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19450508 VE Day parade
19450508 VE Day parade -

The Constable, Mr Edward "Teddy" Pratt, addressing the massed Victory Parade on the Sunday following VE Day (Tue 8 May 1945). Robert James adds "I have often heard that he made a wonderful moving speech to lift moral. With my parents I watched the parade of Home Guard, local billeted military army and RAF and all the town uniformed organisations.
In the photograph you will recognise Beryl ?(Tarry) [behind table looking towards camera], Margaret Cox (later Williams) [middle row], Hilda Barden (later Gore) [beyond Margaret], Nancy Gore (Ivor’s sister) [front row in long coat], also Arthur North, Crosley Bull, Peter Wyatt, Miss Rosier, Penny Ducher, Pat Jepp (later Benbow).

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