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Stubwood is now known as Prosperous Home Farm. Prosperous Farm was the estate of  Jethro Tull from 1709.

Listed: No.
Common Rights? Yes (Sanden Fee). (1 horses or 2 cows)


Amongst Norman Hidden's papers was the following collection of notes on Stubwood:

Berks RO D/Elm.T.1: Mr Thomas Waters to Miss Mary Smith and Messrs Robert Hazel and John Matthews: Mortgage of the Stubwood estate.
Indenture, 19 May 1841 between Thomas Waters of Shalbourne, shopkeeper (1); Mary Smith of Hungerford Berkshire, spinster (2); Robert Hazell late of Soley Farm in Chilton, now of Gravel Hill in Speen, gent and John Matthews of Hungerford, gent (3). (Then added in different hand: Thomas Hazell of Wattenditch, Ramsbury, gent and Ann his wife and Ann Smith, spinster (4); Thomas Hulbert of Hungerford, gent (5);

1) 18 & 19 July 1819, Indenture made between James Henry D'Avenant of Ham, clerk, (since deceased) (1); Mary Smith, Anne Smith (now wife of Thomas Hazell) and Rebecca Smith (now deceased) (2). The property described below was released to and Smith sisters with reversion to D'Avenant.
2) Rebecca Smith died 182? and by last will 1822, left her part to sisters executors. Proved D.C Windsor 1823.
3) J H D'Avenant died 1840. Did not dispose of the property in his will. Administration was granted in PCC to William Brunley and Isaac Baverstock. 17 Mar 1840. And the inheritance descended to Charlotte Curtis (wife of William Curtis), Harriet Bradley (wife of William Bradley), Sarah D'Avenant (spinster) and James D'Avenant Hitchcock (daughters and grandson of J H D'Avenant).
4) Indenture of release 16 Nov 1840: William and Charlotte Curtis, the Bradleys and Sara D'Avenant (1); Stephen Waldron (therein described) (2); Thomas Waters (3); William Hulbert (4); the premises released to Thomas Waters.
Also an indenture from grandson (J D'Avenant Hitchcock) to Thomas Waters for his part
4) Whereas Principal Sum of £300 now remains owing by Thomas Waters
(here it is very complicated because things are crossed out, comments and judgements of situation made in margin, these crossed out and new ones added) (sums of money are flying around between parties all over the place!)

Property: All that messuage, garden, yard, barn, stables, outbuildings and all the piece of land called the Rookery, and plantation (containing by estimate 1½ acres); also three pieces of meadow (19½ acres); also piece of arable adjoining (four acres); 2 pieces of coppice or woodland on East side of above mentioned lands (7 acres); also piece of arable adjoining Salisbury Turnpike Road (12 acres), together with small coppice adjoining on south side (one acre), all which premises being at Stubwood in Hungerford, now in the occupation of Thomas Waters, and are bounded on the North by Salisbury Turnpike Road by arable land belonging to John Hungerford Penruddocke Esq jun and by pasture belonging to George Milles esq on West, by arable land belonging to J H Penruddocke, by a coppice belonging to Sir Francis Burdett Bart; on the South by a coppice belonging to Sir Francis Burdett and a coppice belonging to Mr Frederick Blandy; on West and South-west by a coppice belonging to Frederick Blandy and by a lane leading to Prosperous.

1902 (T&M Register) Thomas Sandell (owner & occupier)

<1968 (T&M Register) Lt Col Sir Edward Wills (owner & occupier until 1975)

1976 (T&M Register) Lady Juliet Wills (owner); Void

c1978 Rod and Belinda Kent.

2016 (CL) Derek Francis Moody

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