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Summary: Faulknor Square. Prior to c1827 .

The White Bear was in Faulknor Square, and must be distinguished from the major historic Bear Inn, sometimes also called the Black Bear, further along Charnham Street.

There is scanty knowledge of it at present, but it is mentioned in the will of John Pearce in 1827, and also in Old Moores Almanac in 1836.

Will of John Pearce of Standen Husey in the Parish of Hungerford, 1827. Letters of Administration and Will. Wiltshire Records Office 330/4

... to my son Stephen Pearce ... also all that freehold tenement formerly the White Bear Inn situate in Charnham Street in the said parish of Hungerford and now occupied as three tenements in the occupation of Joseph Faulkner, William Brown and Timothy Surrell with stables and appurtenances thereto belonging part whereof are in the occupation of Mr James Porter to hold unto my said son ...

Note: John Pearce owned considerable amount of property in and around the parish of Hungerford. A map of the Pearce Estate is held by Wilt RO, but does not show Charnham Street.

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