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Listed: No.
Common Rights? Yes (Sanden Fee). (Frontage 23ft; 1 horse or 2 cows)

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52 Church Street "Well House":

5.1.1801 (DD) Feoffment of two cottages in Sanden Fee, I Bird to William Fox, carpenter. £46

9.6.1837 (DD) William Marcment, glover, of Hungerford. Reconveyance. William Fox, carpenter

16.2.1871 (DD) “Two newly erected cottages”

1902 (T&M Register) Rebecca Buckeridge (owner)

15.11.1907 (DD) William Buckeridge, 86 London Road, Reading to Mrs Sarah Jane Taylor (wife of William Gee Taylor, chemist). Two freehold houses in Church Street. Rebecca Buckeridge, spinster, died. Will dated  6.8.1907. Two freehold cottages, south side of Church Street, formerly occupied by Joseph Buckeridge and Mrs Crickett, now by Edward Allen and William Giles - quarterly tenants. To east: Mrs Neale and garden of Ernest Barnard. To west and south, road leading to Prospect Road.

7.4.1919 (DD) William Gee Taylor, 37 Tytherton Road, Tufnell Park, Middlesex, retired chemist to John William Beard. Two dwelling houses in Church Street. Sarah Jane Taylor - will 14.4.1909 to husband W G Taylor. Sarah died 1.4.1916. W G Taylor sold the two dwellings to J W Beard for £500. Now John William Beard and henry John Dore, formerly Edward Manley Allen and William Giles. On east: Miss Neale and garden/ground of Ernest Barnard. On west and south: Road leading to Prospect Road.

Undated (T&M Register) Alfred G Bartholomew (occupier)

Undated (T&M Register) Mrs Annie Beard (owner)

Undated (T&M Register) Fredrick George Phipps (occupier)

Undated (T&M Register) Brown (owner)

<1968 (T&M Register) Edward Charles Martin & Dorothy Martin (owners & occupier)

Undated (T&M Register)Jocelyn Violet Palfreman (owner)

2005 (CL) Belinda Shephard
2011 (CL) Belinda Shephard
2016 (CL) Belinda Shephard

(DD=Brief notes from Deeds and Documents of house, esp from 1907 Abstract of Title)

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