in Bracknell Forest, Berkshire, and at a Wokingham School in special measures which she helped turn around.

A War Memorial on the wall in what was the Main Hall of the Junior School lists former pupils of Hungerford Schools who gave their lives in the two World Wars.

Photo Gallery:

primary school c2000
primary school c2000

The Primary School, Aug 2009

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primary school c2000 primary school c2000
schools-026 primary school may 1979
schools-026 primary school may 1979

Primary School, May 1979

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schools-026 primary school may 1979 schools-026 primary school may 1979
primary school new wing
primary school new wing

The new wing 1991

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primary school new wing primary school new wing
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primary school - nwn 201009

NWN report on Primary School Centenary Celebration, Sep 2010

primary school ...
primary school - nwn 201009 primary school - nwn 201009

- Hungerford Primary School

- Primary School, 1979

- The new wing 1991

- Primary School Centenary Celebration, Sep 2010

Head teachers:

1954-79 Mr John Davies
1979-2000 Mrs Shirley Huxtable
2000-2010 Ms Karen Sawyer
2011-2013 Mrs Angela Griffiths
2014-2017 Mr Gerry Heaton
2017-present Mr David Mayer

Mistress in charge of Infants:

1958-74 Mrs K Kittel
1974-83 Mrs M Anthony
1983- Miss Jenny Clack

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