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The original Hungerford Vicarage stands adjacent to the churchyard of the Parish Church of St Lawrence, in Parsonage Lane near The Croft.

It is apparent that the building has developed in several phases, the older part appearing to be at the front (east-facing), with later extensive additions to the west. The house, like so many vicarages, is large.

The "Vicarage House" is mentioned in a survey of 1573 (T/S p22).

The Parish Magazine of May 1910, which was soon after Rev Tom Gray had taken the post of Vicar of Hungerford, includes an item entitled "The Rebuilding of Hungerford Vicarage". It states that "A definite start has now been made. The Finance Committee have issued their appeal in connection with thisd parochial question. They ask the Parish and friends to raise the sum of £500." There is no explanation of the background of this "parochial question", but it is evident that the Vicarage was in a very poor state of repair. The Vicar had paid £60 himself to start the fund, and each month further donations were recorded.

The fund reached £360 by January 1911, and there were "hopes that 1911 will see the completion of this parochial need."

By August 1911 the fund had reached £1,020, and £60 had been spent "on repairs to gates, walls of garden, and fences."

The restoration work started on 11th September 1911, carried out by Messrs Wooldridge of The Wharf and was completed by May 1911. The Vicar and Mrs Gray "expressed their gratitude to all who had helped to make the Vicarage once more habitable."

Much later, c1970, a new Vicarage was built to the south of the old Vicarage.

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- The Vicarage (west front) [A Parsons]

- The Vicarage (west front), c1920. [A Parsons]

- The Vicarage (west front). [A Parsons]

- The Vicarage (west front). [A Parsons]

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