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Listed: No.
Common Rights? Yes (Sanden Fee). (Frontage 23ft; 1 horse or 2 cows)

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Norman Hidden’s notes included the following passage on George Hidden (G6) and the Church Lane Properties:

1. A deed dated 5 December 1868 conveys a dwelling house and cottage adjacent in Church Street between Jane Ann Martin of Hungerford, widow, George Hidden of Hungerford, music seller, and George Taylor of Hungerford, attorney's clerk of the 1st part; and David Faulkner of Inkpen yeoman and Maud his wife of the 2nd part; and William Faulkner and Arthur Faulkner, both of Inkpen, ropemakers, of the 3rd part; and Henry Pritchard of Hungerford, chimney sweep, of the 4th part.

The property is said to have been seised of Edward Dismore at the time of his death who devised all his real estate to George Martin, carpenter, and his housekeeper Elizabeth Hughes.

He assigned his two freehold houses and premises in Great Church Land [ =Church Street], which were occupied by George Burghfield and John Smith, upon trust to receive and accumulate their rents and profits for a period of 4 years, the said Maud Faulkner to receive the rents and profits during her life. Elizabeth Hughes and George Martin, both having died, William and Arthur Faulkner agreed with Henry Pritchard to sell him the premises absolutely for £163 and requested Jane Ann Martin, George Hidden, and George Taylor as trustees to convey the premises in Great Church Street.   These included the house that for some years had been in the occupation of widow Sheppard, and also that cottage at the side of and adjoining, now in the occupation of James Hazell, together with the garden ground adjoining, which premises are bounded on the east by a road leading from Church Street to the back lane and towards the west by a dwelling house occupied by Robert Henry Goddard and on the north by Church Street. This information was kindly supplied to me the late E.L. Davis. The deeds were said to be listed in the possession (1982) of Mr. Palfreyman, the then incumbent of 51 Church Street to which the deeds relate.

[An earlier deed dated 26 July 1814 had existed between Stephen Pearce of Sherfield Court, parish of Sherfield cum Lodden and Edward Dismore junior, carpenter and wheelwright for the sale of the property for the sum of £75 described as cottage or tenement in Great Church Lane with outbuildings, yard and appurtenances, formerly in the occupation of John Pike and since of John Orram.   Mr. Davis writes of this property as being present day no.51 and thinks the deed related to the cottage on the lane, which was just one up and one down. "It has since been very neatly incorporated into the next door ~ now making no. 57 with no suggestion of clue from the outside that it ever was two dwellings."]

In the 1851 census Edward Dismore is listed at this house in Church Street, now a very old man, together with his housekeeper Elizabeth Hughes.

2.  In 1869 W.R.Hall gent of Speen sold to George Hidden organist for a consideration of £300 a messuage "since converted into 2 messuages or tenements, with stable, outhouses and large garden, situate on the south side of Great Church Lane," formerly in the occupation of George Hidden and his mother Mary Hidden [these were G6's parents] and also 2 cottages or tenements formerly erected by George Hidden, grandfather of the said George Hidden [this does not seem to make sense unless there has been a mistranscript of George for John], "built on part of the garden of the first described tenement and as formerly divided"and also 2 other messuages or cottages also built upon the garden, making in all 6 tenements and 6 gardens, in the respective ocupation of -Lambourn, George Bunce, George Smith, -Newman, and —Joyce" The property or properties held common rights on Freeman's Marsh for 1 horse or 2 cows and the right to part of a pew or 3 sittings in Hungerford church previously awarded to John Hidden. Reference is made to a former lease and release dated 10 and 11 October 1828 respectively: George and Amy Hidden of the 1st part; William Millis of the 2nd part; and W.R.Hall of the 3rd part.

1902 (T&M Register) Richard Henry Hoskings (owner)

Undated (T&M Register) Alfred Scource (occupier)

Undated (T&M Register) Mrs Sarah Dore (owner & occupier))

Undated (T&M Register) E J S Richardson (owner & occupier)

<1968 (T&M Register) Jocelyn Violet Palfreyman (owner); Mark Gwynddrwd Palfreman (occupier)

2005 (CL) Mark Glanville

2011 (CL) Selena Jogaloo

2016 (CL) Daryl Wilkinson