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A pair of small cottages between Henry Gibbons Ironworks and the Eddington Bridge over the River Kennet. They were usually spelt "Kennett".

Photo Gallery:

charnham st 113
charnham st 113

From Eddington Bridge looking west. Kennett Cottages on the left, with the "garage" sign of the Kennet Works beyond, and in the distance is the Wesleyan Chapel.

charnham st 113
charnham st 113 charnham st 113


The history of ownership and occupation of the properties in this part of Charnham Street is very speculative. Records are sketchy, and confusing. This page is the current "best attempt" to clarify the history of these properties, but much further work still needs to be done. It is possible that the historic boundaries do not match the modern ones.


1819 Enclosure Award map: No sign of the cottages on this map.

c1820-c1850: Possible building date of cottages.

1851 Census: John Gibbs (69), lodging house keeper, wife Elizabeth (50), 11 others. (1844 Pigot Dir: John Gibbs, shopkeeper, Charnham Street)

1861 Census:
     #97: John Sims (47), bricklayer, wife Mary (34)
     #98: Miriam Jone (23), 2 other lodgers.
     #99: William Spanswick (39), carrier, wife Jane (28), 1 son.

1871 Census:   
     #93: "Lodging House": Edwin Buxey (32), carrier, wife Harriett (34), 2 sons, 4 daughters, 1 relative, 1 servant. (?! Kennett Cottages?)
     #94: Reeves William (26), district post man, wife Mary (26). (?2 Kennett Cottages?)
     #95: Joseph Taylor (72), wife Ann (50), 3 lodgers (marble mason, weaver and mill furnace man) 2 more men, 3 women, 3 children).

1881 Census: #94: "Lodging House": Joseph Taylor (82), lodging house keeper, wife Charlotte (50), 9 lodgers.

1891 Census:
     1 Kennett Cottages: William Mead (37), iron moulder, wife Clara, 2 sons, 3 daughters.
     2 Kennett Cottages: William Smith (46), agricultural labourer, wife Emma, 2 sons, 3 daughters, 1 visitor.

1901 (Census):
     1 Kennett Cottages: Tom Waters (33), Brewers drayman with his wife Emily, 2 sons and 2 daughters.
     2 Kennett Cottages: William Smith (55), gardener domestic, wife Emma, 3 sons and 3 daughters.

1911 Census:
     #108: William Charles Dunn (29), formerly gardener domestic and chimney sweep but at present doing nothing as unable, wife Kate (30), 2 sons, 2 daughters,, 6 rooms.
     #109: William Wild (76), solicitor's clerk retired, wife Fanny (69), 6 rooms.

Ken Giggs contacted the HHA in Jan 2004 to say that he was born 1932 in Charnham Street where his parents had rooms in a house owned by Mr & Mrs Gibbons - probably 9 Charnham Street. His grandfather was William Charles Dunn, and Ken thinks he ran a cycle repair shop in Charnham Street before and/or during the war. Ken thought it was on the north side of the road, east of the Bear Corner. See more on Cycle Shops

1936 Kennet Motor Works opened on the site of the old Gibbons Iron Works.

c1938 Photograph (see Photo Gallery) showing Kennett Cottages, with "Garage" sign beyond - post 1936.

1939 Blacket's Dir: No entry for Kennett Cottages - ?demolished by this date.