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The following is a copy of an Indenture enrolled on the 20 May 1920:

"This Indenture made the 7th day of April 1920 between The International Tea Company's Stores Limited whose registered office is situate at Mitre Square in the City of London (hereinafter called "the Vendor") of the one part and Louis Henry Beard Coal Merchant, Thoms Walter Alexander Grocer, Richard Henry Barker Doctor of Medicine, John Holmes Wooldridge Builder, John Corderoy Adnams Corn Merchant, George Edmund Platt Gentleman, Joseph Alexander Corn Merchant, William Edward Thomas Seccombe Gray m.a. Vicar of Hungerford, Alfred Edward Allright Draper, James Newhook retired Schoolmaster, Arthur John Killick Grocer, and Osmond Richens Farmer, all of Hungerford in the County of Berks (and who are hereinafter designated as "The Purchasers") of the other part

Whereas by an Indenture of Lease dated the 3rd day of March 1678 and made between John Butler Isaac Field the elder and John Norris of the one part and John Pinnock of the other part the premises hereinafter described and intended to be hereby assigned were for the valuable consideration therein mentioned demised unto the said John Pinnock his executors administrators and assigns for the term of 2000 years from the day of the date of the reciting Indenture without impeachment of waste at the yearly rent of one peppercorn and subject to the covenants and conditions therein contained

And whereas by virtues of divers mesne assurances and acts and operations of law and ultimately by an Indenture dated the 10th day of May 1899 and made between Thomas Smith Hewer of the first part Selina Mary Cundell Widow and William Frederick Hewer of the second part the said premises became and now are vested in the Vendor for the unexpired residue of the said term of years subject to the rent reserved by and the covenants conditions and stipulations contained in the lease

And whereas the purchasers have agreed with the Vendor for the sale to them of the said leasehold premises at the price of £500

Now this Indenture witnesseth that in consideration of £500 paid by the purchasers to the Vendor (the recipe of which sum the vendor hereby acknowledges) the Vendor as Beneficial owner hereby assigns to the purchasers

All that messuage or dwellinghouse and shop with the cottage thereto adjoining and the outbuildings yard and appurtenances thereto belonging situate on the East side of Bridge Street Hungerford in the County of Berks all which said premises were lately in the occupation of the Vendor and are now unoccupied and are delineated and coloured "pink" on the plan drawn upon these presents and all other (if any) the premises comprised in and devised by the firstly herein before described Indenture of Lease by the following description

All that the little barn situate and being on the East side of the highway at the lower end of the Town of Hungerford in the County of Berks between the two rivers commonly called or known by the name of Little Chappell Barn together with all the Barton or backside next adjoining thereto with all that plot or parcel of ground whereon the Great Barn called the Great Chappel Barn then stood

To hold the same to the Purchasers for the residue now unexpired of the term of 2000 years created by the hereinbefore recited Lease of the 3rd day of March 1678 subject to the payment of the rent and performance ad observance of the covenants conditions and stipulations in the said Lease reserved and contained and henceforth on the Lessees part to be paid performed and observed and also

To hold the said premises In trust to give up and dedicate to the public for the purpose of widening the adjoining street called Bridge Street the portion of the said premises which the promoters of the Hungerfrod War Memorial Scheme desire should be so dedicated and as to the remainder of the said premises In trust to permit the same to be appropriated and used during the residue of the said term of 2000 years under the sole control and management of the Trustees for the time being of the Charity of the Town and Manor of Hungerford as the administering Trustees thereof primarily as a Site for an Obelisk intended to be erected on part thereof, to perpetuate the memory of the men of Hungerford who gave up their lives to King and Country in the Great War, and to inspire patriotism in the present and future generations, and subject thereto as an open space or garden for the enjoyment of the public subject to such rules and regulations as the Trustees for the time being of the Charity of the Town and Manor of Hungerford may from time to time prescribed

And the purchasers covenant with the Vendor henceforth during the continuance of the said term to pay the rent reserved by and perform and observe the covenants conditions and stipulations contained in the Lease and on the Lessees part to be performed and observed and to keep indemnified the Vendor against all actions claims and demands whatsoever in respect of the said rent covenants conditions and stipulations or anything relating thereto

And it is hereby declared by the purchasers that the Charity proposed to be hereby created shall be called or known by the title of "The Hungerford War Memorial Charity" [Certificate that consideration money does not exceed £500] In witness etc"

Under the authority of an order of the Board of Charity Commissioners dated the 5 Jan 1923 a sum of £89 18 6d was paid to the Official trustees of Charitable Funds and invested in their name in the purchase of £89 5% War Stock 1929-47.

It is understood (1) that the above-mentioned sum of Cash represented the balance of a fund which was raised by voluntary subscriptions for the erection of the above-recorded War Memorial and (2) that there is no document or trust relating to the Fund.

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