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The Parish Church of St Lawrence has a number of interesting artefacts:

The Hungerford Effigy:

A 14th century stone effigy lies in the north aisle of St Lawrence Parish Church. The effigy has usually been identified as that of "Sir Robert de Hungerford, (d. 1352)". Follow this for more on The Hungerford Effigy.

The Indulgence Tablet from the Chantry of Holy Trinity, 1325:

Adjacent to the stone effigy is a carved stone indulgence tablet. Follow this for more on the Indulgence Tablet.

The Hungerford Church Silver:

The church has a magnificent set of church silver, the gift of Mrs. Mary Hungerford, widow of John Hungerford, late of Lincoln's Inn, Esqr, deceased. The inscription states that he was "Lord of this Mannor (sic!) of Hungerford 1737".

The Parish Magazine of October 1890 records: "The following extract is from the Hungerford Churchwardens Book, 1737: To be remembered on Sunday, the 27th day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty-seven, Mrs Mary Hungerford, widow of John Hungerford, Esq, late of Lincoln's Inn, gave to this Parish two large Silver Flagons, Chalice, Cover, Salver. At the same time agreed by the Parishioners then assembled in the Vestry that they will grant her that piece of ground under her husband's monument for a burial place for herself when she dies, and for her husband to be removed thither."

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