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The Parish Magazine of July 1910 reported that "steps are now being taken to provide a nurse for Hungerford, Chilton and district. The Honourable Mrs John Ward, of Chilton, is taking a leading part in the movement, and a strong team of ladies has been formed, with Mrs Willes as chairman, and Miss Wooldridge as hon sec. A successful ladies' meeting was held on June 17, and we hope before long that the nurse will have commenced her work, for which we can but feels there is much need."

The Hungerford Nursing Association was duly formed, and "Nurse Whitehead commenced her duties on November 1st. She is residing at Mrs Edward Allright's in Charnham Street. Persons desiring to obtain her services should apply to her, or to the Hon Secretary, Miss Wooldridge, Bridge House, or to any of the following members of the Committee:- Mrs Gray, Mrs Hubbard, Mrs Platt, Mrs Portal, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Willes, for all information concerning payments, etc."

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