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The Young Helpers' league was founded by Dr Thomas Barnardo in 1891. This was one the first schemes for mass charity giving - with much of the money for his schemes coming in small amounts from a large number of donors. The President was HRH Princess Mary, Duchess of Teck.

The Application From for Enrollment (see Photo Gallery) describes it as "A Union of Boys and Girls, chiefly of the Upper and Middle Classes, in aind of crippled, blind, deaf and dumb and ailing Children of the Waif Class". The subscription (in 1892) was sixpence - paid in stamps.

With the Young Helpers' League more fortunate children were encouraged to give donations of money and time. Its membership had grown to over 34,000 when Barnardo died in 1905.

At present, we know little about the Young Helpers' League in Hungerford, but the two photos on this page show a thriving group in 1919 and 1921, clearly based at Church House (now Croft Hall).

Photo Gallery:

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young helpers league young helpers league

- Young Helpers' League, outside Church House, posted 19 Dec 1919. Addressed to Miss M I Hunt, Rossmore, Park Street. "With best Christmas wishes from Mary Sawbridge". [A Parsons]

- Young Helpers' League meeting 4 Jun 1921, outside Church House. This card is addressed to Miss M I Hunt, Rossmore, Park Street, Hungeford. "With best wishes from A Sawbridge (President Hungerford Habitation)". Seated on right: Mr Caleb Camburn, who had retired as headmaster of All-Age Council School in Mar 1921. [A Parsons]

- Young Helpers' League Application for Enrollment, 1892

- An orphan and his Teddy Bear in a Dr Barnado's Young Helpers League Hungerford Cot is very evocative. (Kindly sent by Lori Oschefski from Canada)