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The Hungerford Rural District Council development in Fairview Road of "Flatlets for elderly persons" was built in 1963-64 by  R C SMallbones of Newbury. It was opened in July 1964 by Mrs John Ward. There were 10 bed sitting-room flatlets, 8 1-bedroom flatlets, along with 1 2-bedroom flat for the Warden, a communal sitting-room and recreation room and a visitor's bedroom.The scheme cost £45,000. Rents were between 19s and 27s a week, with an additional 10s - 12s central heating charge.

When the buildings were being demolished 10 Jan 2016, Tony Barlett found the buildings had been used previously for a Fire & Rescue exercise, before demolition. There are also photos of the new buildings in January of this year.

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- Official Opening, 29 Jul 1964. (from Stewart Hofgartner)