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This article is about the wall memorials (Mural Monuments) and Plaques within St Lawrence Parish Church itself. The memorials were cleaned in 2007-08 at a cost of £35,000.

Separate articles list details of:

- the Monumental Inscriptions on the many tombs in St Lawrence churchyard, and

- the Stained Glass Windows in the church.

This article lists the memorials according to their position in church, starting at the site of the Hungerford Effigy (of Robert de Hungerford), and the Indulgence Tablet.

Photo Gallery:

img_5458 img_5458
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img_5557 img_5557
18640000 henry cundell grave-01
18640000 henry cundell grave-01

Henry Cundell's grave in the background, with what is presumed to be the foundations of the house. My husband and Miss Buys (with stick). Unknown donor. Undated.

18640000 henry ...
18640000 henry cundell grave-01 18640000 henry cundell grave-01
18640000 henry cundell grave-02
18640000 henry cundell grave-02

Henry Cundell's grave, showing the original stones that marked it. Unknow donor. Unknown date.

18640000 henry ...
18640000 henry cundell grave-02 18640000 henry cundell grave-02
18640000 henry cundell grave-03
18640000 henry cundell grave-03

Henry Cundell's grave on Barton Farm, now Geluksrus, near Durban. Unknown donor. Unknown date.

18640000 henry ...
18640000 henry cundell grave-03 18640000 henry cundell grave-03

Each memorial is shown, and extras include:

- Henry Cundell's grave in the background, with what is presumed to be the foundations of the house. My husband and Miss Buys (with stick). Unknown donor. Undated.

- Henry Cundell's grave, showing the original stones that marked it. Unknow donor. Unknown date.

- Henry Cundell's grave on Barton Farm, now Geluksrus, near Durban. Unknown donor. Unknown date.

Some old - some new:

When the medieval church fell in the early 1810s, some of the memorials were put aside and re-erected in the new church. Several of the Hungerford family were removed to Salisbury Cathedral. The present St Lawrence Church therefore includes memorials from the old Chantries, and the old church as well as new ones from post 1814.

The Indulgence Tablet

On the north wall, opposite the main entrance door:

A 550 day indulgence for those who pray for Sir Robert de Hungerford. There is much more under Indulgence Tablet.

Sir Robert de Hungerford, who died c1350

Robert de Hungerford died c1350. There is much more about this under Hungerford Effigy.

William & Ann Cheyney, 1762:

(On the north wall, to east of Children’s Corner, above the Hungerford effigy, top memorial).

William and Anne Cheyney were killed in their own home, probably 114 High Street, 11 Dec 1762. Fiollow this for more on the Murder of William and Anne Cheyney.

Near this Place rest the Remains of
William Cheyney, late of this Town,
Aged 83.
And of Ann his Wife, Aged 71.
Who were barbarously murdered
in their own House on the Evening
of the 11th of December 1762.

Learn hence, Reader, to reverence
the Ways of providence; and carefully
to number thy Days, considering
how much the Uncertainty of Life
is increased by the Villainy of Men.



The War Shrine:

The shrine to the Hungerford men killed on active service in the two World Wars. There are 60 names of the 76 names from the First World War on the Bridge Street War Memorial, and 24 names from the Second World War (of the 27 on the Bridge Street War Memorial). Follow this for more on War Memorials.

Window: The Raising of Jairus’s Daughter, Luke 8. 40-56.

Richard Richens, 1917:

(Under window):

In Loving Memory of
Richard Ivor Richens
of Hopgrass
2nd Lt London Irish Rifles.
who fell at Wancourt, April 14th 1917. Aged 19 years.

"Faithful unto Death"
Dulce et decorum est pro patira mori.


 Rev Thomas Baker, 1765:

(Top): Rev Thomas Baker, 1765. 28 years vicar of Hungerford. Also his wife and his sister-in-law.

