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The Photo Gallery includes billheads from A G Bartholomew (1960), Alexander Bros (1964), F W Treble (1942), G Andrews (1961), Chilton Aircraft, (1959), Harmon Smith & Co (1966), R Phelps (196?), J Woodridge & Son Ltd (1963), H W Chivers (1946), Charles Lucas & Marshall (1961), N S Nicol late Wren (1948), George Wren (1907), Freeman Bros, (early 20th c.).

Photo Gallery:

Bill head - AG ...
Bill head - AG Bartholomew Bill head - AG Bartholomew
Bill head - Ale...
Bill head - Alexander Bill head - Alexander
Bill Head-Andre...
Bill Head-Andrews 1961 Bill Head-Andrews 1961
Bill Head-Chilt...
Bill Head-Chilton Aircraft Bill Head-Chilton Aircraft
Bill Head-Harmo...
Bill Head-Harmon Smith Bill Head-Harmon Smith
Bill Head-Phelp...
Bill Head-Phelps Bill Head-Phelps
Bill Head - Tre...
Bill Head - Treble 1942 Bill Head - Treble 1942
Bill Head-Woold...
Bill Head-Wooldridge-1963 Bill Head-Wooldridge-1963
Chivers 1946
Chivers 1946 Chivers 1946
CLM 1961
CLM 1961 CLM 1961
IMG_3409 IMG_3409
IMG_3410 IMG_3410
IMG_3411 IMG_3411
IMG_3413 IMG_3413
Freeman Viewsa
Freeman Viewsa Freeman Viewsa

With special thanks to Stewart Hofgartner of "Below Stairs of Hungerford Antiques", who kindly let me photograph his extensive collection of local heritage items in 2009.