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The Cost of Domestic Items in 1869:

Bernard Lane kindly sent (Aug 2017) the following information from J W Lane's "Notebook of Domestic Purchases of 1869". Not only is t interesting to see how prices have changed (the approximate value of £1 in 189 is £104 in 2017), it is also interesting to read just what items were bought at that time:

Apr 10:   Clock (?Shoreditch) 9s 6d.
               Picture frames (pair) 2s 6d
               Vases (pair) 9d.

May:       Hand glass 2s

Aug:       Hat brush 2s

Sep:       Black lead brush1s
               Dust pan and hearth brush 10d
               Meat hook 2d
               Hassock 1s 6d
               Carving knife and fork 3s

Oct 8:     Leather bag 2s

Nov 13:   Blacking brushes 2s 3d

Nov 20:   Lamp 3s
               Coal shoot 2s
               Kettle 2s 9d
               Brush 1d
               Pail 1s
               Two dishes 1s 4½d
               12 plates 2s 1½
               2 wines 6d
               Vegetable dish 1s 9d
               2 tumblers 1s
               6 plates 2s 9d
               6 cups and saucers 2s 9d
               Bedstead 26s
               Pallias 10s 6d
               Blanket 15s 6d
               Slop 1s
               Stand and ware 15s
               Rug 4s 6d
               Table cover 8s 6d
               8 spoons 3d
               12 knives and 7 forks 13s
               Jug 4½d
               Candlestick 6d
               Basin 4d
               Fire iron 5s 6d
               Sifter 4½d
               Saucepan 1s 4d
               Dish 5d
               2 B&B plates 1s 9d
               Tray 2s 6d
               Toilet Pale (sic!) 2s 6d
               Basins 3½d
               Carpet brush 1s
               T spoons 1s
               Nmeg grater 1d
               Bed cord 2d
               H bowel 1s 8d
               Counterpane 17s 6d
               Damask curtains £1 0s 5d
               Tassells 2s 3d
               Toilet cover 1s 6½d
               Canvass 8¼d
               Easy chair 18s
               Merino Curtains 5s 6d
               Quilt 1s 6d
               Sundries 3s
               2 candlesticks, -do-trays, snuffers 1s
Dec 21    Feather bed, bolster and pillows £1 15s
               Glass sugar bowl & lee (?) 1s 6d
               Cornice pole and blinds 6s
               Counterpane 7s
               Tea cups & saucers & lee(?) 1s
               3 box irons, 3 sundries do 1s 6d
               Looking glass 2s
               Indian matting 1s
Sale        Scringe bellows, brooms, 
               Baking tins, cinder sieve
               White wash brush
               Wood basket, suit board
               Show brushes - all 6d

Jan:        Table mahogony 3s
               Clothe horse & do board 1s 6d
Sale        Steps, bench, wash tup &co 1s 6d
               Baking tins, saw &co 1s
               Towl horse 6d

Feb 2      Two blankets, 1 quilt 3s
                Iron foot stools, boxes etc 1s 6d