In the North Aisle lies
the Body of the Rev'd Thomas Baker, MA:
28 Years Vicar of this Parish, who died 24th Oct 1763 Aged 54.
Exemplary in his own Conduct, and a Faithful monitor to others,
his Memory was respected by all who knew Him.
And his loss Sincerely lamented byhis Affectionate Wife Susan,
Daughter of the Rev'd George Stephens, Canon of Windsor.
She died at Homiton in Devonshire, the 25th Oct 1785, Aged 74.
Near the same Spot were Buried four of their Children wjo died Infants,
the Rev'd Henry Stephens, MA: Brother of Susan Baker,
who died 1st Jan 1753, Aged 33.
and Also their Sister Frances Stephens,
who died 10th Aug 1762, Aged 46.

If from his Flock the pious Priest may claim
Some grateful Tribute to enbalm his name;
From his own Doctrine let his Praise be saught;
The best will Laud, who Practise what he taught.


George Church, 1797, widow Sarah 1819


Near this place repose the Mortal Remails of
Mr George Church, of this Parish,
who departed this life the 10th of March 1797,
Aged 60 years.

He was a friendly, benevolent, and honest man.
In the same vault is interred the body of his widow
Mrs Sarah Church;
who died at Ramsbury, on the 7th day of December 1819
at the advanced age of 82 years.
She was pious, withour hypocrisy, charitable,
without ostentation; and died the death of a


Mrs Helina Morgan, 1716


In Memory of
Mrs Helina Morgan, Wife of
Griffith Morgan, Gent;
Daughter of Robert Harvey of
Stockton in the County Warwick, Esq.,
Who Died Oct the 17th 1776:
Aged 35 Years.

Also Robert Morgan
Son of the above Said
Robert and Hemina

 The Crest above this memorial is not the correct one! It is actually of the Clarke family. The Crest of the Morgan family is over the Clarke memorial, put there by the workmen when the church was rebuilt in 1816, as the gallery prevented the Clarke crest from being placed in the correct position! (see Inventory book in vestry safe, page 124).

Burma Star Association. 1941-45.

(Bottom left)

Everlasting Memory
of those who served and died
in S.E. Asia 1941-1945

When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow

We gave our today


The Light of the World

(Bottom right)

Window: The Transfiguration: Luke 9: 28-36

Edward Dugdale D’Oyley Astley, 1918

(Bottom left)

To the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
Edward Dugdale
D'Oyley Astley.
Capt 1st Batt. R Berks Reg't.
Killed in Active Service
at Laherliere Arras
1st June 1918, Aged 21 years.


Henry Hungerford, 1673

(see below for his wife Sarah)


this Chancell
Lyeth the body of
Henry Hungerford, Esq, late of
Standen in this parish, third sonn
of Sir Anthony Hungerford of
Blackborton in the County
of Oxon by Dame Sarah
his second wife.

He lived a single, pious, and
unspotted life.

Imployed his time in the service
of God and his Country.

Departed this life 23rd of May


Eliza Lucas, 1804

(Bottom middle)

deponuntur exuviae

summa pietate praeditae
Hoc Marmor,

Jussu fratris moerentis,
hic ponitur
ut sciat ipse.

ut sciant defunctae amici
lachrymas effundant
Ob: 1804.


Hilda DuCros, 1995

The board of remembrance:

In Memory of
Hilda Beatrice
1910 - 1995

Window: Three healing miracles: The leper (Matthew 8); Blind Bartameus (Luke 5) and the man through the roof (Mark 2).


Votive candle stand for Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, 1997.


James Hall, 1823 and Margaret Hall, 1848

(Corner north)

To the Memory of
James Hall Esqr
for 30 years a Solicitor at Hungerford, Berks,
(formerly of Buckland, in that County,)
who departed this life on the 12th of February 1823,
Aged 59 years and was buried in the chancel of
The Parish Church of Little Bedwin Wilts.

Also of Margaret his widow,
who departed this life on the 14th of January 1848,
Aged 89 years, and was buried in the same chancel.

This tablet is erected as a tribute of affection
by their three children.


Sarah Major, 1836 and her infant daughter Mary Ann, 1813
Thomas Major, 1843

Corner east:

Sacred to the memory
of Sarah Major, wife of
Thomas Major of Hungerford, Berks.
who died the 18th of November 1836, aged 62 years.

