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2 April 2017: After the Town Hall stuff, I concentrated on what was going on at the station. What a mess! There are many changes needed if the area next to the platform is not to become a litter eyesore again. Some observations from the photos I took:

AJB17_073: NR has attacked the vegetation in the area but not removed the waste – leaving an untidy area which only encourages people to further despoil with litter

AJB17_074: drinks bottles and cans seem to be prevalent in the items disposed of – a process should be in place for people to be able to easily recycle these as we do in domestic waste

AJB17_076: no doubt Tesco supplies much of the above, and the public house is another source but the mobile coffee stall is not above reproach. This advertising poster was recovered by a NR operative.

AJB17_077: their coffee cups are clearly filling the waste bins provided by GWR. These are plainly inadequate for the purpose and/or not emptied frequently enough, and use is not being made of the available capacity anyway. I wonder what consideration was given to waste disposal when arrangements were agreed for supplying commuters with a drinks service at the platform?

Of course it is people who are actually doing the littering – we should perhaps be tackling the problem from that angle, but it will not be successful unless there are easy-to-use and effective facilities in place.

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