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The Leverton Stocks:

It is not yet known when stocks were first placed at Leverton, but those shown in the old photographs on the right are thought to have been installed in about 1898.

Those were in a very poor state by the early 1990s, and a new set of stocks and whipping post were built by Hugh and Geoffrey Doel (who run Swift Cleaners), and fitted with a plaque in commemoration of their father Ken Doel, who lived at Leverton Manor. They were installed in Oct 1994. See "Return of the Leverton stocks", NWN 6 Oct 1994.

Photo Gallery:

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19951028 The Bothy, Leverton [Ivor Speed] 19951028 The Bothy, Leverton [Ivor Speed]
19961118 The Co...
19961118 The Cottages, Leverton [Ivor Speed] 19961118 The Cottages, Leverton [Ivor Speed]
Leverton Cottag...
Leverton Cottages, undated Leverton Cottages, undated

- "Ancient Stocks Nr Hungerford, 1902" [Benjamin Stone]

- The Stocks, Leverton, c1920. [A Parsons]

- The Stocks, Leverton, undated. [A Parsons]

- The Stocks, Leverton, c1910. [?P O Collier] (DM)

- The Stocks, Leverton, undated

- The Stocks, Leverton, undated

- Leverton Cottages, undated.

- Leverton Hatches, undated. [A Parsons]

- Leverton Stocks c1929 [A Parsons].

- The Bothy, Leverton, Oct 1995 [Ivor Speed].

- The Cottages, Leverton, Nov 1996 [Ivor Speed].

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