Also of Mary Ann, an infant daughter
of the said Thomas and Sarah Major,
who died January the 4th 1813.

Also of Thomas Major, late Surgeon
in the Royal Navy, and a member of the Society
of Apothecaries and the Royal College of Surgeone
who practised upwards of 42 years in this town.
He died July 1st 1845, aged 72 years.

The remains of the above are interr'd
in this Parish Church Yard.

The grave of Thomas Major was one of those removed when the south west part of the churchyard was cleared in 1973.

Window: Palm Sunday: Luke 19


The Stonehouses - Francis, 1758; Mary, 1776; George, 1777 and Francis, 1779


In Memory of Francis Stonehouse Esq,
Late of Standen in this Parish, who ended an honest,
virtupous, and unfeignedly pious life
Oct 24th 1758, aged 49 years.

Also of Mary his wife, who after 18 years widowhood
(Employed in a truly maternal care of her family,
and in a devout preparation for
an happy immortality) departed this life
Feb 27th, 1776, aged 67 years.

Also of George Stonehouse Esq,
their son, who in the flower of his age,
and adorned with every benevolent
and manly virtue, died
March 15th, 1777, aged 38 years.

Also of Francis Stonehouse, Esq,
Second son of the above Francis and Mary.
He was a dutiful son, an affectionate brother,
a good man, and a valuable friend.
He lived beloved, and (much lamented)
died January 24th 1779.
Aged 35 years.

 This monument is dated 1779, by Charles Harris, of The Strand, London. Little is known of Charles Harris's early life or where he was a student. It is thought that his work has great charm in the best 18th century tradition, with lavish use of coloured marbles and reliefs. (From the Dictionary of British Sculptures).

Henry Cundell, 1864


Henry Arthur Cundell was born in Parsonage Farm on 11 Nov 1840, the third son of Henry and Letitia Cundell. In 1863 he left for South Africa and went into partnership with Thomas William Lyne. Once there, he took up residence at Barton Farm, Moor River, Port Natal. (Port Natal is now Durban).

On his 24th birthday, there was a terrible thunderstorm, and he was killed by a thunderbolt in his house. Two friends and a servant who were with him were knocked unconcious.

See the Photo Gallery above for photos of his grave, and what is thought to be the remains of the farmhouse at Barton Farm, now Geluksrus, Durban.

This tablet
is erected to perpetuate
the Memory of
Henry Arthur, son of Henry Arthur and
Letitia Cundell. Whose death was caused by lightning,
November the 11th 1864, at his residence
Barton Farm, Moor River, Weenen, Port Natal.,
in the 24th year of his age.

"In the midst of life, we are in death"


Betty Clark recorded the memorials in ST Lawrence Church for the HHA in the 1980s. She researched this memorial saying:

"I was intrigued - I have been to that part of South Africa and knew those terrible storms; I felt sure it was Mooi River not Moor. (Port Natal is now Durban).

I did a bit of detective work and finally wrote to Mrs. Shelagh Sp·ncer in Natal - Mrs. Spencer is in the process of writing a "Biographical Register of the British Settlers in Natal, 1824 - 1857". Although my enquiry was for 1864 she very kindly set about researching for me; I added my knowledge to hers and this is the story of poor Henry Arthur:- ·

Henry Arthur Cundell was born in Parsonage Farm on 11th November 1840 - the 3rd son of Henry & Letitia Cundell. He left for South Africa, presumably in 1863 and went into partnership with a Thomas William Lyne. He had paid two thirds of the money owing on the farm and would have taken full possession in January 1865.

Unfortunately, on November 11th 1864 there was a terrible thunderstorm and whilst sheltering in their farmhouse, Barton Farm, a 'thunderbolt came down the chimnney and killed Henry Arthur; two of his friends and a servant who was with him were knocked unconscious. According to the notice of his death in the Natal Courier his assets included land worth £89 - stock etc. £161 & £200 to the Natal Bank.

