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A file of miscellaneous papers is held in the HHA Archive. From these come the following snippets:

- The cover of a prayer book found in 1998 stated "Bound by Abraham Nobbs, Bookseller & Stationer, Hungerford. A Nobbs 1828". Abraham Nobbs (born 1777, died 1840) ran his bookseller's business in Hungeford prior to Mr Franklin.

- Abraham and Sarah (formerly Alexander) had a daughter Catherine (b. 23 Dec 1814); a son Joseph (b. 30 Jan 1816, bap. 1 Apr 1816). Joseph evidently died very young - he  was privately baptised (again?) 4 Jun 1816 and buried 27 Jun 1816.

- Abraham and Sarah ("of Charnham Street") then had another son also Joseph (born 26 Dec 1817, baptised 15 Mar 1818),

- Sarah must have died in childbirth - as the record of her grave in St Lawrence Churchyard: Sarah, wife of Abraham Nobbs, who died 22 Dec 1817. (No monument) (She can hardly have died before the childbirth?!)

- Abraham then remarried - Marriage of Abraham Nobbs to Elizabeth Pinnock (of Wilton, probably Wilton Wiltshire a few miles south of Hungerford?), 26 Apr 1821. Her address is given as 3 Charnham Street.

- They had further children: Elizabeth (b. 22 Sep 1822); Richard (b. 5 Dec 1823, bap 12 Dec 1824); Abraham (b. 14 Nov 1824, bap 12 Dec 1824); Rachel (b. 23 Apr 1828); Sarah (b. 10 Apr 1833); Jane Rachel (b. 28 May 1840).

- One of Abraham's premises was on a corner, and Elizabeth ran a pastry cook's shop there. The premises were damaged in the Swing Riots of Nov 1830.

- In Berkshire to Botany Bay, Chapter 4, you will find: Abraham Nobbs, a bookbinder, received £50 for the very little time and effort involved in the arrest of Joseph Tuck. He saw the latter in the centre of Hungerford on Thursday, 25th November, but when he went to arrest him Tuck ran away and hid himself in the yard of the White Lion (sic) public house. Nobbs followed and succeeded in arresting him and taking him before the magistrate.(7) Tuck, who , during the affray at Gibbons' iron foundry had purloined an iron bar which he tried to sell to a local blacksmith, had plenty of time during which to regret his failure to put a greater distance between himself and his pursuer, for he was one of the dozen or so unfortunates from the area who were transported, in his case for seven years.

- Abraham was born c1777, and died 3 Aug 1840.

- The Reading Mercury for Sat 8 Aug 1840 stated "An inquest was held at the John-o'-Gaunt Inn, Hungerford, on Monday last before Mr Robert Lye, coroner, to enquire into the cause of death of Abraham Nobbs, bookbinder of Hungerfrd. It appeared that the deceased was taken suddenly ill about midnight on Saturday last and expired before medical aid could be administered. Verdict - died by the visitation of God."

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