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217-group-council 1979c
217-group-council 1979c -

A historic photograph for Hungerford Town Council. Taken in 1979 on the retirement of Charles Williams. Every Mayor since the first in 1974 (apart from Jo Brady, the first Mayor, who died in office) is shown, in addition there are three former Chairmen of the Council who officiated before the creation of the Town Mayors in March 1974.
Left to right: Bill Acworth (Town Councillor), Lord Edmund Fermoy (Mayor 1982/3), John McCubbin (County and Town Councillor), John Hathway (Mayor 1985/6), Hugh Hassall (Mayor 1984/5), Chris Brown (Mayor 1983/4), Mrs Becky Kennedy (Chairman 1970/74), Ernie Whittaker (Mayor 1981/2), Charles Williams (Town Councillor), Vic Lardner (Town Councillor), Jack Williams (Chairman 1965/69, Mayor 1978/81), Bert King (reached his 100 years in September 1987), Rev Charles Gill (Town Councillor), Jean Tubb (Town Councillor), Ron Tarry ( Mayor 1976/78 & 1987/8), Frank Light ( District and Town Councillor), Gerry Watson ( Chairman 1960/1) and Beryl Fowler (Town Clerk).

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