The whereabouts of his grave was not stated but Mrs. Spencer concluded that as the estate accounts mentioned £3.5 paid to a Mr. Brown for making the coffin he must have been buried on the farm. This is not an unusual thing when there is no church graveyard nearby and the bodies have to be buried quickly - and relatives were so far away. Henry senior and Letitia would not have had the news for several weeks.

Mrs. Spencer then found the location of the farm and very kindly went to see Mr. Buys, to whose family the farm has belonged since 1916. Mr. Buys was most interested and told her that there was an unmarked grave there and that he had been told by an old African that his Grandfather had told him that it was the grave of a white man who had been lightening. Mr. Buys also added that now he knew who it was he would fence it in properly."

See the photo of the grave in the Photo Gallery.


Given by Elizabeth and Eleonora Lidderdae in 1891

Captain Francis Michell, 1866

Chancel, north, top:

to the Memory of
Capt Francis Michell,
of Her Majesty's 41st Foot, Youngest son of the Late
Rev'd T.P. Michell, of Standen Hussey, Hungerford,
who died at Southampton on the 27th of Oct'r 1866,
in his 29th year of Consumption on his return
from India. He is buried in the Cemetry
at Southampton.


The Michells - Thomas, 1809; Elizabeth, 1856; Catherine, 1855 and Anna, 1869

Chancel, north, bottom

To the Memory of
Thomas Michell Esq,
of Standen
who died Nov 22nd 1809:
in his 55th year.

Also of
Elizabeth Juliana Michell,
Widow of Thomas Michell Esq,
and daughter of John Pearse, Esq,
of Standen, who died Jan 8th 1856,
in the 85th year of her age.

And of Catherine,
Second daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Juliana Michell,
who died April 1st 1835, aged 41 years.

Also of Anna Maria Michell,
eldest daughter of the above named
who died Feb 14th 1869, aged 76.
and is buried at Speen.

 Crest and shield: Four ships with crosses in chief (Patriarchal); 3 ships with crosses in base (patriarchal), divided by chevron. Crest: an arm bent immerging from a sleeve. A dagger clenched in the hand. Five drops of blood issuing. All surrounded by wreath of leaves and sprays of iris or lilies.

East window: The forgiving of Peter: John 21. 15-18. The five angels bear the text.

Window in memory of Rev Joseph Ball Anstice, 1894 for his 28 years service to the parish.

Christopher Michell, 1855

Chancel, south, top:

to the Memory of
Christopher Michell,
Late Lietenant in Her Majesty's 49th Reg't of Foot,
who died on the 14th of Sept 1855,
of wounds received at the attack on the Redan
at Sebastopol, on the 8th of the same month
aged 19 years.He is buried in the Cemetry on Cathcarts Hill
in the Crimea.


Rev Thomas Michell, 1866; Rev T H Michell, 1890 and Arabella Michell, his wife, 1905

Chancel, south, middle:

to the Memory of
Rev'd Thomas Penruddocke Michell,
of Standen Hussey, Formerly Vicar
of Histon, Cambridgeshire,
who died on the 24th of June 1866,
in his 70th year.

And of
Rev'd T.H. Michell,
Died October 24th 1890,
Aged 63

Also of
Arabella Juliana Michell,
Died August 29th 1905,
Aged 79.

Son and Daughter of the Above
Rev'd T.P. Michell.



The Rev Thomas Hungerford Michell died following a fall from his horse. The Berkshire Chronicla of Sat 25 Oct 1890 reported: "The Rev T Hungerford Michell, of Bagshot House, Hungerford, a magistrate for Berks, was riding near Great Bedwyn on Tuesday night when he fell from his horse and suffered severe injuries. He was found lying insensible by the side of the road. He was taken to the house of Dr Durden. It was seen at once that the case was a serious one and the rev. gentleman still lies in a precarious condition." He died on 24th October.

Charles Fry, 1983

Chancel, south, bottom:

In Memory of Charles Fry

Faithfull Servant in this

Church for Forty Years.

