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The Hungerford fishery comprises five miles of excellent private fishing along the chalk-streams of the River Kennet and River Dun around Hungerford.

The River Kennet is one of the country's most important chalk streams. Some 45 miles long, the Kennet is the largest tributary of the Thames and in the summer months contributes up to half its flow. From its source at Avebury it flows through Wiltshire and Berkshire and is joined by other rivers including the Lambourn and Og.

Historically man has developed the river to meet his needs. Numerous mills were built, including Hungerford "Queen's" Mill, Eddington Mill and Denford Mill. The excellent quality of the river water drove the brewing industry, including the Manor Brewery in the town from the 18th to 20th century. There was also a thriving tanning industry, with the main tanyard at what is now Riverside, 1 Charnham Street.

The river is fed from chalk aquifers (natural resevoirs) deep underground, which rely on rainfall to keep them topped-up. The aquifers also provide a source of drinking water to local towns including Hungerford.

The river's fast flowing water provides a unique environment for an abundance of Brown Trout and Grayling which thrive and grow into magnificent specimens.

Commoners of the Town & Manor enjoy free fishing in the Town & Manor waters on the fishing days - Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Fishing is also available to "rods" who purchase the right to fish.

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19770000 Devlin's Map of Hungerford Fishery 19770000 Devlin's Map of Hungerford Fishery

- Advertisement for letting of Hungerford Fishery, 28 Sep 1851.

- Rainbow trout in Hungerford waters - June 2009. There are many native Brown Trout too - but they're harder to photograph!

- Detailed map of Hungerford Fishery, 1977

- Plan of Town & Manor of Hungerford property and the fishery.

- "Caught at Hungerford 24th July 1911. Weight 16lbs. Length 3ft 6" [A Parsons]

- River Dun Trout, 5lb 6oz, caught 30 Aug 1953.

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