 This small brass plate on the south wall of the chancel was dedicated in Dec 1983 by Rev Graham Foulis Brown, curate during the incumbency of Rev Richard Kingsbury.

Charlotte Willes, 1807 and infant son Shippen Willes, 1796


Sacred to the Memory
of Charlotte Willes
wife of John Willes Esq of Hungerford Park,
and daughter of Charles Floyer Esq
descendant in direct line
of the Floiers of Floier-Hayes in Devonshire,
who by grant from Henry 1st were established there
in the year 1106.
She died the 15th July 1807; in the 35th year of her age.

Her Elegance of Manners, Purity of Mind,
and unaffected Piety,
entited her to the Respect of All;
Her domestic Virtues,
and Attachment to her Family, for which she lived,
secured to her the Love and Esteem
of her Husband and Children.

Here also is interred Shippen Willes an Infant,
Son of John and Charlotte Willes,
who died 8th August 1796.

Monument made in 1807 by John Bacon, the younger, 1777-1859, son of John Bacon, RA, 1740-1799. John Bacon the youinger was never made RA. He went to the RA school where he won a silver medal, and in 1797 a gold medal for the Statue of Cassandra exhibited in the RA Exhibition. In 1818 he took over his father's pupil Samuel Manning, a monumental mason. The firm produced large numbers of dull and second-rate monuments and tablets. Most of the work being done in this partnership when Bacon had retired from the business. He traded on his father's name all his life, and died a rich man, realising that turning out memorial tablets was more lucrative than doing creative work on his own. (From Dictionary of British Scuplture 1660-1851).

Window: Our Lord in the Temple. Luke 1. 41-51.

Marianne Willes, 1809; Catherine, 1818; Charlotte, 1820

Corner, east, top:

Near this Place rest the Remains of

George Coe Willes, 1921

Corner, east, bottom:

Near this Place rest the Remains of

John Willes, 1837

Corner, south, top:

Near this Place rest the Remains of

Window: The Wedding at Cana: John 1. 7.

Percy Richens, 1918

Under window:

Sacred to the Memory of
Percy Baron Richens
born in this Parish 31st July 1890
who lost his life when serving in
HM Submarine E.34 in the North Sea
20th July 2918

The Path of the Just is as the Shining Light


John Hungerford, d.1729 and Mary Hungerford, d.1739


Here lies
John Hungerford
of Lincolns Inn Esquire
descended from an ancient Hungerford Family
which for nearly 500 years
lived in Wiltshire.
He was a man skilled in affairs
eminent in counsel, upright, faithful
in the Senate a frequent and admired orator.
He was a strenuous defender of
British rights & privileges.
He studied polite literature.
He was courteous & witty in this course
nor did his lively understanding
offend in any way the practice
of Christian virtues. He was a man
of rare gentleness inasmuch as he
claimed as his special province to give
succour to the afflicted and the needy.
He assigned the whole of his property
gained by diligent industry to his |
beloved wife Mary for life.
After her death liberal
bequests in testimony of his regard
for his friends he bequeather the
remainder of his property as to
two thirds to Kings College Cambridge,
and the remaining third third to
Thomas Mangly, Doctor of Divinity.
His most sorrowing widow erected this
monument at her own cost.

Here lies buried
Mary (Spooner)
Wife of John Hungerford
descended from an ancient stock
in Warwickshire.
A woman modest, prudent and devout,
a most diligent adherent to the
needy and courtesy and kindness
towards all were unsurpassed.
She loved her most affectionate
husband with equal ardour
being united by similarity of tastes and
unanimity of will.
With him she lived in
happy union more than forty years.
She departed this life on the
second day of February 1739
in the 68th year of her age.


John Hungerford was the last Hungerford to own the local manor of Hungerford Engleford. He had bought the estate in 1724 from William Hungerford, but after his death in 1729 the estate was broken up and sold in 1742-43.

John Hungerford, of the Cadenham branch of the Hungerford family, was son of Walter Hungerford, grand-son of Sir George Hungerford. He was a barrister at Lincolns Inn, a Bencher, Counsel for The East India Company & Member of Parliament for Scarborough 1692-95 and 1702-05, He died on 8 Jan 1729, and was buried in St Lawrence’s Church Hungerford one week later.

He left £16,000, and his extensive library went to Kings College, Cambridge, where there is a monument in his memory.

There is a memorial in St Lawrence’s Church to his manservant, Henry “Trusty” Capps.

In 1736-37 John Hungerford’s widow, Mrs Mary Hungerford, donated a service of five silver pieces to the church in his memory - two flagons, a large chalice, a paten, and a bread-holder 1?? – 1??). She died in 1739.

Captain Maurice Hissey, 1916

Bottom left:

In Loving Memory of
Maurice Henry Hissey
(of North Standen)
Capt 2nd Batt Royal Berkshire Reg't
who fell in action in the
Battle of the Sommer
October 26th 1916.
Age 32 years

"May light eternal shine on him"


H le FFH, 1977; ELFH, 1943 and MH 1968 [Fairfax Harvey]

Bottom right:

In Memoriam

H le F F H

1890 - 1943



Window: The Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5.

The window in memory of Rev Joseph Ball Anstice, 1880

In piam observatiam erga Virum Reverendum
Josephum Ball Anstice, A.M.
Olim Collegii Sancti Johannis in Acedemia Cantabrigiensi Scholarem:
nunc decanum ruralem, et hujusce parochiae vicarium.
Sacerdotes XII
qui in hac ecclesia subministrabant hanc fenesiram ornandam curaverunt.


The daughters of Samuel Whitelocke: Elizabeth, 1777; Neetie, 1781; Henrietta, 1797; Mary, 1802; Judith, 1807 and Mulso, 1812


Near this Place rest the Remains of

Olive Portia Waring-Smith, 1982


Near this Place rest the Remains of

Small window: St Osmond, St Lawrence and St Frideswide.


Ann Blackwell, 1891:


In memory of Ann
wife of
Thomas Evans Blackwell
who died 7th July 1891
Buried at Norwood


John Blackwell, 1840; Fanny 1840; Thomas Evans Blackwell, 1863


In Memory of
John Blackwell, Esq, C.E.
for many years a resident
of this town,
who died Sept 28th 1840,
aged 65 years.

And of Fanny, his wife,
who died Feb'y 15th 1840
aged 56 years.

They died at Hungerford, and
were interred in a vault
in the adjacent churchyard


John Blackwell was resident engineer on the Kennet and Avon between 1804 and his death in 1840. (Charles Dundas was, of course, Chief Engineer in overall charge of the building of the canal, along with many other major engineering projects around the country).

Local tradition that he had built Avenue House in The Croft 1823-25 as his family home is erroneous. It is now known that he lived in 12 Bridge Street later retiring to Westfield Cottage, Parsonage Lane, where he died. See Where did John Blackwell live in Hungerford?

On his death in 1840, after 34 years working for the Canal Company, the committee erected a tablet to his memory. This was placed on Prison bridge, at the top of the Caen Hill locks, Devizes, as this was regarded as his greatest work.

See also: "The Kennet & Avon Canal" by John Clew, pp 73,95 and 98.

Following John Blackwell's death, the resident engineer was Thomas Blackwell, perhaps his son, commemorated below:

In Memory of
Thomas Evans Blackwell
Esq, C.E.
Son of John and Fanny
Late of Clifton,
and of Montreal, Canada,
Who died in London, June 25th 1863
Aged 43 years
and was interred in
the cemetry at Norwood.


Neil Hardwick kindly emailed (Jun 2017) the following additional information on the Blackwells: "I have been doing some work on John and Thomas Evans Blackwell who feature on a memorial in the parish church. Things aren't necessarily what they seem!

The memorial states that Fanny was his wife. Not so, his real wife Mary outlived him in his home town, Devizes, by approximately 9 years having born him nine children between 1792 and 1810. Fanny came on the scene sometime between 1810 and 1814 when she gave birth to a daughter Harriett.  A further daughter, Louisa was born in 1817 and Thomas Evans came along in 1819.

John Blackwell had owned a house in Maryport Street, Devizes since 1805.  In 1823 he rents out a third of it to a Mr Philips.Not now wanting the space it could reasonably be assumed that it was around this date that the Avenue Cottage was either bought or completed. Again conjecture, but the reason that he moved to Hungerford could have been to allow his son to take advantage of the free grammar school located across the Church Croft.  Certainly Thomas Evans was of above average intelligence as indicated by his successful career later in life. His father indicates that his son had been favoured because his will explicitly excludes him, stating that "he has been well provided for during my lifetime". Incidentally, after their father's death his daughters Eliza and Louisa kept on living in Avenue Cottage before returning to Devizes.

Two question that are unanswered: "how do we know that Avenue Cottage was built by John Blackwell?"  and " how did John Blackwell come to meet the Rev Thomas Evans, his Godfather?"  Any help in answering these would be much appreciated.

All the foregoing was discovered as part of a project to uncover the Blackwell's involvement in Claverton Pumping Station." 

Wendy Rafkan contacted the Virtual Museum (via Facebook) June 2018, saying that the marriage of John Blackwell to Fanny "did take place - in Burbage 23 Aug 1808. There was a John Blackwell who married Ann Rogers in 1791 in Devizes, but the John Blackwell canal engineer would have been only 16 and possibly younger at that time, so a 1791 marriage is unlikely!". Wendy added "I wanted to clear his name -- the fact that the Vicar of Froxfield was his son Thomas Evans Blackwell's godfather also argues against the idea that John and Fanny Blackwell were "living in sin..."!

Henry “Trusty” Capps, 1774

In the vestry, south wall:

To the Memory of
Henry Capps
who was many years Servant to
John Hungerford Esqr,
and who by his uncommon Fidelity
Acquired the Name of
his Charity whilst living
was Extensive
and at his Death among
other Donations he
Bequeathed a considerable
to the poor of this Parish.
He dep'd this life Sept'r 19
Aged 81 years.


Henry Capps was the "trusty" servant of John Hungerford, whose memorial is recorded above. Henry died in 1774, leaving his legacy to the poor of the Parish. In 1782 the £50 legacy was used to re-build the Grammar School.

Edmund Clark, 1709

In the vestry, west wall:

In Memory of
Edmund Clarke Esqr
late an officer in the Rt Hon'ble the
Lord Staney's Regim't of Foot,
who died in ireland ye 26th of Sept'r
1709, & gave #120 to ye poor
of this Parish.
Fran's Popham & Fran's Goddard, Esq'rs, Trustees,
Who caused this Memoriall.

The Crest above this memorial is not the correct one! It is actually of the Morgan family. The Crest of the Clarke family is over the Morgan memorial, put there by the workmen when the church was rebuilt in 1816, as the gallery prevented the Clarke crest from being placed in the correct position! (see Inventory book in vestry safe, page 124).

Rev Joseph Wells, 1725; Sarah his wife, 1746; his son Thomas, 1749

West wall:

Near this Place lie the Remains of
The Rev'd Mr Joseph Wells A.M.
late Vicar of this Parish, who
died Jan 3rd 1725. Aged 74.

And of Sarah his Wife, who
died Jan 26th 1746. Aged 89.

And of Thomas their Son, who
died May 30th 1749. Aged 53.

To the Memory of their
honour'd Parents & loving Brother
The Rev'd Mr John Wells
and Mrs Ann Liddiard
erected this Monument.

The monument, dated 1751, is by John  Hicks (1726-1768), possibly the son of Jonathan Hicks (1675-1743). John Hicks is buried in Speen, Berkshire, where his father Jonathan is also buried. The monument to his father in Speen (a Cartouche tablet) was possibly also made by John. Information from the "Dictionary of British Sculptures 1660-1851"

Plaque to victims of Hungerford Tragedy of 1987

On the vestry wall (church side), near the vestry door is a memorial to the 16 people who were tragically killed on 19th Aug 1987. Dedicated 11 Feb 1988.:

Follow this for more on the Hungerford Tragedy.